Rabbit TV Reviews

Rabbit TV is advertised as a way to receive over 5000 free internet TV channels and 50,000 movies from a simple USB device. Read our Rabbit TV reviews from editors and readers.

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About Rabbit TV

RabbitTV.com was registered on March 17, 2010. The cost of the USB unit is $10 per year plus $6.99 shipping and handling (reduced from 7.99 shipping in early 2013). It is available for Mac or PC, and they offer a second unit for another $6.99 shipping. This is a subscription service, so keep in mind that if you purchase Rabbit TV – and find yourself not using it – they will charge your card the following year after you have long forgotten about it.

Rabbit TV can now be found in stores such as Walmart or CVS.

They list their contact info as:

Telebrands Customer Care
79 Two Bridges Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Toll Free #: 1-855-235-2084

Below is a screen shot of RabbitTV.com, taken in February 2014:


How many “good” channels are on Rabbit TV?

Keep in mind that you are buying access to “internet TV stations” and not traditional television channels. Also note that the 5000 number they keep tossing around (it was 2000 in early 2013) is heavily padded by foreign channels of low quality and interest. You also shouldn’t expect to find much unique content that you can’t already access. Many of the “channels” listed are dead links or merely descriptions of shows, without links to actually watch them.

Rabbit TV Software

We found the Rabbit TV software to be lack user friendliness. The navigation system is confusing and clunky, and you’ll often find yourself staring at a menu in another language. Some of their menu options point to websites that no longer exist. One more than one occasion, the software froze or locked up the computer completely. Problems with the software are so widespread that typing in “Rabbit TV” in Google will yield a suggestion of “Rabbit TV not working.”

Here’s the Rabbit TV commercial:

You already have this content

Rabbit TV doesn’t provide you with anything you can’t already access. Yes, all of these “internet TV stations” are already there for you to watch. All Rabbit TV does is create a rudimentary menu in order to find them, and even then you will have a hard time finding much quality content. If you want to watch the best of internet television, you can simply visit such websites as Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, and official websites of your favorite shows or news stations. For most viewers, that would mean about 50 websites or less. Why sift through 5000 foreign or non-existent websites on a confusing Rabbit TV menu when you can simply visit the websites for shows you want to watch in the first place?

Is Rabbit TV a scam?

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While we wouldn’t classify Rabbit TV as a scam, we certainly do not feel it offers much value. A scam would imply some sort of deception or dishonesty were taking place, and Rabbit TV is upfront about the cost and the fact that you are getting internet TV stations. 

Bottom Line

Rabbit TV is a rudimentary menu of video that can be easily found with any web browser. While the concept sounds great, this product delivers little value, and it is easier to simply browse the web for video yourself.

Your Rabbit TV Reviews

Have you used Rabbit TV or a similar device? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Tony

    I got one as well. I guess some people expect it to have live cable TV broadcasts (like Comcast or DirecTV), and they might be disappointed, but for what it is it’s pretty good.

    Most of the content is on-demand, not live, but they have all the same shows that you would watch on cable, plus a bunch of older and classic shows and even a decent free movie selection. Again, this is not live TV, but it keeps me entertained.

    Overall I’d definitely say its worth the $10 (plus s/h).

    • Bill shaw

      I got this also yesterday. It’s somewhat OK if you like to stream online stuff because I don’t have cable TV. I only have internet. I know the internet has free stuff for us to watch, but Rabbit TV makes it a little easier. Just to only one site and its there to view the streaming TV. I don’t work for rabbit TV.

  • John


    It is fun to think about replacing your $100+ cable bill with a $10 device. To think about it is free! If you spend $17 though you will crush your dream and have $17 less in your pocket.

    To me this isn’t a scam by any stretch. It is what one should expect from a $10 device.

    I hope some day TV costs drop. We went from free tv to it costing crazy money. We also have to watch more commercials.

    • waffles

      You make a lot of great points!

  • Kelly

    Wasted my money! What a piece of junk! It took 6 weeks to get to me and then it didn’t work when I received it called customer service they kept telling me to go to their website! What good will that do when the product is defective? After a long discussion with a very annoying man they would not refund my money only offer was to replace the crap! cancelled my order. Best advice is always read reviews for products before wasting your money.

  • Thomas

    From what I understand, RabbitTV takes openly available links from around the internet and condenses them into one site. Something I thought was pretty neat since I’m not too interested in what’s on tv today. I’ve been watching shows I grew up with from the 80′s and 90′s and I think it’s been just fantastic. Initially there were some log in issues but when I contacted their customer support, they were more than helpful and resolved the problem almost right away. I wouldn’t call this product the next alternative to tv but for $10 I was pretty pleased with the amount of content they had.

