Cerama Brush Reviews and Product Info

Cerama Brush Reviews and Product Info

Cerama Brush is advertised as a product which straightens and dries your hair without the use of a flat iron. Today we’ll take a look at the product and ask for reader reviews.

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About Cerama Brush

The product and its website are quite new. The official website,, was registered on December 9, 2013 and the U.S. federal trademark was filed for 10 days later. The trademark registration lists Groomeez, Inc. as the registrant.

That company also operates the website, which sells a brush called hairfreé which looks virtually identical to Cerama Brush. It is possible that Cerama Brush is the re-branding of hairfree.

Below is a screen shot of the official Cerama Brush website, captured in January 2014.


Cerama Brush is unique due to its ceramic “plates” which heat up and help straighten and dry hair when used with a hair dryer. The plates can be raised and lowered by a lever, allowing easy hair removal from the brush. This hair removal feature is similar to that found on some pet brushes.

The website describes the product in the following manner:

Cerama Brush is the incredible, breakthrough ceramic straightening brush that straightens hair twice as fast for twice the shine for that sleek, sexy look without damage. Just brush in, blow-dry and glide out. The secret is patented Cerama Brushes ceramic coated plates that absorb and diffuse warm air from blow dryers for healthier styling. Cerama Brush also cleans easy. Just move the button and the plates push hair off the bristles like a new brush every time.

The back of the flat Cerama Brush includes a mirror, which can serve as a backup mirror in a pinch. While not a primary selling point, the mirror is a nice touch for women who don’t carry one in their purse.

An alternate technique for using the Cerama Brush is to blow hot air from a hair hair dryer directly onto it for about 30 seconds, which heats up the ceramic plates. The warm brush can then be used to style hair more efficiently than a typical brush.

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Cerama Brush Cost

The cost of the product is $14.99 plus $7.95 shipping for a total of $17.95. They offer a second brush “free” for another $7.95 shipping, for a total of $30.89.

If you attempt to navigate off of the page, they’ll include a $5 off coupon, taking your cost down to $25.89

The website does not give you a chance to review your order once you have entered your info and place your order, nor is a subtotal given at any point. Keep in mind that they automatically include your second “free” brush, so you will want to select a quantity of “1.”

Please see our article entitled The “Get a Second One Free” Marketing Ploy regarding this common tactic used by As Seen on TV advertisers.

Cerama Brush vs hairfree

We are in the process of obtaining a Cerama Brush to compare with a “hairfreé” brush we currently have. What we are looking for is whether the construction is the same, or if shortcuts have employed for mass production of the product. The hairfreé brush is well-constructed, and performs as expected. What we hope to discover is how these two products compare, or if they are different at all. If Cerama Brush is comparable to hairfree, we expect the product to be a success, as we have had nothing but praise for the hairfree brush by our our testers. That product has become the go-to brush for those who have used it.

We will update this page once our full Cerama Brush review is complete. Until then, we want to hear from you.

Your Cerama Brush Reviews

Have you used Cerama Brush? Please leave us your Cerama Brush review in the comments below.

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