Seeking Reviews for’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1

Have you tried products from We want to hear from you! Today seems to be Day on the internet because it seems as though everywhere I go (including this site), I'm met with ads for this website. So I decided to look into RealDose to see what I could find, and therein lies the problem. Despite the ubiquitous advertising, there seems to be a complete lack of information about this site, other than obviously fake reviews.

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Note: This review is from 2012. See the link below for a more recent update.

The website is advertising “Weight Loss Formula No. 1″ which apparently has several obscure herbs as primary ingredients. The ads and website are both fronted by Dr. Steven Sisskind, who does appear to be a real doctor, but it’s unclear if his involvement in the company is as a paid spokesman or direct contributor. In our search for non-fake reviews, we were unable find much. Certainly has plenty of their own reviews, but there’s no way to know for sure how legitimate these are. Fake reviews are a mainstay among miracle pills for sale online.

This is a screen capture of an an affiliate-looking ad  for RealDose taken back in 2012.

On the RealDose website, as well as, it costs $67 for a 30-day supply. The website was created on March 15, 2011. The contact details are:

Technical Contact:
Sisskind, Steven
RealDose Nutrition LLC
2710 Thomes Ave.
Suite 394
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
United States

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What makes us take pause is that the website is relatively new and there appears to be a wealth of fake review websites out there pushing this product. There is also a bombardment of advertising by, in many cases by affiliate marketers.

Most bothersome is finding a lack of balanced reviews on one site. We have yet to find more than a couple of genuine customer reviews on the product itself, which is hardly enough upon which a decision should be based.

So here at, we’re asking anyone who has purchased and used’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1 to give us your opinion.

Let us know of your experiences with this product in the comments below.

2013 Update

Due to the large number of comments below, we have attempted to consolidate the discussion into a more compact format by including only those comments by readers who have actually used the product. We found that RealDose received 55% positive reviews and 45% negative/neutral reviews. See: RealDose Reviews: 2013 Update

Article updated June 28, 2013

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  • Amy

    Debra – I also ordered Garcinia Cambogia and with NO results & was about to order RealDose. Thanks to all of this feed back, I am saving my money for an excercise bike – to look at, walk by, and remind me that I should unlock my natural key to weight loss. It at least will help me tone and use my God given natural high – excercise. I will be doing something that will help me get to old age in style. I do think I can take a supplement of magnesium ffrom time to time and down a shot of apple cider vinegar to help as well.

  • victoria

    Hello, Andrea! I was wondering how you are doing on this real dose? I too have hormonal issues, and I just ordered this product. after reading the reviews I am concerned.

  • Lisa

    No you really can’t. Well not everyone. I’ve been eating clean & exercising everyday. No refined sugars & can not even lose a pound. I actually gained 16lbs while doing the beach body Insanity program. I have major cortisol issues & weight loss resistance. I drink tons of water too & high grade supplements. So please don’t say, all you have to do is cut calories & eat less. That’s saying, we are all the same!

  • Heather

    I bought the Real Dose product 8 months back. I’m not sure that it may help w my weight loss had I taken the pills diligently. I was convinced on the tele w a sales and customer service guy bc he was very helpful and explained all the ingredients. These are ingredients that none of us are able to get our hands on is the sales pitch. Basically, I was looking for the right combo to help me w my hormones and special ingredients Real Dose guarantee success whatever I was always pooping green and gassy and not comfortable with taking a chance putting this unknown pill in my precious body. I should be more careful and not take pills that look really odd! I didn’t want to go through trouble to return so I keep trying off and on with no miracles. Sh-t!

  • Maren

    I purchased this product over a week ago and i am 58 and 80 pounds over weight. I had hoped it would work so much but I don’t see any changes and feel dizzy and have a stomach ache. I will be sending it back. I should know that there is no magic pill to take that will help me loose weight even though I was hoping.

  • Leeanne

    I did take this product for 3 months last year. I didn’t notice that it curbed my appetite but it did help somewhat with the weight loss and I hadn’t really changed my eating habits. I do watch my carbs and barely eat gluten so that has helped as well. I didn’t notice any change in mood and had no physical symptoms and the ingredients seem to be very healthy. Sorry to hear so many people experienced stomach problems. I’m wondering if I can combine this with garcinia cambogia, which on it’s own seems to be helping with weight loss (although not dramatically, have only lost a couple of pounds).