  • Gary

    I was scammed and charged for 5 years so a $30 charge became $101. The customer service was clueless about the product. I was not allowed to get past the first page. I am returning the item and requesting a refund as I purchased a 5 year warranty. I would advise everyone to STAY AWAY they are scammers and thieves.

    • waffles

      Wow – what did they say the $101 was for?

      • Mike

        The initial $10 is only for a 1 year subscription to their service. He apparently got suckered into agreeing on the 5 year plan.

        • DPX

          $10 at 5 years is $50. Where did he get $101? Did he purchase something else?

      • proofed

        Did the same to me except mine was $71 and change and 2 rabbits no charge for postage and “handling” as in picking your pocket. I raised hell and called my cc company etc. see full story below. Still haven’t tried it to see if it actually is worth the 10 bucks I paid walmart for it,

    • RECON

      Gary, As we say in the car biz…There is an ass for every seat. I paid 10 bucks for this thing,but to pay for 5 years before you even use it…that’s just stupid.Don’t go saying you got scammed…you are just not smart. You sound like the kind of person that buys a car battery and pays an extra 20 bucks to have it charged up before the install. anyone in sales should get this guys e-mail address…Gary wanna buy a bridge ???

    • RECON

      $30.00 for what ? I paid the ten bucks and plugged it in and i like it

    • ladagosta

      why would anyone pay for five years if they knew not what they were paying for in the first place.. if you never used it, why would you? I have purchased things like magic jack and nuwave and I would never buy into it on the first call.. if i use it and find that it is worth the continued thought only then would I consider buying a plan for 5 years. they always offer you a chance before the first year is out and usually at a discounted price .. so that was your first mistake, don’t blame them for jumping in head first.. test the water with your feet and wade never dive in you may find it freezing cold..or worse only 6 inches of water and a concrete lined bottom.. ouch! @@

      • proofed

        That was my initial questions that is how they make the big bucks by deception and folks just willing to take it and not raise hell. A repeat of my story if you want the novel it is 10 bucks more…..lol

        I think you are dead on and thanks for the excellent review. We are always looking for something for nothing and it is a bit like panning for gold, gambling etc., that one day we will hit it. Having said that, I need to tell my own experience with rabbit tv, so far, and that is getting the product on a fair basis, as I do think it is a worthwhile item, but misrepresented in ads (Gee, that’s new!) as something it is probably not. I say that because I have yet to watch one show on it but I will as soon as this is done. MY warning, don’t buy this on a late night toot, when you can’t sleep. I ordered it and talked to a female robot with the keypad of my phone. Expecting to get 2 rabbits (looks like a flash player usb plug in) for a price of 16.95 no p & S, or “handling” (code word for banking free money) I was pleased to receive them in less than a week, so proceeded to rip into the package and plug it in with visions of “no more infinite infinity Comcast bills”. Surprise!, as I was looking for instructions came across the invoice with a charge of $71.16. Huh?? Wait a f**king minute. Called cust. service in New Delhi, argued with them where they offered to knock 10 bucks off the bill. which included 5 years of “service”, a thing I never even heard in the ‘robot conversation of 1 or 2, press now”. At any rate,after many I am “so sorrys” I said give me your GD boss, who reiterated the same story, except he said that I would have to mail it back (trip to post office + 2 bucks+5 bucks gas). I said no I will keep the two you sold me at 16.95 and cancel the 5 year “service” which would save one a dollar per year than YOU refund the balance.I called my credit card company, the BBB, the state attorney, gen., cc’d Obama, and sent Sarah Palin a note. So after blood pressure hit redline, A small voice said (GOD, Buddha, Mo, Is,jehovah, Jesus, Higher Power?) ‘Stop you needn’t browbeat this poor East Indian trying to make a living’, for a 70 dollar scam (this is where they scam you) once they have your CC, they can put any figures up to your cash limit in there. They are relying on the fact, that the excitement of getting a new toy (I am 63 yo) just like at 12 y.o. when you ordered the see through x- ray glasses in the back of the comic books and the disappointment of, ………….well, at least most men will understand that feeling, you will deal with the money later and see if it works. I resisted that temptation, as they give a code that would probably have locked me into the full payment on something they routinely send out RE-LYING on that instant gratification of something new. This is my theory, anyway, so the responsible smuck /sucker I can be at times, I sent it back, cut my losses of postage, time, gas, etc. and as Walmart was right next to the post office, (saw a Utube that said he bought his there), I sucked up my pride -as I hate Walmartians MANAGEMENT because they are SOB’s just like the SOB’s that hatched this marketing scam, and for 9.88+ 9.5%tax I am now the proud owner of a Rabbit, and after 4 hours of BS, upgrades, this, that and the other. will see if my efforts paid off. Now, reader, it is up to you to decide if that sounds like a pleasant time, as my real objective is to get my infinite cable bill to something like what my parents paid for TV air signal, which was 3 maybe 4 stations vs. 500 now, THE COST OF THE ELECTRICITY TO RUN THE EMERSON TV SET. My inclination is to go mow my yard, hike, bike get healthy and shoot this pile of electronic crap with a pound of C4 on July 4th and free myself of the frustration, and, possibly go socialize and meet a few real people who aren’t digitized, DON’T say things they would never say to your face, and coexist with their fellow humans without false attachments that photoshop can give you like perfect teeth, a clear complexion, flawless hair, living on a beach in the far off Pacific Isle of Nirvana, with a perfect family with virtually flawless lives. I THINK WALT DISNEY STARTED ALL THIS AND SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, FANTASYLAND, DAVY CROCKETT, DISNEYLAND, AD INFINTUM. I will try to report back on its actual operable capabilities, but I have a 40 hr work week invested in this damn thing, and I should at least get time and a half. I know Amazon, Microsoft, rabbit hucksters will be watching this closely, and Comcast with real trepidation. I hope. Maybe I will call Comcast and see if I can get my skyrocketing cable bill reduced, or they will throw me a crumb like Encore, or HBO, but that is asking for too much. The upshot to be fair, is the check is in the mail or as the operator at Rabbit, Inc said “it will be 6- 10 days to refund and process the money to your account” but we have received your return. No comment on the letter included with it. Stay tuned, or just stay away from any commercial that says “Wait…….”

