NoNo Pro Review: Does it Really Work? (June 2015 Update)

NoNo Pro Review: Does it Really Work? (June 2015 Update)

NoNo Pro is advertised as a painless and effective hair removal product which is superior to traditional shaving. Read our NoNo Pro reviews from editors and readers.

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About NoNo Pro

NoNo Pro is a hair removal system which uses a heated wire along with a process called pulsed Thermicon Technology. This is different from standard laser hair removal. Long-term use of the product is said to result in hair which grows back thinner and finer. The official FAQ states, however, that if you stop using NoNo Pro “hair may eventually return to its previous pattern.” The company responded to a comment below and confirmed that results are “not permanent.”

NoNo Pro comes with two tips: wide and narrow. The wide tip is designed for large non-sensitive areas, while the narrow tip is meant to be used on sensitive areas, including the face. After using the NoNo on your face, it is suggested to use their Buffer or an exfoliating cream “to remove crystallized hair.”

The official website is, which was registered on February 7, 2013. When this review was first posted in November 2013, the original NoNo was still being advertised at, which was registered on July 31, 2008. That site now only offers the NoNo Pro 3 model until the order page, where one can upgrade to the Pro5 model.

NoNo Pro comes in 4 colors. The Pro3 is available in pink, turquoise, and a limited edition “Spring Bloom” color. The Pro5 comes in a platinum color.

How Much Does NoNo Pro Cost?

The original NoNo costs about $285, but no longer appears to be available. There are now two “Pro” models:

  • Pro3: 3 payments of $96.65 + $14.95 shipping, for a total of $304.90
  • Pro5: 3 payments of $103.31 + $14.95 shipping, for a total of $324.90

The image below shows a NoNo (non-pro version) display at a Bed Bath and Beyond in Las Vegas in December 2014. The cost of the product was $269.99.

nono pro display at bed bath and beyond

This is a NoNo (non-Pro version) display at a Bed Bath and Beyond in December 2014.

NoNo 8800 vs NoNo Pro

The Pro version of NoNo is said to have 35% more power than the original, which they say will allow you to “remove coarse and thick hair more effectively than ever before.” The new version also has a status screen, a more comfortable grip, and their “new patented Pulsed Thermicon technology.”

NoNo Pro3 vs NoNo Pro5

As of mid-2015, the Pro5 model has been largely removed from the official NoNo Pro website, except on the order page, where your NoNo can be upgrade “for an additional $20.”

The primary difference between the Pro3 and Pro5 models is the number of settings. Pro3 has three treatment levels, and the Pro5 have five treatment levels.

This is the official NoNo Pro website, captured in November 2013.

This is how the official NoNo Pro website looked in November 2013.

Our NoNo Pro Review

We had several testers try out a NoNo Pro unit in late 2013, and the overall consensus was that it was not superior to shaving or waxing. Our testers also reported a distinct smell of burning hair while using the unit. Although it is claimed that NoNo Pro works for all hair types, we found that it worked better on fine than coarse hair. Those with finer, lighter hair reported slightly better results than those with thick, coarse hair. Our testers did not feel that their skin was completely smooth or stubble-free while using the product, a sentiment that has been echoed by other online reviews. Another concern which is not often mentioned is the time investment. Each session may require more time and patience than some consumers expect.

NoNo Pro is billed as painless, but we found the product does provide a sensation that, to some, could be described as painful. This sensation varies based on the user’s pain threshold. Some testers describe it is prickly, while we also heard complaints that it created a burning sensation.

There is a sound emitted while using the unit. We did not find it to be unacceptable, but some readers have expressed the opinion that it was too loud.

There is a certain amount of time, patience, and technique required to use NoNo Pro effectively. It would appear that in the case of some reviewers, impatience and proper technique may have led them to form a negative impression of the product.