  • Michael Drenth

    Gosh! Its distressing to read so many people’s unfortunate experiences with Real Dose No 1. I started taking the product in May 2012. I followed the diet supplied closely and took the capsules 1/2 hour before meals. My weight when I started was 115 kg – as I write this I am 80.5 kg. I did go off the Real Dose for about three months in order to try another product – I did not change my diet my rate of weight loss slowed markedly whilst taking the alternate product. I am back on the Real Dose now and am struggling to lose the last few kg to achieve my goal weight of 78kg.
    I have done this under the watchful eye of my doctor and oncologist – I am a prostate cancer “survivor” Both doctors are impressed with my results and my continued good health. Losing 35 kg has meant that I have been able to stop taking medications for high blood pressure and for high cholesterol – again this was done under my doctor’s supervision. All in all my experience with Real Dose has been very satisfactory. I have recorded my daily weight and up to about three months ago my daily food intake also. On average my rate of loss was about 1/2 kg a week – but this fluctuated quite a bit.

  • Fran

    I just started taking REalDose about 3 1/2 weeks ago and have lost over 4 lbs. I am shocked, too at all the comments about stomach problems. as I too am VERY sensitive to any kind of supplements–and can tend to have stomach problems. The only thing I notice with it negatively is being more thirsty, and having symptoms of bladder pressure–but those have subsided somewhat in the last week or so.I have a history of intersticial cystitis–so I wonder if the acid on the green coffee beans have exacerbated these symptoms? but since they have subsided, and I feel rested, and more energetic, and have a better general mood AND have lost some belly weight, I am ecstatic.
    I want to be clear, that other than having a sweet tooth gernerally, I eat extremely well for a 60 year old, and am very fit–work out 5 times per week. We eat high protein meals (wild king salmon), lots of vegetable and fruits, and have cut out the carbs and desserts (not entirely but for the most part)–sinmply because of less desire!!
    I will continue, but will call the company because I want to understand the ingredients better. Am happy

  • Leonie Ireland

    I’ve experienced excessive wait gain due to menopause and hormone in balance. I have always managed weight gain up until recent times where loosing weight has been near impossible. I am feeling very optimistic and looking forward to receiving my first bottle of real dose. As far as I’m concerned I have nothing to loose. I have tried everything to stop the gradual weight gain and constant hunger and need to eat.. It devastates me and if $67 may help me loose weight, then it’s worth every cent. It will be from my experience not others wether this product works. When I have the answers to this question, I will happily post them.
    Am optimistic:))

  • tracy

    I have taken realise for 2 months. I was at 196lbs.I am at 185 now. At first I saw no results but continue to take them. It really controls my sweet cravings. I stopped taking them this new year. My cravings are back. I am ordering some right now

  • anna marie scarpulla

    Like everyone else on this website, I have not lost ANY weight on these pills, and I eat right and go to the gym 4-5 days a week. I have been taking them for 2 months myself. I am going to try for a refund

  • Sarah

    I purchased real dose formula no.1 a few days ago, and I just discovered this site with these reviews today, I’m a little worried after reading all of the comments. The dizziness that some commentors are experiencing sounds like it might be due to a lack of water, so when I start taking it I will increase my water intake and see how it goes. For fear of stomach cramps as commentors are posting, I’m going to try and introduce it to my body slower than slamming it with 3 times a day. I’ll start with one capsule and work my way up. We will see how it goes. I’ll be back to write a review if it be negative or positive, wish me luck.

    • Scott

      Also add in what you where eating daily and how much exercise and be honest, Exercise is hard and not many have the discipline to endure to keep on going, All these ingredients are legit if they are the real deal should be working well

      I’d add in more enhancement type subs with eating clean and training with a all round exercise routine for the best results and remember losing weight is the hard and it’s not easy and takes a lot of time that is just a fact, Anyway good luck all.

