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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Infolinks Ads

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Infolinks Ads

A popular article here on WafflesAtNoon is about how to get rid of unwanted “Text Enhance” ads. Today I’m going to talk about a similar-looking ad, promoted by Infolinks. Though the underlined ads look similar between Text Enhance and Infolinks, there is a significant difference in who put those ads there.

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Whereas Text Enhance is placed there by a third party without the permission of the website operator or the website visitor – and resides on the viewer’s computer – Infolinks appears with the knowledge of the website owner and is generated on the website’s end. Yes, they are put there on purpose. Infolinks is meant to generate revenue for a website, similar to Adsense or banner ads. I once tested Infolinks on this site and hated it, removing it the same day.

In my Text Enhance article, I urged users not to use their opt-out feature, because you shouldn’t have to opt-out of something you didn’t want in the first place. But with Infolinks, because these links are a part of the website, opting out is an acceptable option.

Update: The best solution is to add infolinks to your restricted sites. See this article for instructions. If that doesn’t work, then try the methods below.

To opt out, mouse over one of the Infolinks ads. On it you will see a question mark. If you click that question mark, you’ll be taken to a page prompting you to click a link to opt-out of Infolinks ads on that side. The problem is, you have to opt out for each site. There is no link available to opt out for all sites at once.

The other option is to install an ad blocker, such as AdBlock. I personally don’t use ad blockers like those because I frequent many blogs who rely on ads to keep them running, and such ad blockers defeat that purpose. Some ad blockers will get rid of Infolinks on all sites.

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