  • MeandMe

    If you are looking for a cable replacement try XBMC. It’s free media center software that has add-ons that aggregate content from the web. Examples would be Youtube, Hulu, Vimeo, Grooveshark, Etc. There are hundreds of Add-ons for video, music, etc. Check out xbmchub.com for details and instructions on how to set it up.

  • tiffany carmen

    I simply love my little bunny, this device is incredible. Grandma and
    Granpa love it, (yes they are tech savvy), little joe loves it, and even grumpy uses it every day. Buy one for the whole family. Thanks Wabbit.

  • brad johnston

    I love the promo video… it’s a mac macbok pro however the software they show as the operating system is windows! What joke this product is.

    • tiffany carmen

      i know…i reminds me of the hype of magic jack, along with all the “as seen on TV” products..wouldnt be surprised if one guy is the mastermind of all these flim flams…anything too good to be true…..

      • William

        I got a magic jack and once i got past the install bugs it works great. As far as rabbit tv goes i have spent the better part of the night and the next day just trying to get to the sign up screen. I contacted chat support and chatted with someone who finally told me to download a install file on their web sight and then they ended chat. So i emailed them and again i was told to download the install file which i all ready had and tried to use and i still could not get rabbit tv to work. So back to live chat again and basically the same instructions even though their own install program gave me a file not found error. I tore the package apart but i still got my recept:)

        • ladagosta

          i can second that with magic jack.. well worth the money.. now net duoII is another horse o a different color.. trust me there are lemons with everything manufactured but i am thinking more on the lines of xbmc.. if it is free without malware or spyware or toolbars I will give it a shot first before buying something for 10.00 my mother raised me to be frugal,, and this day and age it pays,. :-)

      • William Roe

        I have had Magic Jack since it came out. I have not had one single problem with it. As for this Rabbit TV and their support system, leaves a lot to be desired!!

      • The Techie

        I hope you enjoyed getting nickel and dimed by them.

        “as seen on TV products” are shams, that’s why I do my research before wasting my hard earned money on worthless stuff.

      • Temperlou

        Magic Jack is great. We had the original then bought the one that plugs into the modem. It has saved us big bucks. We got rid of our land line but used the land line number.

  • really disappointed

    I’m sorry I didn’t read reviews before I wasted my money. Totally worthless. Now I’m worried that they have my name and phone number. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Look it cost 10 bucks, yes you can use hulu..you just have to pay for it. Yes most of the content can be found on the internet…all you have to do is search all over for it. It’s not the holy grail. It gives you a lot less headaches searching for all this content. You WILL get your money out of it. I just got it yesterday and i like it. Right now i am sitting on that sheepskin gel packed as seen on tv seat thing..I LOVE IT,i have 1 for my desk and 1 for my car. IT IS WHAT IT IS..It’s ten bucks and you get a lot of free crap and do not have to go all over the internet to get it

  • Bobalou

    Intel is coming out with a new box for TV. It will be interesting to see what they offer.

    • ladagosta

      yeah i wonder everyone is in the market to make fast money. and gee i wonder why.. with unemployment so high and the cost of living going up upup and away.. so when intel puts their product out there i doubt it will be so inexpensive as this … someone needs to take away the monopoly the cable companies have on the televised industry though really..bundle it up nice and sweet with a low cost ticket.. and sell sell sell..