  • Robin

    The stomach pains are caused by eating foods that are not good for you, and eating to much of them. The pills help you to make wise food choices and portion control. I have been on the formula 1 for 3 1/2 months now, and have lost 20 pounds. My husband has asked me to back off to only one per day, because he doesn’t want me to lose any more weight. I am 45 yrs old, and have been battling the 10 to 15 lbs of extra weight since I was in college. I would feel bad about myself for thinking I didn’t have enough will power, or self control. But, after discovering this formula, I realized it was the Hormones that needed to be balance, so I could make the smart choices.
    You cannot eat junk on these pills, because it wants to eliminate it and not absorb it. So, you get a tummy ache and bowel issues.
    I think this is the answer to many peoples prayers of a good weight loss product :)

  • Belle

    After my 2nd baby, I found it very difficult to loose the weight. I was almost 100% certain that its hormone related. Ive gained more weight aswell in the last 18 months with regular gym session. Eating low carb high protein diet. Anyway, my gp said my weight gain could be anything or my birth control pills. I have been taking realdose for 3 weeks now. I have been keeping tabs of how much I weight I loose from week to week.

    Week 1: Slow. Eating whatever I want. No extra energy. Constipated but lost 3kg.

    Week 2. Accelerated. Still eating what I feel like but seem to loose my appetite for food. Can only eat so little at a time. I must say I am feeling more tired at week 2. However, I lost a massive 6.5kg. It has helped me sleep better as well at night.

    Week 3. Amazing results. More energy. No longer constipated. Really have no desire for cakes or any type of sweet. Still eating whatever I feel like. Lost 6Kg from last wednesday to now (tuesday). My husband and now I have noticed though that I am a bit more moody in the last 2 weeks. Not sure if Im just stress at work, but I do get irritated more easily lately.

    To date I have lost 15.5kg in 3 weeks with no restriction on my diet and I can hardly call walking up and down the stairs a work out. It has worked for me but it does have it sides effect that could have been either a conincidence or something else. I bought the 3 months supplies so no regret there. This is also the first time Ive ever used a diet pill. Thank goodness its working.

    Belle – Sydney, Australia

  • Shenika L Crowell

    I’ve been using formula 1 for about two weeks. I have noticed I’m more sleepy. I assume that’s because one of the ingredients claims to help you rest better. My cravings are still the same but I’m not able to eat as much. I’m not experiencing any stomach cramps or dizziness. I’m also losing weight without a special diet or consistent exercise. I would say it may work differently for different people. It’s working for me so far.

  • Miss Kate

    Very nice reviews and formula for weight loss thanks for the sharing it with us.

  • Sunshine 8

    Took similar product green coffee beans and was very ill to my stomach had to stop use to. Its the HCG in product bothered me stomach lining must be I have sensitive stomach and apparently others out there do to. Pain and cramping discomfort while taking product.

  • Sandy Baker

    Well my name is Sandy and I just started the real dose diet today. Gonna see how it goes and if I can really see results as I am a perfect candidate for this stuff. We’ll see.

  • Susan

    Wow! You rock!!!

  • Teresa


    Very impressed by your research! I’m in the process of seeing if there are other companies out there as well who have a similar product. With all the research suppossedly done, one would assume that the original scientists would have also produced the product. However,the cost per bottle appears to be very high and therefore appears to be paying for the ads and so on plus a so called diet plan. They don’t claim this to be a pharmaceutical formula but guarentee potentcy only. Therefore i think the cost is high.As an example comparison,a year ago I bought the HCG Diet plan and had ordered the true pharmaceutical formula. It truely did work and I was losing almost a pound a day. The supply was for 40 days only and very expensive! I needed to lose another 10 lbs. and tried a product that is homeopathic and claimed to be every bit the same strenth as the pharmaceutical, plus of course much less in cost. Well sorry to say it didn’t work the same at all!!! So this leads me to the potency thing. The proper ingredients are a must but more important the strength of the ingredient. Curious if you found out anything more in your research, if you have, please share…

  • Melissa

    So……you are saying that the Swanson weight loss is the same but cheaper??? Do you know if the Swanson can be bought in stores or must be ordered online?

  • Teresa


    I spent several hours today reviewing many sites and the ingredients in Real Dose.

    Basically there are 4 main ingredients in the Real Dose. The Bioperine is used to help in absorbion of the Siberian Rhodiola Rosea. The Rhodiola is helpful in lowering depression, lowering binge eating and also helps in recovery of stress or workout plus enables good mental focus and stress relief.

