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How to Disconnect Twitter from Facebook

How to Disconnect Twitter from Facebook

One cool feature of social media is that you can often link accounts together to make posting across several sites easier. For some, though, the idea is better than the reality and they want to disconnect these social media sites from each other. Sometimes, however, disconnecting isn’t as obvious as it seems.

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I had such an issue disconnecting a Twitter account with a Facebook business page. Even though I thought I had finally disconnected them, my tweets kept appearing on my Facebook page and it took me some time to figure it out. This is because at first I thought it was a Facebook issue, then I thought it was a Twitter app issue – and neither of those is correct.

This must be done from within Twitter, and it’s not a Twitter app.

Even if you attempt to remove the Twitter-to-Facebook connection from within Facebook, you’ll merely be told it must be done on Twitter. A link is given, which will take you to the correct place provided you’re logged into the Twitter account in question. If you want to log directly into Twitter to disconnect from Facebook (as I did), you may mistakenly go to the “Apps” tab, which is not where you’ll find the solution. You must go into Settings->Profile and at the very bottom right you’ll see the connection to Facebook. Mousing over the area will show you a “Disconnect” link, which is all you have to click in order to disconnect Twitter from Facebook.

Facebook Pages

The technique is basically the same for personal Facebook profiles and business or band pages. The only difference would have been in the setup process, in which you would have logged into Facebook with your personal account to connect to a page you admin.  Logging into the Twitter account in question should still work according to the method above.


Another possibility is that you’ve connected Myspace to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, which means you may be posting to Facebook from Twitter via this Myspace connection. To disconnect this, log in to Myspace, click the “Home” button, and at the bottom left click on the “Sync Facebook” or “Sync Twitter” links. This will bring you to a page that shows all of your connections, which you can easily disconnect at this point.

If you’ve found this useful, or if there are other ways that you’ve found Facebook and Twitter to be connected/disconnected, let us know!

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