  • Paul

    I purchased the Rabbit a couple of days ago. I must say I was really curious to see how it worked. I wanted it for live sports mainly the NFL games. on a negative note, I must say that it is not what it says it is. Most of the major market channels are not listed and any games that are listed are games from last year. I was extremely disappointed because thats why I purchased it. On a positive note, I spent 10.00 on the darn thing. For this amount of money it was a no brainer. You get some good options like you would in Netlfix, Hulu and other channels. For the most part you get what you pay for. I’m not mad just disappointed. Over-all worth the 10 bucks.

    • JK

      NFL football hasn’t started yet so maybe that’s why the games you are finding are form last year

    • proofed

      That was fair and objective and how I feel even though the marketing is deceptive, we should know that by now. 10 bucks gets u 2 cups of Star$ overated coffee, or a quarter of a parking space at any sporting event. ;)

  • DB

    How could anything be bad when it costs the same price as couple of jugs of milk or a few happy meals. You pay $10 once a year! If it gives you more than HULU does (hulu is free, not hulu plus), then you’ve already got more. There are many other ways to find programming online, but they don’t give you a programming guide. If you get a programming guide, you’ve just paid some money for the developers time to put that together. How can anyone complain and even have that much to say about something that costs $10 a year.

    • ladagosta

      kudos to you i couldnt have said it better…

    • Mark DeYoung

      Hey DB if I scam 0$ of you say every other week, it wouldn’t be a big deal to you ???? Yeah $10 may not be much but when some company is stealing it from you and has sold it to you under a lie, that can piss you off… and hey $10 x 10 is $100 and that x10 is $1000. So it adds up they know this and even so some of these companies Bank off of this kind of theft. They set up an acct. with a high interest rate, which then will skim off the interest of the amount in its acct Dailey. Never having to touch the money in the acct. and are able to return money to the unsatisfied customers but not after they have made lots of money off of the money they have been holding onto. Common practice for thefts… 1% of a 100,000 is a $1000 that’s easy free money. And in my case I had tried to cancel my order the day I placed it and its been 2 weeks they still have not cancelled it its being shipped to me still and my card was billed, when trying to call customer service they speak very broken English fully they all have American names like Jakob Smith but cant speak English, and when I ask to speak to someone I can understand I have been hung up on.


  • Justin

    endless commercials and total garbage. Save your 10 bucks.

    • ladagosta

      yeah well i am paying 25.00 per month for 20 channels and all i seem to watch is commercial after commercial @@ i think 10.00 a year is far better than 25.00 per month! i am ready to give it a shot.. really once a year over once a month no brain-er..and my magic jack was well worth the 30.00 per year despite other people who cant figure out how to use it..

      • james braselton

        hi there i would pay $30 per month for 3 3d channels

  • Pastor Pete

    Sorry, folks, but it is EXACTLY what it claims it is – namely, a website consolidator. I do not have cable or dish or any of that stuff. My wife enjoys movies, and I got this for her. Could I get everything without paying for it? Sure – but I’d have to FIND it first. My time may not be worth much, but it’s sure worth more than 10 bucks a year! Set up took about a minute, and my wife was watching the History Channel within 5 minutes. The picture is clear and I have NO problems and NO complaints. If it continues as it is, I’ll definitely buy the 5 year plan (for $9.00 per year). Also, I bought it at Walmart and had to pay NO shipping. In my book, this was a GREAT deal!

    • ladagosta

      “thumbs up!”

    • DanC

      Actually, there are free websites that do exactly what this rabbit tv does and you don’t have to pay any money at all like wwitv.com for example. If you use the Chrome browser by Google there are several free apps that consolidates internet tv through a dedicated interface also. I agree it is up to the individual but from what I hear rabbit tv does there are “a lot” of free ways to do the exact same thing including sites and apps that organize everything under one interface. Beware of installing plug-ins to view the various stations for sometimes they come with other unwanted programs added in.

  • kerin gordon


    • proofed

      Hilarious especially that last line!

  • kerin gordon


  • Canada

    Most content not available in Canada. Very disappointed.

  • monica salazar

    i bought one today and i cant get it to work… it gives me errors.. piece of crap and waste of $$

  • Simon says

    Thanks for the comments. I don’t buy that!

  • julian gomez


    • DanC

      Julian, well it is not really deceit. It does allow you to view internet tv. Internet tv is already free however and some folks might mistakenly think they are going to get content that must be paid for by subscription. Yeah, the vendor is relying on people to misunderstand what they are buying but they really state the truth that it is just internet tv and a fair amount of different internet tv channels.

  • T Med

    Yeah we trying to chase a rabbit here.
    anyway to make money is a good way scamming people
    Let’s stop these people from ripping off others

  • Anna

    I bought one today but i havent open it yet first I wanted to see the likes and dislikes,I think im going to return it back well I bought it at walmart.

