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Has Your AdSense Suddenly Stopped Working in Analytics?

Has Your AdSense Suddenly Stopped Working in Analytics?

Has your Google AdSense stopped reporting values in Google Analytics? The same thing has happened to us on several occasions. Here’s our experience.

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If you have made no changes to your website, but your AdSense values suddenly stopped working in Analytics, it’s most likely just a temporary “outage” on Google’s end. This has happened to us twice in the last year, and in both cases, the problem corrected itself without our doing anything to fix it.

The most recent “outage” occurred just this past week. Mid-way through the day on August 14 until the end of the day on August 15, there were all zeros in AdSense reports as seen in Google Analytics. Whenever we logged directlly into AdSense, the values were all still correct.

If this is the case with you, it’s most likely that you won’t have to do anything in order for AdSense to start working again. It should also be noted that in our case, there were no values lost once the connection was repaired. All of the figures from the 14th and 15th show complete results now that the problem has been corrected.

Oddly, there is almost  a complete void when searching for a solution to this problem. The closest we could find was a forum from 2010 in which Google responded to a similar situation with the following comment:

You’re all right — there was an issue with the AdSense-Google Analytics integration around June 22-23. Many publishers are seeing significant data discrepancies between the two, and should rely on the data in AdSense reporting for accurate statistics.

I should also mention that everyone will be paid as usual and all impressions and clicks have been accurately logged in our systems.

It was upon reading this two-year old comment that we decided to just wait and see if it would be a similar situation this time, and it was.

Of course there are countless other things that can go wrong when it comes to Google Analytics and AdSense, but in this specific case, it appears that on some occasions the link between AdSense and Analytics is broken, only to be established in a day or two.

Bottom Line
Just wait it out, and when the link is re-established, all of your data should be fine.  Until then, just log directly into AdSense for accurate numbers.

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