Seeking Reviews for Magic Jack Plus

Seeking Reviews for Magic Jack Plus

Have you seen commercials for Magic Jack Plus, or have you used the product? Today we offer our Magic Jack review and seek reviews from users as well.

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Magic Jack Plus is a device which allows consumers to make phone calls over an internet connection. This is the updated version to the original Magic Jack phone device. The Plus model was introduced in 2011 and offered the ability to access phone service without the need to directly connect to a computer.


Magic Jack Plus costs $69.95 plus shipping and handling. The annual cost for the service is $29.95, and they offer a 5-year plan for $19.95 per year.

Call Quality

As with any internet-based phone service, call quality can vary greatly from call to call. In the case of Magic Jack Plus, the drops and stutters we experience are about on par with Vonage or some cell phone calls. More often than not we have found the call quality to acceptable. Not great, but acceptable.

We found that using the phone too close to the Magic Jack Plus caused a buzz on the line. Moving away seemed to fix this.

No Computer Needed?

Even though Magic Jack Plus advertises that no computer is needed, you’ll still need an internet connection. Most people without computers, however, don’t have an internet connection. The one-time setup process does require a computer.

Unlimited Calls?

Despite claims of “unlimited calls” you may want to read the terms and conditions if you are a heavy phone user. The terms state that “excessive use” will results in your account being terminated without a refund:

If magicJack, LP and/or magicJack VocalTec Ltd., and/or YMax Communications Corporation sees excessive use, including but not limited to, a customer whose usage is twenty (20) times more than the average magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device or magicJack APP customer usage, or a customer who calls more than 50 different telephone numbers per day, or a customer who forwards calls from their magicJack and/or magicJack PLUS device and/or magicJack APP to a non-magicJack number for longer than a two week consecutive period, or systematic or intentional misuse, it reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your use of the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device and/or Software and/or magicJack APP immediately, and you will not be entitled to get a refund of any licensing fee or any other fee you may have paid to us.

The terms and conditions also state that “Calls of long duration may be terminated to make sure the integrity of the network is kept intact, which would prevent abandoned calls.”

Transferring Old Phone Number

Should you switch to Magic Jack, you can retain your old phone number, but it will cost you $19.95 and $9.95 per year after the first year.

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Customer Service Complaints

The biggest complaint we’ve heard is regarding customer service. The only way to communicate with them is through a clunky online chat system. Many have complained that returns take an inordinate amount of time to process, and that representatives are less than helpful. We’ve heard by more than one consumer that they purchased a 5-year plan, only to be billed a year later, and getting it sorted out with customer service was more difficult than it should have been.

PC Magazine had to publish an addendum to their mostly-positive review of the original Magic Jack when after being inundated with complaints regarding the customer service issue.

“Under Review”

We have heard of several users having their accounts placed “under review” for months, without explanation. One scenario involved a device which did not go through the setup process successfully, resulting in the “under review” status. This, combined with abysmal customer service, has left a bad taste in the mouths of some consumers. If you want to get rid of the service while it is still under review – and you transferred your old phone number over – they will charge you to “release” your old number.

Call Forwarding Now Costs

A recent change in Magic Jack Plus features is call forwarding. While it used to be an included feature, they now offer it as a paid extra:

Plan Options: 100 minutes per month $4.95/year, or 500 minutes per month $19.95/year. 

Other Reviews

Magic Jack Plus seems to be a polarizing product for those who use it. Currently on Amazon it has 163 reviews that are 4 or 5 stars, and 195 reviews that are 1 or 2 stars. There are also 35 complaints at, many of these regarding customer service issues.

For an especially damning look at the company behind Magic Jack, take a look at this site which engaged in a legal battle with the creators of Magic Jack Plus.

Bottom Line

Should you decide to try Magic Jack Plus, and set-up goes smoothly, you may find it to be a worthy product. Should you encounter any technical or billing issues requiring customer service, you may find the experience to be a nightmare. We did not have to deal with customer service and found Magic Jack Plus to be a suitable product.

If you want to try Magic Jack Plus, we recommend buying it in person at a retailer such as Best Buy or Radio Shack. If you have a problem, you’ll have a much better chance of getting immediate resolution through one of these retailers.

Your Turn

Have you tried Magic Jack Plus? Let us know of your experience in the comments below.