Other NoNo Pro Reviews

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Consumer Reports reviewed the NoNo 8800 in their December 2013 issue. None of their six testers said their legs felt hair-free or stubble-free during a six-week trial, and none “said they’d want to buy the device.”

On Amazon, as of December 26, 2014, 66% of reviewers ranked it one star (414 out of 623 total). Only 10.9% ranked it five stars (68 out of 623 reviews). That product was later removed from the site.

Trends Report

The Google Trends chart below shows the history of searches for NoNo Pro. It appears to have had its biggest surges in November 2013, April 2014, and July 2014. By mid-2015 it would appear that the marketing for the NoNo has reached a level of saturation and is receiving diminishing returns.


We did not find NoNo Pro to be as effective as the advertising would lead us to believe, nor did we find it to be superior to other hair removal systems on the market. There are far too many user complaints to be ignored, and our tests confirmed that the product does not work for everyone.

You may be interested in our comparison of the NoNo Pro with other popular at-home hair removal systems.

Your NoNo Pro Reviews

Have you tried NoNo or NoNo Pro? Give us your review in the comments below.

Updated June 4, 2015
Originally published November 2013

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  • Nel

    Received a nono pro5 as a gift from someone who has now passed away. It worked for me but now it turns on but doesn’t start up. Even bought a pack of new tips. Saw a note on the internet about a broken belt repaired under warranty. There was what looked like it could be very fine broken belt when I removed the tip after last use so maybe I have this problem. Surely nono, just like other electrical manufacturers can check the age of the unit from its serial number so see if it qualifies for a warranty repair?

  • jjkkk

    It says free but it’s not.

  • Andrea Sampson

    Hey mine works and thank you Radiancy but I bought mine for 100$ brand new at a pawn shop.

  • Patty B

    I have had the nono for several years! The first one I dropped so I bought a second. I use it only on my face as I have fine blonde hair which gives me a fuzzy look. Waxing and shaving breaks my skin out and lazer doesnt work on blonde hair. I feel it works great on my hair type. If used around the upper lip area it can give you a little zap as if you got burned but it doesn’t leave a mark. I think it’s worth the money.

    • Radiancy Customer Service

      Hi Patty,

      We appreciate your positive feedback. Thank you for using no!no! and we suggest you like our Facebook page for more updates. We also recommend visiting our website with tips and tricks in using no!no! – Thank you so much


      The Radiancy Team

  • Kellie

    Well I really was planning on trying the NoNo Pro, but considering they only offer a 60 day trial and you have to use it at least 6 weeks to even get results if any, not worth the risk of being out $300 to me. Thank you to all that have shared their experiences it sure helped in making my decision easier! :)

    • nonoCustomerService

      Hi Kellie,

      We totally understand your hesitation in purchasing no!no!. We’d like to assure you that no!no! offers 100% risk free trial. Yes, you are right that you need to use it for at least 6 weeks to get the result however, 6 weeks is equal to 42 days. This means that if you didn’t get any result for at least 45 days then just give us a call and request for an RMA number so you can return the device and we can issue you a full product refund.

      no!no! requires time and patience but worth the wait. Hope this helps.


      no!no! Customer Service

  • nonoCustomerService

    Hi Wendy,

    We’re sorry to hear about your no!no! experience. We;d like to inform you that studies show no lasting side effects associated with the proper use of no!no! like bumps and pimples. However, Thermicon™ technology uses heat, and in some cases, sensitive skin may experience temporary redness which fades within hours. Applying lotions like no!no! Smooth after a treatment will help keep skin moisturized and healthy.

    We hope this helps.

    All the Best,

    no!no! Customer Service

  • nonoCustomerService

    Hi Diane,

    We’re sorry to hear that you have encountered such issue with no!no! and we thank you for informing us.

    We’d like to help you get the result that you’ve wanted from no!no!. We hope you can answer the following questions so we can check how we can assist you further.

    a) How long have you used nono?
    b) How frequent have you used it?
    c) What device and Thermicon Tip are you using?