  • Bob

    I bought one for my wife and I. I usually dont get all worked up over something especially mail order stuff. I was surprisingly amazed how well it works. Yes, you can get all the shows over the internet but its just as easy to plug it in and go without wasting time searching. I think its a great product. I’m more ticked off because it was made in China…why is it that the USA cannot seem to compete with other countries?

  • RT Karle

    Having never seen the ads on TV, I picked one of these up on impulse while shopping in a large retail store. The packaging implies that the buyer would be subscribing to a video entertainment system that would correlate to the Magic Jack for the telephone.

    After trying it, I have to say that the Rabbittv people are engaged in deceptive and misleading advertising at the least and possibly fraudulent trade practices. All they are providing is a listing service, which is not as good as a Google search provides. I am contacting the retailer in an attempt to have this product removed.

  • http://aol phil

    I bought the usb deal in walmart tried to get on but got a bunch of places to go and most cost money. Could not log off because I guess you have to pick something firt. Pulled the usb device out tried again. Psssword did not work asked to be given another and got a whole line of letters and numbers to do it with naturally I made a mistake some where so I didn’t get on what ever happened to keep it simple stupid what a waste of time and money

  • Han Solo

    It probably just a program (program stored on a chip)that is set to run when you plug it in (auto run)and it updates channels from time to time. If the channels are INTERNET CHANNELS then they are just websites that anyone can access and watch programming. I have seen similar “offers” that don’t need a device to plug into your computer to get 1000′s of channels. If you get the free XBMC program you can get almost anything imaginable on the internet. Do you think any company can offer you ESPN, Discovery, Bravo, SCI-FI, and other premium channels LEGALLY for $10.00 a year? IF they offered those channels the owners of those channels would have them shut down in a New York second. Most all channels in offers like this are foreign versions that don’t speak English or are sub-titled. There are usually tons of shopping channels and religious channels and the network channels are local channels that only usually video of the weather. Also why would you need a chip to search the internet for channels when you can Google just as good? Ask them when ordering which channels they pay the media providers to allow you to watch those channels. The answer will be “none”.

  • jerry d

    if you people here want to save some real bucks get yourself an antenna installed and you’ll save money..i had one installed by mr.antenna here in las vegas ,and he hooked up four t.v’s on one antenna ( which you can’t see when you drive by my house )they work perfectly and the picture received is better than cable or dish,it cost me $380.00 to install and is well worth the money…i say screw all these people with their $180.00 a month payment to watch t.v.and i also have netflix running off of my wii and i don’t miss having cable or dish….i get to watch movies when i want to watch them ,not when they want to show them,,,, i only pay $8.00 a month for netfix,and nothing more to watch t.v. ever…………

  • Mark DeYoung

    My Biggest complaint is,After I ordered the product when I had seen the commercial on TV, the woman taking the order and suggesting that I purchase more than the two I had already ordered and give them as gifts, was very pleasant to me.////>>>> But after I placed the order, I went on the internet and researched it more, after hearing and reading all I needed to know and that this product is a big BIG scam….. I called the company up to cancel the order. 855-235-2084 I was told by a gentleman that I will have to call back in 48 hours because the order was not in the system yet…. Then latter that day I was called back by the company and I explained to the man on the phone then that I wanted to cancel the order, he informed me that it would be but to call back in the next day to confirm the order was cancelled, then the next day came I called and spoke to another person they transferred me to a manager then she told me that the order had been cancelled, two days latter I receive a call from the shipping dept automated asking me to confirm my address that my order is being sent out, I left a message on the phone not leaving my address, but telling them that the order has been cancelled do not ship. I call the company back up explain that all of this has gone on and I am very displeased with the company and how it does its business, the response I got was again, Sir try the product out, and I can return it if I don’t like it (((((WTF))))) is wrong with people, I called the cable company to tell them they are advertising a company and its product that are stealing from its customers… they said they have no control over its Advertisers SCARY to know…. And I am filing a complaint with the BBB and notifying law enforcement over this and notifying the public YOU.

    Thank you for listening.
    Mark DeYoung……

  • m.ogle

    My only complaint is if i want to watch live tv,it asks me for my internet provider which is ok,but when it shows the list of providers mine is not on there so it says if its not listed then click here for more providers and it says LOADING but nothing ever loads.I tried for a half hour to load and it wouldnt.This is frustrating

    • The Techie

      m.ogle, that should already told you something.

  • Ammie

    I called on 3/14/13 @ 2:52 PM to order one, just to see what it was. After all was said and done, the girl who had a thick Eastern accent gave me an out rageous total. I told her that is not what I was listening to and not the offer being made!! Not even close! I told her DO NOT PROCESS this order!! I do not want it!!
    Well Friday 3/22/13 I received an email the order was being shipped. Not only does the link from the email not work I had no way to cancel it because they are not open on the weekends! The customer service number is 855-235-2084 (and verified by as seen on tv)
    That is fraud! No other name for it!! I will file a complaint with Bank of America against the company. And send a complaint to the Securities Division of my state (Attorney Generals Department)because it is fraud when a charge has been made without my concent. That is a money handling violation so contact your AG and complain!! They cannot ignore the masses!!