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  • FC

    The product seems to be getting better, but the customer service is the absolute worst! Be prepared to figure out your own problems. They have no knowledge and no desire to help you. Many of them are rude and obnoxious.
    I have had this service for 4 years.
    At such a cheap price, I say go for it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Perry Turner

    You people bashing this are either computer illiterate or just total morons. I’ve been using Magicjack since the very first one. It requires a good internet connection to work well, it does work how it is supposed to, it’s easy to setup if you can read the onscreen stuff, it requires a computer for the initial setup, after that you can plug it into your router. The number transfers I agree, is misleading, not all numbers qualify. This is by far better than Vonage.

    I don’t understand why you give Basictalk a better review than this.

    ALL VoIP phone services requires a fairly good speed, also if you have multiple people online at once during a phone call it can make it sound worse, that is your internet provider fault, not Magicjack. In other words if you have the slowest cheapest available internet, stay with landlines or cell phones.

  • Jake’s PC Shop

    Here is my review of this monster:

    A client bought one on 7/14/2013 from Radio Shack store, and the next day (7/15/2013), he called my company to install it. I had installed one of the original ones in the past, so I thought that it would be easy. One day, tops… I was VERY wrong. It took 5 business days, 5 hours each day, to get that thing to work all together, not to mention that the client wanted it to work WITHOUT the computer having to be on 24/7. So here is what happened:

    Day 1 7/15/2013: I started working on the FIRST OF THREE MagicJack PLUS units, installing it, plugging it in, only to find out, MY CLIENT’S TWC MODEM HAD ONLY 1 CAT 5e PORT! So the client and I had to go to Best Buy and buy a Belkin 10/100 8-Port Switch for around $20.00. So when we returned, I had to craw back under the desk and unplug the MagicJack PLUS unit from the PC. That took all of day 1. Now, on to day 2:

    Day 2: I arrived and got started on installing the switch, and then found out that our MJ PLUS unit was defective, so we had to take that one back and get another one! After that, I installed that one, stayed on the line with Tech support for an hour and a half, and still did not get that darn thing to work. That is when I found out that the switch was not compatable with the modem, and that we had to go and buy a Belkin Wireless Router from Best Buy, which was another $30.00! That was day 2

    Day 3: I arrived and I started installing the Router, in which took 2 hours. Then the Internet stopped working. So I had to get TWC out there, which they could be there the next day. So after that, I just about had enought. Now on to day 4:

    Day 4: TWC was out there when I arrived, and they mad me look stupid. All they had to do was reset the modem. Ad they blamed me! They were out the all day. Now day 5:

    Day 5: When I arrived, I found out that the MJ PLUS unit was yet again defective. So the client and I went BACK TO RADIO SHACK FOR THE 3 rd TIME, and bought the MagicJack PLUS 2014. Then when we got back, I installed that one, and plugged it into the back of the client’s PC (which he did not want to, but I was about to toss that freakin’ thing OUT THE WINDOW… OF MY CAR… GOING DOWN I-85!!!) I had to uninstall it and reinstall it 3 times, then it FINALLY worked. Victory!!!!

    Long story short, NEVER BUY MAGICJACK. IF I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT IT, IT WOULD BE CALLED: MagicJack Installation: A Journey Through H*** and Back.
    That is my review of that evil thing.

  • Julie

    I replaced my home phone with the MJ Plus 8 months ago and it is great.

    Sure, there is the occasional issue with making a call but I just hang up and try again and it works. I have saved more money in 7 months than it cost for a 5 year plan with this company. The customer service also isn’t the greatest but saving $500 a year is WORTH IT!

    It is definitely worth the $ even if you have to deal with a hiccup or two.

  • JohnSn

    I have an MJ Plus. Not worth the money.
    If you want your contact list, or the call log, you HAVE to connect it to a PC. If you use the MJ Pluse without a PC, you will not have your contacts and no calls, incoming or outgoing, will be logged.
    I called MJ Customer service about that. In short, I am screwed. They told me to take it back to where I bought it. Well, CompUSA is no longer in business. All MJ customer service did was refer to a Terms and Services agreement to return it to the place I bought it from….
    Stick with your old MJ if you have one. It works. And you already paid for it. The new MJ Plus is not worth the money. You pay a lot more and get less. I will try Nettalk next or whatever name they are using nowadays. Or maybe Ooma.
    Just remember: If you use MagicJack, you HAVE to use a computer to be able all of its functionallity. And MJ Plus is a lot more expensive than the first version…

    • Brigitte

      So I am always looking for ways to improve my gadgets and have been quite deterred by especially the voice quality comments and dropped calls reading the reviews on MJ Plus. I have been using OOMA for more than a year, connected to the router, and nobody on the other end could tell the difference to a land line. Advice – don’t try the wireless option… it didn’t work in terms of voice quality for me at all with dropped calls.