    We are looking forward to talk to you soon.

    Best Regards,

    no!no! Customer Service

  • nonoCustomerService

    Hi Ang,

    Thanks for writing in. Radiancy, the maker of no!no!, is currently registered with FDA and we make sure that we comply with all the legal and medical requirements. This is to assure our buyers that our products are safe and effective.

    All the Best,

    no!no! Customer Service

  • James

    I have used the No NO for 6 weeks exactly the way the directions say to use it. I used it on thick hair and in a large area. I can tell you that this are is not hairLESS. This means while the hair does grow back, it grows back thinner, lighter and much easier to manage. Moreover, I do lightly shave before I use the no no because the hair is so thick, but, I burn the shorter hairs and now, much less hair is growing and I am bare where I want to be and I don’t have to shave all the time. I am persistent and not lazy like the people on here who expect magic results with no effort.

    Buy the No NO if you have patience and it will give you remarkable results. USE THE CREAM, use the pads and do everything the instructions tell you to do. You will soon see that your hair is going away longer and when it does grow, it’s no where near as thick or healthy. You are basically killing it slowly. Now I have hardly any growth and what is coming back is very very light and thin.

    • nonoCustomerService

      Hi James,

      Thank you for sharing your no!no! experience with us and we appreciate you giving tips on using no!no! If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

      All the Best,

      no!no! Customer Service

  • Jason

    When a buyer makes purchases with their credit card, they can always contact the credit card company and mention that the product (in this case NoNo) does not work. The credit card companies tend to favor the consumers. This is one way to get money back Since NoNo customer services socks and does not accept returns as advertised

    • nonoCustomerService

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for giving out options on the refund process. However, we still suggest calling our Customer Service Department and request for an RMA number so we can process the refund. Our customers are backed up with a 60-day money back guarantee and we stick to that promise.

      All the Best,

      no!no! Customer Service

  • Matt

    Almost every negative review that I’ve seen involves at least one step done incorrectly. If it burned you, you are operating it WRONG; follow directions. Or there are the people that are like “after doing it for 30 days, I HAVE ZERO RESULTS.”

    Well, duh, you’re supposed to do six weeks. And even then, you’ll see probably minor gains (it’s not supposed to magically erase hair like some people purport it to be able to do), provided you’ve done it the two to three times a week that you’re supposed to do it.

    My girlfriend and I did it, and I had decent results. The problem, as most people probably have, is sticking to consistently doing it. People rarely have the patience to maintain. But in my instance, you won’t see me bashing a company because of it.

    • nonoCustomerService

      Hi Matt,

      We appreciate your feedback and we’d like to let you know that your review will really help our customers to understand how no!no! works. Happy nono-ing!

      Best Regards,

      no!no! Customer Service

  • SteveS

    Nono customer service is one of the worst experiences I have ever encountered. Their staff are like robots and don’t take responsibility in serving their clients. They read off of a script and they stick to it. They lie and disrespect their clients. I would NEVER recommend their products to anyone even if they worked or were the next best thing since sliced bread. Having call center experience for over 12 years I can tell you this is not a way to run a company. They put their company first over their clients. I could go on for hours about this but I think enough has been said DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL THROWING YOUR MONEY DOWN THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!

  • hank n

    I do FDA regulatory, and can assure you that there is no science that provesthis product works. For customers who have purchased, and received burning sensations, please report then to the FDA. It only takes a moment, and they have been allowed to raise the power of their led without trial’s. I had a customer with a predicate devise, and after referencing clinical, advised them to discontinue p production because of a high risk of liability. Note..product in made in China, which does not regulate cosmetic devices. The US does. Make sure it has an FDA Clarence ,(not recommendation, as the do not recommend any products).

    • Joan

      Please learn how to write.

