BareLifts Review and Product Info

BareLifts Review and Product Info

BareLifts are advertised as an easy and strapless alternative support system for women that can be worn with a traditional bra or even a bathing suit. Today we offer our BareLifts review along with additional product information.

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BareLifts are an adhesive, strapless support product, designed to give instant and invisible bust support with or without a bra.

The official website for the product is which was registered on February 23, 2010. The product’s tagline is “The invisible solution for perfect support.”


If you order online, a set of 10 BareLifts costs $10, plus $6.99 shipping for a total cost of $16.99. You can also get a second set for an additional $6.99, bringing your grand total to $23.98.

BareLifts are available in stores such as Walgreens for about $10 for a set of 10.

This is a screen capture from the official BareLifts website, taken in September 2013.

This is a screen capture from the official BareLifts website, taken in September 2013.

Television Commercial

Below is a commercial for BareLifts which has aired on and off for a couple of years.

BareLifts commercial transcript:

Gorgeous top but which bra will you wear? Too many straps and that gives you bulges. You push, press and still can’t look good in that dress. Well, finally there’s an answer, and I’m wearing them right now. They’re called Bare Lifts. The worlds first instant invisible solution for perfect support. Invented by a woman, BareLifts makes you look fantastic in everything you wear. Just look at the difference! Whether your cup size A, B, C, even D! BareLifts let you defy gravity instantly. The secret is the shape and lift design. Simply place, peel, and gently lift to shape and support for a measurable difference. BareLifts pain free adhesive gives you support 24 hours a day. So you look naturally fabulous in any style, and they’re water resistant so you can even wear them in a swim suit. “Immediately I saw a different as soon as I put it on, it was like an instant lift. They come right up, you’re perky, I feel young again, I have the freedom to wear anything in my closet, anything.” “After I had my children, I was looking for an invisible way to have support, now I can wear anything from backless halters to evening gowns and not have to worry about a single thing.” Look, you could spend hundreds on specialty bras and bras substitutes that still can’t do what BareLifts can. As part of this special introductory offer we’ll send you ten invisible BareLifts for an instant invisible lift for just $20. Call right now and we’ll cut the price in half! That’s ten lifts for just $10, but we’re not done. We’re going to give you double the lift just pay separate shipping and handling. You get 20 BareLifts for just $10! You’re guaranteed to love your lift or send them back for a full refund of the purchase price. You get all this a $40 value for just $10. Call now!

Our BareLifts Review

What should be considered when determining the success or failure of this product are ease of use and satisfaction with the end result.

The advertisements claim that BareLifts are easy to “place, peel, and gently lift.” It was to our surprise that none of these steps seemed particularly easy, requiring several attempts to make BareLifts stay in place. Our failed attempts tended to result in a rippled look, or providing no lift whatsoever. It proved to be more of a project than an on-the-go lift. At times the bust line even looked deformed after both BareLifts were in place. The adhesive also was not very strong, often resulting in a bust that sagged or fell back into place. Although the commercial clearly states that women with D cups can use the product, it seemed that the larger the cup, the more difficulties we encountered.

In regards to the success being measured in terms of ease of use and satisfaction, BareLifts failed our tests in both areas.

Bottom Line

BareLifts are not easy to apply, and the weak adhesive makes for a disappointing and difficult end result.

Your Turn

Have you used BareLifts? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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