  • Angelina White

    I purchased my Magic Jack Plus in October 2012 and instaled in my laptop due that I moved to another city in Florida and I sold my desktop. I also bought the Bluetooth conection to make calls without having to use a telephone and works perfect with my wireless headphones. Not only that, I traveled out of USA to my country for 4 months and I took my laptop along with the Magic Jack with me and I could call my friends, family, my bank and any other call I needed to make to the whole USA and Canada. Skype is great but it gets disconected too often and the camera looses image too. I recomend the Magic Jack to anyone who wants to save money or travel.

  • David M

    About three years ago my wife was doing work out of our home and we needed an additional phone line. Normal installed service was out of the question at the time for financial reasons. I researched Magic Jack and tested it for a month. We had our own number and it worked great.
    Since my wife was using it for only outgoing calls it was perfect since we had to keep an incoming line available for our normal calls. She made upwards of 1000 calls a month without problems. About a year ago we received a test version of Magic Jack Plus. we tried it and love it. Since we had it at the normal rate for the old Magic Jack we used it for outgoing calls.

    The only drawback to Magic Jack Plus is that the voice mail is poor and there is no forwarding capability.

    Last month we received notice that the new rate was $29.95 for one year or $19.95 per year if we committed to five years. We have since retired and discontinued the service. We will probably renew it when we begin our extensive travels since it will give us a permanent phone number and avoid cell phone charges for long distance.

  • sam

    Bought a Plus a week ago. Number ported with no problems. Quality, so-so, but it is VoIP and is expected. I would recommend using the Ethernet Cable and not USB plugged into your computer. That seemed to help the best so far.
    Bought the unit at Best Buy for $50.00 on ad match from Radio Shack. Installed went well.
    What I like best – NO ADDITIONAL FEES THAT YOU HAVE WITH A LANDLINE! Century Link has a great package for phone for $25/month when you get internet for $45 – what they do not tell you is – BE PREPARED TO PAY $20/month in taxes and fees and government fees. Bill, nearly $90 month! Now $45 plus tax and no outrageous fees.
    Can’t go wrong for $50 – give it a try, worse case – go back to your original provider!

    • waffles

      Great comment Sam, thanks for stopping by!

  • Mike Strauss

    I have had the Magic Jack for about 3 yrs. now and at first gave me a little trouble of cutting out but now it works quite well. I also have the Magic Jack Plus which works quite good and i like it because i can use it with a portable phone instead of always having to go to my computer to use my Magic Jack that is connected to my computer. It makes it a lot more user friendly being able to be away from my Laptop. I would recommend to buy one through my own experience.

  • Renee

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention 2 more things.

    The voice mail works great. We can access from the phone or I also get an email and can listen to it from the link provided.

    As far as someone else said above, we’ve had no problems at all when on the phone and surfing the web at the same time.

  • Linda T

    I am an American living in Singapore for 3 years. We brought a MagicJack Plus with us that we had set up back home in the U.S. and connected a cordless phone to it that has 3 extensions. I just talked to a friend on it for a l-o-n-g. It cut out once during that time but one of us just called the other back and continued talking. It’s way better than the experiences I’ve had with cell phones. My son uses a MagicJack Plus for his home phone and gets along very well with it. One of the old Magic Jacks we had quit working and the MagicJack people tried very hard to get it working again but ended up sending a replacement. I have no complaints and it’s been a Godsend for living out of the country… works just like a regular cordless phone with extensions back home.

  • Eustacia Stevens

    I have used Magic Jack Plus for a few years now and love it. The sound quality is excellent, don’t miss expensive phone bills at all. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to save money on their phone bill.

  • betty crafter

    I’ve had Magic Jack for several months. So far, it works great for incoming and outgoing calls, even for long distance calls. The quality reception is clear. The charge to my credit card is appropriate. The only issue I have is charing on line for technical support. Otherwise, I say, go for it!

    • pat morse

      Buying Magic Jack was the biggest mistake I ever made. No customer service meant hours of frustration. When I packaged it up to return it, I followed all the instructions. Two years later and I am still waiting for my refund. They should not even be allowed to sell the stuff.


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