    The Lowat is a proprietary blend of the Dolichos Biflorus and Piper Betle. This aids in the increase or stimulation of the adrenal gland to help produce Adiponectin hormone and and combined with the Svetol(green coffee bean) aids in energy and supposedly works together to aid in reduction of fat cells.

    Now Swanson has the best prices on everything except the Rodiola Rosea. The best price or close to the best potency is from Rosavin Trade Mark.

    In reviewing several sites about each ingredient all have excellent claims, although some ingredients were used more for stress or depression. All in all everything seemed to coincide with claims made on Real Dose.

    As far as people getting nausious it appears that the Siberian Rhodiola Rosea is the culprit. Many claimed by slightly lowering the mg. dose the problem went away. In the Real Dose they use 113.33 mg. which appears to be a good dose, while many sites recommend using 145 mg. for good results. If people got sick, by the mg. in Real Dose they purhaps were not eating before dosage or not eating the right amount of food.

    Everything I read said this is not a miracle cure all fix. This is simply an aid in balancing hormone. This will assist if or when you reach a plateau in your diet. However it appears the success stories were only brought about by people who decided to eat 3 meals a day along with 2-3 small snacks in between meals. The meals were healthy and not fast food. By combining a geed diet and workout people saw a reduction of 1-2 pounds per week. It appears though more people saw a reduction in belly fat or how clothes fit, equally obviously a lose.

    As far as cost which was my 2nd big quest. By purchasing the pills/supplements separately total cost could be as low as $55.47 and you take 4 pills.

    So after all this and my research to get out of what I’m really supposed to be doing…..I guess you need to ask yourself; do I want to take 4 pills at each meal 3 times a day or take 1 which will cost $67 a month….

    Bottom line….if you truely want to lose weight this will assist but unless you are willing to make changes in your eating and really eating 3 full meals with a reasonable snack between to keep your metabolism active and not sluggish; then don’t bother.

  • LC

    I have been researching the same things. I am a very healthy eater, and I eat small amounts. For some reason, in the past 6 or 7 years, my weight went to my usual 110 lbs. to now 140 ! ! ! I’ve tried every diet/weight loss supplement that I thought would be safe, but I ended up sending them back, or taking them back to the store.
    I’d been hearing how hormonal imbalance can cause weight gain. I had my thyroid checked in depth via blood tests, and that came back fine. Since I had a hysterectomy in my late 20s, I guess I’ve been in menopause ever since, but never had the weight gain. As I was researching hormonal imbalances, I came upon the RealDose website and watched the video; I heard Adiponectin and Ghrelin, and that made sense to me, so I ordered it. I just received it today, but I’m not sure about the food restrictions . . it seems like a lot of the restricted foods are the ones necessary for proper nutrition ? ? ? ? I am wondering if the food restrictions are not followed, but I eat healthy, if that will make a difference. I’m hoping the product does get the hormones balanced and allow the weight to come off safely. I,too, will send them back if they do not work !

  • waffles

    Lori, now I see why your previous comment didn’t make it through the spam filters. Your accolades of RealDose so are biased that the spam filters blocked it! How can you be “disappointed” in someone taking a skeptical look at a miracle weight loss pill… about a company who misquotes and floods the internet with fake reviews. Like yours. But to address some of your points:

    • The rating at Amazon was 3 stars when the article was written. Since then several fake reviews (like yours) have been dropped on there.
    • The Facebook page is managed by RealDose. Some of those comments are clearly fake. In fact, I couldn’t find a SINGLE negative review on there. Based on the high level of negative reviews on THIS site – which RealDose doesn’t admin – doesn’t it seem logical that there should be at least a few negative comments on there? RealDose is cherry picking, and putting their own “user” reviews up. In other words, it’s useless.
    • Every scammer in the world offers a money back guarantee, knowing many people won’t go through the hassle.
    • What is inaccurate about this article?

    Look at how many people here have said it causes bloating and cramping, and for them it just doesn’t work. Your ridiculously biased “review” along with the sanitized reviews on Facebook make me even more skeptical that RealDose is more about selling pills than promoting a valid weight loss product.