  • John Whitaker

    I purchased one, went about installing, got a warning from my ant-everything program, took the next step anyway and was asked one too many questions (DOB) that raises a red flag. I cancelled and returned it to Walgreens for a refund. When it seems too good to be true…
    I suspect this is a Trojan Horse offered by the government or business to allow unauthorized access to my computer.

    • The Techie

      when it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

      When they start asking questions about everything, they’re just trying to swindle you.

      People nowadays, don’t seem to get that. EVERYTHING sounds too good to be true, and then you get screwed over royally because of it.

      Like the grandparent scam.

      Common sense, is obviously an alien concept for some people.

  • The Techie

    I don’t understand why people don’t do their research before taking dollars out of their wallets. Don’t they realize that scammers and thieves are out there trying to make a quick dollar out of your ignorance and trust. THINK PEOPLE.

  • rick moller

    this device screwed my computer so bad that I had to restore it to before rabbit was installed.I threw it away.

  • Cheryl J

    I picked up the product yesterday for $9.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I own a MacBook Pro and the install was explained in the readme.txt. Easy follow, I just had to install silverlight and that was pretty simple.

    Granted all this product does is gives you point and click links to websites that are already free to view, but honestly, I would of never thought to browse news links in different states and countries.. that’s pretty cool.

    Last night, the VOICE was on tv while I was on rabbit, I went to the link, and not bad, its just a day late. I don’t subscribe to Premium Channels so having access to the mini series on HBO was cool. I cant wait for True Blood! The only thing that I though was missing was a place for favorites.
    Overall, it was cheaper than a plate lunch at a wagon, so I’m ok with this.

  • John

    I saw the commercial and came upon the device that day at Walmart. I had a pretty good idea of what it was, but it was $9, so I bought it. It will not give anyone any problems with setup. All it is is a “gateway” to television shows that are online for anyone to view. USA, TBS,and all of those have some episodes of popular shows that you can get to from their web sites. Its not as if you can watch every season or every show. There are some pay movies, but I would rather just use redbox, or in my case, netflix. Hulu+ is a better place to find you favorites, and rabbit will take you there, but HULU+ is a monthly service, and its not like Rabbit gets you around that fact.

    Its not as if you can actually watch a live television show. Apparently, if you want to wait, it will tell you when an upcoming event is scheduled for live streaming, but I don’t really want to watch golf…….

    It looks like there are lots of things to watch, but in the end, there is nothing you cannot search for yourself. Hard to say don’t buy it, as for $9 will find you some older shows, and others you may want to see, but if that is a bump in your budget, walk away.

    about all I can say on the plus side is, if you want to try it, be sure to use Google Chrome for you web browser. No, I am not a company rep :-) but the adblock addon for Chrome will spare you all the commercials. Maybe the best part of the rabbit is that it made me try Chrome and Chrome lets you watch things like Hulu, and YouTube, blocking the commercials almost in every instance, which is finding out about is practically worth $9 to me :-)

    If you like playing around, want to watch foreign TV, and see what its all about, it will work and do what it says. Just note that it does not know any secret places to find video, or live streaming, it just makes them easier to find with its search and menu system.


    • waffles

      Great review, John!

  • This is soooo cool.

    I love it- it is an organized library. Yes, you can find all of these on your own. Rabbit Tv does not have a magic wand- It did however do all the homework for you. I watch crackle , hulu , youtube. It is all the same. Same shows, yaddah yaddah. I would like to see off the beaten path, AND Colbert and J leno.. Plus some movies. Hulu and Crackle play the same movies at times for over a month.
    This is just a no brainer – plug n play big ass library of movies, REAL time shows same as hulu within a 24 hr time. Radio,.. Just like I said a big ass library you will always have something to watch and listen too. It is like they created a new folder on your comp and named it ‘ENTERTAINMENT’. Nothing to complain about- should be grateful. If you have time to find all these stations on your own , then you need to get outside. This company did us a favor and brilliantly marketed it. Plug n play. Batta Bing Batta boom. It is like the TV you watch in your hotel room- you can choose what you wish to watch – what genre, classic, movies, TV, radio, world tv, midnight tv– it is awesome. I feel I need to order room service in here. All for $9.99- guys, really- what is with all the hate. Show some love.