  • nono

    I bought the previous model and it did not work as well as I would have liked. I have been using creams, shaving, sprays with much better results. I would like to try this latest model. I hate hair on my body and as a male I take a lot of static about it. My Last GF also hated hair on me too. if I do get one of these i’ll post my findings?

  • Ann

    Don’t waste your money. It is expensive and doesn’t work. Not on face, not under arms, not on legs, and nowhere else. You can get a nasty burn from it, too.

    • nonoCustomerService

      Hi Ann,

      We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t get your expected results from using no!no!. Rest assured that we’re here to help you.

      We have some questions for us to know how to assist you further.

      a) What nono device are you using?
      b) What thermicon tip have you purchased?
      c) How frequent do you nono?
      d) How long have you used nono?

      We’re excited to talk to you and help you get the result that you want. Thanks a lot

      Best Regards,

      no!no! Customer Service

  • azam

    I purchased a nono pro about 9 months ago and tried it over and over but it did not work at all. I tried returning it but the phone number no one would answer and the Email they sent was the wrong one. this nono pro is a total junk. The company, well i dont know. what do you think?

  • Peggy

    I purchased the no no Pro and used it trying to get rid of upper lip hair,it did not do very well on the coarse hair, burned my skin and I tried to return an spoke to JASON X303 – he told me to try it a little longer and call back Dec. 19th if wanted to return it, I did and spoke to Diana ex. 387 and she told me my 60 days were up prior to the Dec. 19th date, I told her what Jason had told me and she told me to call back later in the week, after they had gone back and listened to calls and she would let me know. Well I could not get same person and was they must be in California and my 60 days were up, nothing they can do. Jason tricked me into waiting too long. DO NOT Purchase this product. bad, bad customer service.

  • Steve

    Sucks. I’d rather pay my wife to pull the hairs out.

  • Katherine

    I bought the original Nono and its useless. I still had to shave after hours of using Nono. It’s a waste of time and money sorry to say.

  • No No Hair removal

    I have the NoNo but still find myself using other hair removal methods too. I wouldn’t recommend it. Depilatories are good for arms and legs. Threading is best for the facial area.

  • waffles

    No, these are different units. The 8800 is basically the “regular” model, while the Pro5 is advertised as their strongest unit.

  • Debbie

    I bought the 8800 nono hair machine about 3 months ago and I would say its just as effective as shaving or waxing, as you guys say.

    But its better in the sense that I’m not having to go to the waxing salon every couple weeks – so I’m saving time and money there – plus it’s just so much easier to deal with this in the privacy of my own bathroom without some stranger looking at all my private areas and plus its WAY less painful than waxing.

    Anyone who waxes will know that the nono is much better – if for nothing else, the fact that its so much less painful. I bought the nono machine through their site here and it also had some good facts about it that I stumbled across while doing some pre-buy research

  • SteveS

    I had the same problem with this company.

    Nono customer service is one of the worst experiences I have ever encountered. Their staff are like robots and don’t take responsibility in serving their clients. They read off of a script and they stick to it. They lie and disrespect their clients. I would NEVER recommend their products to anyone even if they worked or were the next best thing since sliced bread. Having call center experience for over 12 years I can tell you this is not a way to run a company. They put their company first over their clients. I could go on for hours about this but I think enough has been said DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL THROWING YOUR MONEY DOWN THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!

  • nonoCustomerService

    Hi Renee,

    We’re sorry to hear that you weren’t satisfied with the results of your no!no!. Thanks also for sharing your experience with us as this will help us improve our service.

    We just want to clarify that the no!no! works with a patented Thermicon Technology which uses the science of heat to treat the hair. The reason we ask you use the no!no! for 60 days is to be able to give it a chance to work for you. Most of our customers see results by using the no!no! 2-3 times a week to begin and then have to use it less from there. Just like any product, the no!no! takes time, and is not permanent, but provides long-lasting results. It takes time and patience to get the results that you want. We hope this helps.

    All the Best,
    no!no! Customer Service


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