  • Cathieg

    Since this post I have lost nothing. I really had to starve myself to lose those 2 kgs. The tablets only help to maintain the same weight but eating reasonably healthly, small meals I have lost nothing more. Don’t waste your money.

  • janmea

    I just ordered Realdose today while reading all of this comments some are skiptecal about the product some are good comments and I will update everyone see if it works for me, and I do also have a hormonal imbalance same with Kelley so Im hoping for the best that this product will works for me. I am very active person I go to the gym almost everyday and do hiking a lot but my stubborn belly fat doesnt go away so I’m crossing my fingers this things will works and I will update the result.

  • calle

    GREAT points- and TRUE. And that gets them out of any responsibility- you don’t follow the plan- you can’t say give me my money back- it’s on you. HAha- Great points.

    My happy place is Joel Fuhrman’s guide- do these three things and add these foods- lose weight, stay healthy and disease free.

    3 Steps:

    1) The Power of Micronutrients – Choosing unrefined plant-based whole foods filled with antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins minerals, bioflavanoids, lignans, phytochemicals. These will increase the quality of your health, well-being, and help you live a longer, energetic life.

    2) Eliminating Food Addictions – Eat more nutrient rich foods rather than starve yourself to diet. Eat less pre-packaged foods which are of no benefit to your living. Salad is the main dish. As you retrain your taste buds and habits, you will eventually rid yourself of toxic hunger (cravings) that cause poor eating and over eating.

    3) Super Foods for Pleasure and Health – A properly fueled body is a miraculous self-healing machine. Reverse, stop disease, and reduce inflammation in your body by choosing nutrient foods like those listed below: GOMBS acronym
    • •Greens – Prevent plaque build up in arteries and body.
    •Onions – (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study) regular consumption show 60-70% reduction in all major cancers including prostate, colon, breast, and ovarian.
    •Mushrooms – (International Journal of Cancer) just 10g or 1 white mushroom contains cancer fighting properties. In women, regular consumption showed 64% less likely to develop breast cancer. In addition, when coupled with green tea or green vegetables it increased to 89% less likely.
    •Beans, berries – Peas and beans, as well as greens, contain more protein than meat.
    •Seeds – lignans that also have cancer fighting properties.

    This is working- so if the above Herbs help – okay- 2tbsp Apple Cider vinegar before eating (reduce inulin imbalance), Golden Root- 340 mg(cortisol control), chloragenic acid from decaf coffee(reduces blood sugar), magnesium to encourage natural fat burning hormone adiponectrin.

    All I’ve done is add the GOMBS to my daily routine and I am losing weight. I am Cortisol topped out- and the GOMBS is working. No dieting, No calories counting- EASY and I’m not hungry ever. Love it.

  • Janette Taylor

    You know I myself sound just like you i’m not a big woman but I do wont to loose arounf 20lbs mostly the belly and I have tried just about every diet pill there is and it seams like nothing is working. I don’t eat alot and I only eat 1 meal most days, i try to stay away from the breads. I try to eat alot of fruit and vegs don’t eat alot of meat mostly chicken. So before I go and spend more money in more diet products i’m gonna try the diabetic diet and see if that will work for me.

  • linda ruiz

    Do you have a menue for diabetics? I would like to try it. thanks

  • Trish

    I have been using RealDose for almost a month. What I found is that it truly curbs my wanting to eat. It does make me feel full and I find I am not eating everything on my plate. I take it first thing in the morning (keep it next to my bed) and then lie there thinking fun thoughts for awhile or do stretching exercises in bed since it says to wait 30 minutes before eating anything. I have lost 6 pounds in about 3 weeks. I will be ordering more and I now plan to combine it with the HCG diet. I think it will hold down the need to eat a lot. I will let you know. To me the main thing it does is make me less hungry. And when I eat, I can eat less and not feel like I’m still hungry.
    To try to do the Diabetic diet is difficult. My doctor said it means no carbs at all, and that is hard because carbs do help give energy. Even the HCG gives a tiny amount of carbs.
    Probably the best way to do any diet is to exercise daily along with the diet. Biking is the least strenuous on the body so if you haven’t exercised in a while, doing the bike won’t make you feel horribly sore the next day. Cal Mag (calcium/magnesium)at night also helps get rid of aching muscles and sleep is better.
    Happy dieting!