  • eric

    Lol.. these reviews are more entertaining to watch than the rabbit itself… Lmao.. no i didnt buy one or try it yet.. my friend did and he had a smirk cuz he knew it was a ripoff…sorry.. those who like it will have that positivity wear off after a week or two.. maybe three max… Lol that was a risk making the commercial for em.. but i guess the masses have to get over a clueless phase to smart shopping…

  • CouchCat

    If you bought this thing at The WalMarche, or Walgreens, or anywhere but from Rabid TV, relax. Rabid TV does not have a credit card number to continue to charge you after the contract expires. You can even take it back and get your refund. If you were dumb enough to order it directly from the scammers, good luck cancelling your “agreement”. They will no doubt put you through the ringer before cancelling your contract. And if you bought an “extended plan” or “premium creamy membership” you need to step away from the fone or PC and never use one again because you are a moron. LOL!

    • Anonymous

      Thank God (if he exists) and goodness that I did indeed purchase this little “Piece-of-Sh-t” USB device at Walgreens and NOT direct from TeleBrand(s)!! On Tuesday I’m taking it back to get my $10.75 back.

  • timothy c. fear

    it sucks, sorry i spent the money lol

  • Alicia K Benjamin

    .Please beware. I saw the comercial and wanted this product. I was so happy to see it at WALGREENS. I attempted to set up Rabbitv. On the Very First screen, it asks for you to enter all your info including a username and password. When I got to the zip code Line, my computer went buggy. I couldn’t type a thing. Instead of characters and numbers being entered in the blanks, pop ups appeared for unrelated windows documents. I thought the damn thing CRASHED MY LAPTOP! Well it must have been a little angel saving me the trouble of going any further with it. I shut down my laptop and backed it up, then got on my phone and found this site. Thank you and everyone for commenting. Anyone can watch free programming by enetering URLs. We’ve been doing this for quite awhile. Also, above you mention ROKU: FOLKS IF YOU ARE STILL READING: GET A ROKU BOX. I am a homecare nurse and the people I work for have this. It is a box of bliss. On it they have several ,I’ll call them, networks (?) ; hulu plus , facebook, amazon, netflix, baby first tv…etc. just piont the remote and pick. One more thing about rabbitv: is this a scam to try to collect peoples emails and passwords? I am very uncomfortable with this-changing this password on the other accounts I have used it on

  • Michael Petrillo

    It’s a complete waste of time and money! It will not load on any of my computers and they DO NOT answer their support emails. I put in a request over a month ago, in fact, 2 requests and still not one reply!

  • Irving Martinez

    I agree Rabbit TV is very misleading to consumers and should be investigated by the dept of Consumers Affairs, Rabbit TV is simply a guide like “TV GUIDE”,but the worst of all it is not reliable because it crashes frequently. I believe Rabbit TV was not serious about delivering a reliable product to the consumer. I am very dissapointed on Rabitt TV because one had the opportunity to deliver a better product if only one had taken more time to test “RABBIT TV”

  • Saundra

    It’s a piece of sh-t that doesn’t work for me no matter which browser I use. I enabled cookies, adjusted settings, unplugged it, etc. The person on live chat help was of no use whatsoever. He or she told me to do the stuff I’d already tried. My bf uses his with no problem and loves it. Maybe my PC’s too old. IDK. All I know is it was a gross waste of money for all that cost, S & H and time waiting on it for nothing. I’m sorely disappointed.

  • rename42

    Works fine for me and it was only a lousy $10 in a local store .

  • Tana

    I purchased this product from a CVS store. They sell a lot of “sold on TV” products and their refund policy is a 30 day refund. No questions, no shipping or return fees. So I thought I would give it a try. DO NOT purchase this product. It crashed my computer in the blink of an eye (literally). I have a laptop that Is 1 year old. I work off of my laptop and had not backed it up in a month. (Laziness on my part) So when it crashed my heart fell. I started to cry. I had lost so much work that could not be redone. THANK YOU to McAFEE! My anti-virus did its job. It saved my computer to the last time I shut it off, which was the night before I tried Rabbit TV, so I did not lose any work. BUT, it did load 180 SPYWARE that I had to take off. Lesson Learned. NEVER AGAIN!

    • Howard

      Tana, Thanks for taking the time & effort to save others from going through all that heart ache you went through. I am one that you saved. Thanks. Howard

  • Laura

    Rabbit tv is more trouble than its worth. Most of the links either dont work or take you to a link other than what you wanted. Many links tell you all about the show, but dont let you actually watch it. And if by chance you actually get a show to play, and you close the window, or even pause it more than a few minutes, the entire program freezes up. At that point, the entire computer must be restarted to get back to what you were watching. Not worth the trouble in my opinion.

  • Jackie

    Friend got a virus from it and then about an 2 hours later she received a call from a strange man who said “i can see you” And sure enough her laptop cam. was on and there was no way to turn it off.

