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How to Shave Your Head

How to Shave Your Head

As obvious as it sounds, there are people who haven’t shaved their heads who might want a few tips before taking the plunge. My bald head has lured quite a few interested guys who needed a little advice before going for it. And not so obviously – there are a few ways to do it. If you don’t mind that “stubble” look, the easiest way by far is to merely grab a hair trimmer and simply shave all over your head with no extensions attached (also called shaving it with a “0” attachment). Again, this will give you a little stubble on top.

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If you’re like me and don’t want that receding hairline to show, and prefer that smooth bald look, you’re going to have to get a little closer than those shears will allow.

Time to get out the razor.

Some people prefer disposable razors, while others like having a nicer razor with disposable cartridges. Others prefer old school safety razors. I’ve done them all. The results aren’t much different if you get a good disposable razor. I prefer disposables only because the replacement cartridges of nicer razors are really expensive these days.

The first year or so of shaving my head, I would shave my head about once a week. First, I’d use the hair trimmer and shave down to a 0, then lather up my head with shaving cream and shave my head over the sink, much like shaving my face. I just found it to be really messy. First you have the intitial hair flying everywhere, then you have all that creamy stubble all over the sink. Then you also have little hairs tumbling down the back of your collar when you’re done.

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Before I go on, I should mention that because the hair grows outward from your crown, if you prefer to go against the grain, you’re usually going to be shaving up towards the crown from all sides. I’ve shaved with the grain and simply don’t get a close enough shave (except in the very back).

I like to enjoy the shower, to the point that I stand in there just enjoying the warm water. So much for conservation. But I was getting tired of that messy over-the-sink method of shaving my head, so I tried going in the shower. I realized quickly that shaving cream doesn’t work in the shower. It either gets washed away or kind of “melts” from the steam.

But in the shower, you don’t really need it.

I put the area of my head that I’m shaving directly under the water and shave it as the water hits it. Not only does that soothe the area being shaved, but it also removes the hair from the razor as you go. So you don’t have to stop every few seconds to clean out the razor. It’s constantly being flushed out by the water.

Don’t worry about not having a mirror either. You can run your hand along your scalp to feel any areas you missed. Another benefit of shaving in the shower is all of that stubble is cleaned away and not sneaking down your shirt the rest of the day.

After you get out of the shower, take a look in the mirror for any spots you may have missed. I often miss the area just above and behind my ears. Just touch those up with another disposable at the sink.

So I believe that shaving in the shower with the water constantly washing down on your head is the best way to shave. I even shave my face that way now, too. I’ve found that by doing this every day, it’s very easy to manage and keep that smooth look all the time, and not just once a week as it was when I shaving every seven days. Letting it grow for a week takes a long time to shave and can be more painful. Shaving every day or two will make it a quick process and keep your shiny bald head in prime form.

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