  • PaulaG-NB

    I have been taking this product for less than 2 wks and have lost 5 lbs. I feel like I have finally found the answer for belly fat weight loss and I may finally achieve my 50 lbs weight loss goal…it doesn’t seem impossible anymore since I started taking RealDose. Everything about this product has made a difference in my life from appetite control, energy, blood sugar level stability, and visible changes in my belly fat…it’s actually reshaping and going away. I can’t explain all the hope I have since I have been taking this product, but I feel like my search for weight loss has ended. What’s really great is that I really crave good foods and it doesn’t seem like such a chore to focus on eating this way – not stressful and I have know “dieting” to be in the past. I’m going all the way with this product! It’s remarkable so far! I will keep everyone posted over the next 6 months.

  • Angela N.

    I have to agree with you Paula. So far this product has worked wonders me. I was a bit
    sketical at first but after reading up on all the natural ingredients I decided to give it a try.
    It has been a little over a month and I’ve lost 12 lbs. I have followed the plan and
    redeveloped healthy eating habits. I’m hypoglycemic but since taking these suppliments it
    has nearly eliminated those terrible feelings of low blood sugar. Everything this product
    promises has been proven to me. I see the results and feel great. Let’s face it there isn’t
    a magical pill that’s going to take off the weight without taking charge and being proactive
    with your weight loss. I will continue to use this product and keep everyone posted as well.

  • Beth

    How has the weight loss gone for you? I am considering starting it myself. I am 51 and need to loose 51 pounds!!! Please reply.

  • Truth

    I do think you are a paid reviewer for this product. These tricks don’t work any more. Sorry, we don’t believe you.

  • Rachel B

    @”truth” We don’t care what you think about these “tricks” and if they work or not. If you haven’t tried it keep your opinions to yourself. We want to hear from ppl who have actually tried it not the lazies who won’t try anything new yet pretend to know everything about everything.

  • Lindsay

    I agree those two previous ladies sound too good to be true. And I almost believe them and still want to buy this thing, ahhhh it’s pathetic.

  • martin

    Thanks Waffles for indeed creating this thread. It has been a mostly interesting excercise. I have to say that the one thing I got out of it was to write my reps in Congress to ask why this vitamin business is not regulated, or at least a bit more regulated than it seems to be, or not be as the case may be. Might I suggest that, if nothing else, perhaps others should d the same. And now, back to the carrots.

  • Jai

    Why should the goverment regulate this? I’d rather choose for myself.

  • Maria

    I can totally relate to your dilema. I too need to lose about 20 more lbs. I also rarely ate– maybe one meal a day– usually dinner. and that was my problem. My metabolism was at a standstill. I learned that in order to lose weight, I MUST eat. Here is what I am now doing and it is working. I walk, everyday, for at least an hour. This wakes up the fat burning cells in your big muscles– the mitochondria. Without them, there is no fat burning– hence no weight loss. Next, eat WELL BALANCED meals– by this I mean high quality carbohydrates like fibrous fruits, whole grains like Quinoa and green leafy vegetables always include protein with every meal– do not allow any starches while dieting– bananas, potatoes, rice, flour, etc. You can live without them for awhile and you will lose your craving for them. Finally, drink at least 8 – 12 glasses of COLD water every day. Fat cells are the bodies waste collectors, you will need that extra water so that the body can break down and eliminate all those toxins. Read The Insulin Resistance Diet, by Cheryle R. Hart and Mary Kay Grossman. Hope this helps!

  • Arly

    You went from 168 to 181??
    tyPE O or what?

  • Sarah

    Paula, your fake. Angela your fake. Common ladies, if your going to do your job, there were probably 100000 ways you could have reworded your reviews to make it a little less obvious that is IS your job. Make up a death story or something! Get creative. Or, quite your jobs at realdose. Now, it would make more sense if both of your comments were jokes that waffles was in on…. Then I get it.

