Seeking Reviews for Monster Mix

Seeking Reviews for Monster Mix

Today we noticed a new miracle product being advertised online, this time for Russian Monster Mix, which is claimed to be a “steroid alternative” that is sold out until next month. Because the advertising hype seemed too good to be true, we decided to investigate a little further.

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The ad we saw today read:

Controversy Over New Steroid Alternative
Rare Plant Increases Muscle Growth 700%.

We have run across before, in our research of raspberry ketone, and African Mango – both of which are heavily hyped by online supplement vendors and affiliate marketers, all without much evidence to support claims that they do anything. This alone is a giant red flag.

This ad for shows two different products.

The article on hypes “Russian Monster Mix” as giving “unreal gains” and tells how it “should be banned” because of the unfair advantage it gives. They also listed the Russian name of M????? M???, which appears to simply mean “Monster Mix.” These too-good-to-be-true claims are often just that: too good too be true hype aimed at selling common products under a fancy name. It should also be noted that there is a disclaimer at the bottom of  which tells us that the article is not an actual news article, and that it is “sponsored” by C9-T11, which we have written about here.

From we eventually get directed to, which is essentially a long, rambling one-page sales pitch with little information. They use rather tired sales tactics such as saying it is sold out or available limited supplies, and the price will increase after today.

Fake Photos
On the website, we see Before and After photos that supposedly show a subject named D.J. Jeffries from Boulder Colorado after 8 weeks of using the product. The “before” image is a stock photo, easily found on other sites such as this one about hair removal. The “after” photo is also a stock image from Shutterstock (see here).  Along with these faked photos are claims of muscle gains in a “field study” by Applied Nutritional Research – who are the creators of Monster Mix!

These are actually just stock photos, and it is their own “study” they are citing.

The website shows a “list price” of $99, but “your price” is $67. In other words, they mark up the list price so they can mark it back down for you. They claim that it would cost over $700 to buy all of the ingredients separately. This may be true, though there are certainly other competing products that can make the same claim.

The Monster Mix ingredients are shown below. Nothing in the list of ingredients really jumps out as anything groundbreaking, though many are staples in the bodybuilding world. Some notables on the list are creatine, L-glutamine, MSM, Tongkat Ali, deer antler, whey protein, and arginine. In a 2-scoop serving, there are 2 grams of fat, 28 grams of carbohydrates, 23 grams of protein, totaling 210 calories. It seems to be a valid product, but certainly nothing revolutionary.

Note that we are never told of a “rare plant” as stated in the original advertisement. That was simply a ruse to get  you to click on the ad.

Here are the ingredients, as provided by Applied Nutritional Research, who appears to be the manufacturer of this product:

Bottom Line
Monster Mix is a new entrant in the “hardcore” performance powder ring. Such viable competitors include offerings by MuscleTech (Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro or Nitro Tech Hardcore Pro, for example) BSN, or even GNC. The price is slightly higher than most competition (GNC’s top product is more expensive), and the product doesn’t seem as readily available as others in this category. Whether they have hit on a special combination or not remains to be seen.

One thing is certain: Their advertising needs improvement.

Your Turn
Have you used Monster Mix, or have you ordered the product? We want to hear from you in the comments below! Let us know what the ordering experience was like, and if you found the product to live up to the hype.

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  • Kevin

    Can I use monster mix on non-workout days

  • Justin

    I’ve used monster mix for the past three weeks and am very impressed with the results. I’m 39 years old gained 10 pounds muscle. I’ve gone from struggling in size to packing it on. Because I’ve grown in size so quick my son calls them steroid induced.

  • Drali

    I have been using MM for two months now… I gained 10 lbs only

  • Dalton

    It works bought one and lifted regularly as I have been and gained 2lbs lean muscle and bulked up sh-ts great

  • Sean

    I have been using MM for a few months now. I have gained bulk, strength but I can’t say I have gotten the rock hard body from the stuff now. When I use it after a run I do have a hard time sleeping from it vice the days I don’t use it.

  • gregg k

    I have been using the monster mix off and on for about 1 year. I am an older, fairly hardcore lifter. I have had good results and get alot of compliments from the younger guys at the YMCA where I work out. I have never had a shipping problem, and they always throw in a free C9-T11 with each jug. I am gonna order another two jugs right now. I have used MuscleTech products and like them too, but I like the MM more. I might cycle back to the MT after these two jugs have done their duty.

    • waffles

      Good info – thanks for the comment!

  • jay v.

    I brought a container and took two servings per day, did put on some muscle, but I wouldn’t say its on the steroids level at all…you do run out of it real quick, so quality its worth the money, but not quantity….
    Just stick with your regular whey protein, creatine monohydrate, and l-glutamine…

  • MC

    I bought one container and have been taking it one hour after my workout for 5 days. The serving size is two scoops and one serving per day. If you take one serving per day the supplement only last 14 days. I have put on a little more bulk. I notice that I fall asleep faster at night now. I will post again after the full supplement is finished.

  • Steve

    Does any one know where the report in the British journal of sports medicine can be found. This was on the MSN web site today but, their artical didn’t say much about the testing peramiters or length of testing or test subjects or anything but, there was a report published there. If anyone can give me help let me know. Thanks


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