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How to Disable Vibrant Ads

How to Disable Vibrant Ads

Are you looking to get rid of those pesky double-underlined ads from Vibrant? We have the easy solution for most of you, which doesn’t require disabling anything or installing anything.

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These contextual text ads have been around for years. Many people resort to installing blocking software or disabling scripts. While those can work, they can also reduce functionality of websites in which those elements are needed.  Fortunately there is an easy way for Windows users to get rid of these annoying double-underlined ads from Vibrant. All we have to do is add them to the restricted sites in our Internet options.

These are the screens you’ll see when removing text ads such as Vibrant, Kontera, or Infolinks.

Go into your Control Panel and find your Internet Options. Under the “Security” tab you’ll see a red circle with a line through it, called “Restricted sites.” Click on that icon, and then click the “Sites” button. On the window that pops up, we simply enter the following info


Click the “add” button. Hit “close” and then “OK” on the window below that. Restart your browser, and you should be rid of Vibrant ads from now on.

This should work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome on a Windows 7 PC.

While you’re at it, try adding * and * to remove those as well!

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