  • waffles

    Hey Sarah I knew there would be fake comments such as those. Most of them I didn’t allow to get through. It seemed like there was a surge of them about that time – literally 5 to 10 a day for a few weeks, and then it stopped. Definitely some sort of collusion. I felt I should at least let a few of those slide to show that I’m not just about bashing the product, and for readers like you who can see that the only glowing reviews of the product are obviously phony. Thanks for your input.

  • Deborah Uyeda

    I also believe in not eating sugar and products with sugar in them will help you to stop craving them. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to have candy or chocolate, sugar cereals etc. and never had a craving for them. When I got married that changed as my husband was brought up in the city and had access to all kinds of sugary delights which he happily indulged in. Lucky for him he has always been slim. I have not had that luxury and when I started indulging in desserts after dinner, I quickly became addicted to sugar. The weight gain was telling. I decided to do something about it and started a program of indulging in high fatty, high carb foods then on to the diet pill failure patterns for the next 10 years. I came to feel so unhealthy. I went to the doctor and was prescribed orlistat which worked for me. Orlistat works by not letting your body digest fats & if you eat high fatty foods, you’ll mess your pants. So you can see how this works. It keeps you eating healthy, low fat foods. Lots of protein because if you don’t, you will experience energy crashes. Basically these pills keep you on low fat foods or the alternative is not only uncomfortable to painful because of intestinal gas it is also embarrassing and you have to carry an extra change of clothes with you. But it works it you stick to the program. Buy not taking the pills and changing your diet to high protein, low sugar, low fat foods, you will accomplish the same. The Orlistat just is an added extra to keep you on the program or ew! As far as stress & anxiety goes, I agree with Tas again in saying that you need to address those issues because I’m sure that dieting is not the only area where you are out of control. As far as loosing weight and keeping it off, we need to stop looking for the easy way out and get off our fat, lazy duffs and get some exercise. We need to check our lifestyles and change it up for a healthier regiment which means diet, exercise and good mental health as well. So good luck to all you people who are looking for the easy way out, because the easy way is lifestyle change. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

  • Michael


    According to the video I watched the ingredients are; Ingredient #1: Piper Betle Leaf & Dilochos Biflorus seed (suppose to increase Adiponectin and decrease Ghrelin to reduce cravings), Ingredient #2: Caffea Canephora (Special Decaf Green Coffee Bean) that is suppose to promote weight loss by helping to regulate glucose production, and Ingredient #3: Rhodiola which is suppose to help reduce stress and boost mood.

  • Flo

    Hi Glenda G,
    Here it is . And I had my doctor look at the ingredient which is on there web site. Here it is : Dolichos Biflorus seed extract, Betel ( piper betle leaf extract ) , Decaf Green coffee, Siberian Rhodiole Rosea root Pepper. Hope this help you.

  • Rebecca Evans

    If you listen to his speech about these pills he tells you everything that goes into this and what ir does..

  • cyndi

    You really didn’t need to change your email address!
    Marking their emails as spam or blocking their email address would have sufficed.

  • waffles

    Coincidentally, Dr. Oz has promoted ALL of the products you mentioned! Thanks for your comment, and good luck!

  • Kathy M.

    Dr. Oz has so disappointed me. I always thought he was above and beyond – but alas, he’s been “bought”. Very sad. I tried the green coffee thing (followed all his instructions for buying the “right” product), NOTHING. Shame on him.

  • kristin

    I too am very disappointed with Dr. Oz claiming these things work. I tried the raspberry ketones, worked my butt off and have a very healthy. clean diet with no results what so ever!

  • RJ’s Mom

    That’s similar to my experience too. The preoccupation is gone; only eating as much as I should/need.

  • waffles

    RealDose has only been on Amazon for a very short period of time. They have 12 comments on Amazon, with ALL of the 5-star reviews posted within a few days of each other. We have over 400 comments over 13 months, with both good and negative comments here. It’s obvious many of those Amazon reviews are fake.

  • Anna

    Waffles, couldn’t it be that you just post the bad reviews? You seem biased too…

  • waffles

    A few obviously fake comments for and against have been filtered out. But the 450+ comments that are here, however, run the gamut with claims ranging from miracle pill to scam.

  • Samantha

    I looked for the pills at Amazon since I had seen that they had them at so I wanted to read the reviews, but Amazon does not sell the pills. Obviously, this is a scam.