  • Jenn

    I love my Rabbit TV! It is amazing, especially when I’m on the go. I really love the classics section. I could never find good quality, full episodes of some of my favorite old shows like “I Love Lucy” and they make it so easy and accessible for me. And now I can even get it on my smartphone. I just downloaded the android app from my Google play store! I didn’t read any of these reviews before I purchased it and I’m glad I didn’t or I wouldn’t have bought it. Honestly it’s really sad when people who do not research things properly want to take out their aggression on the product because it “isn’t what they thought.” This thing is definitely worth $10 A YEAR! That’s less than a buck a month for them to filter everything for you and organize it so you just pick what you wanna watch, and go! I would highly recommend this product to anyone and it makes a really good (and inexpensive) gift!

  • waffles

    Thank you for your helpful comment. We are also checking out ROKU and will probably post something here on it in the future.

  • Linda

    Thanks, this was very helpful and I won’t be spending my money on this product.


    KBroz In NO WAY would this replace your tv. Only a fool would think that. It is what it is…what do you want for 10 bucks ??? My time to search for all the content on the internet is worth WAY more then the 10 bucks i paid for it. You are pissed off because you were dumb enough to think you could replace your TVs with this. Don’t talk about how bad it is…talk about how dumb you are to think it would replace your TVs. Its 10 bucks…..You go ahead and search for everything that this little thing does. As for me…its the best 10 bucks i thing i have ever spent

  • ron

    You are correct “Rabbit TV ” is NOT worth crap. I called and spoke to some man that I could NOT understand when I asked to speak to someone else he refused. The bottom line I got screwed without enjoying it.

  • AC

    My friend and I also purchased these and were pleasantly surprised. The interface is really easy and it has a ton of channels and live TV. Order process went without a hitch. For 10 bux it is definitely worth it. So trust ME – you will NOT be disappointed.


    I bought 1 yesterday…I like it..I guess you cant be trusted. I bet you bought it called up your cable company and said TO HELL WITH YOU..I spent 10 bucks and the world is mine hahaha.

  • tommy

    you r right this nothing but a scam one word [bs]

  • sandra

    I agree, don’t waste your money because it don’t work. I had problems login in, when I finally got logged in it kept logging me out then i could not log in again. Not many channels you can go to the sites yourself, what a joke, but the joke is on them because I called the same day I ordered them to cancel due to the bad reviews, but they sent them anyway I already had canceled my credit card so they could not try to charge me anyway, well I got them in the mail today and I just tried them out and they are a piece of shit and Iam throwing them in the trash because they wasn’t suppose to send them anyway. DON’T BUY.

  • Wellergen

    Yes. 100% I agree. They have set up a call center in India and there the staff has no clue what is happening at this end of the world. DO NOT EVER ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

  • timothy c. fear

    thats right,,, very disappointing . first they only show you snipits of good shows , and if you view the whole show every few sec your hit with commercales long ones…it truly sucks…

  • William Roe

    How did you find a number to call to talk with someone about problems ? I have a ticket number and was told someone would contact me . NO HELP received. Is this product a rip-off

  • william Roe

    After wasting two entire days on on-line chat, and following instructions given by two customer care reps and a top tech rep., with NO RESULTS I decided to chock the $10.00 up as a total waste and discard the device. Save your money and wait for a more proven product that has a free phone number to call for help.

  • Ammie

    Definite a Rip Off! And the price isn’t close to the advertisement I was watching. CS # is 855-235-2084 Closed on Sundays

  • ACIty

    Hello, I bought this device, I didnt received what they promissed but for $10, I found the channels, stations or sites I never heard about it, Now I can watch them when I want it with or with out the rabbit device.

  • NotAC

    Hey AC!I mean Rabbit Tv rep..You are a scam artisit!

  • DanC

    It is your wrong opinion that folks will not be disappointed. If one is OK with paying money for what they can get for free then you are right. If you want to watch foreign free stations like me because I was a French major you might find some benefit and enjoy this. Most of this is foreign or religious tv or news or local access type stuff that is free over the internet anyhow. If that is what you want organized by an outside source so you can access it through a common interface then you will think this is great.

  • Mike

    I’ve had ROKU for about 2 years now. Love it. Tons of free channels. Tons of subscription channels. Well worth it.

  • waffles

    Can you elaborate on your specific situation?

  • DPX

    You’re are idiot. Do you know how to take the caps lock off?
    Do you know how to express yourself without retreating to volumes of profanity?
    This proves only one thing, there is not substance to your rant.

  • Kevin

    Make sure you cancel the service or they will recur the billing.

  • Irving Martinez

    I agree Rabbit TV is very misleading to consumers and should be investigated by the dept of Consumers Affairs, Rabbit TV is simply a guide like “TV GUIDE”,but the worst of all it is not reliable because it crashes frequently. I believe Rabbit TV was not serious about delivering a reliable product to the consumer. I am very dissapointed on Rabitt TV because one had the opportunity to deliver a better product if only one had taken more time to test “RABBIT TV” it conducted more testing on their product.