Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Reviews

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Reviews

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is ceramic cookware which allows you to cook dishes in a matter of minutes. Read our Stone Wave Microwave Cooker reviews from editors and readers.

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About Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Stone Wave is a microwave-only cooking pot which is designed to cook dishes evenly and quickly. It has been advertising on television since 2013 and can now be found in stores such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


The official website is, which was registered on December 31, 2011. We also spotted being used advertised briefly in early 2013, but that domain now forwards to the current official website. We first spotted ads for the product in March 2013.

How much does Stone Wave cost?

The Stone Wave costs $10 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total of $16.99. You can get a second Stone Wave cooker for another $6.99 shipping, for a total of $23.98. The Stone Wave also comes with a 5-minute recipe book and instruction sheet. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, minus shipping and handling.

You can find it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about $10. In May 2014, a Stone Wave was spotted in the clearance section of a Ross store for about $5.


Our Stone Wave Review

Below are some key points we noted during our tests of the Stone Wave cooker.

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  • Shipping. We were pleased that our Stone Wave arrived in just over two weeks, which was faster than the 3 to 6 week window. 
  • Size. Although the Stone Wave looks small on TV, it seems even smaller in person, at just 4.5 inches in diameter. That is about the size of the smallest pot in most cookware sets. This is perhaps the biggest drawback, as it only seems large enough to make a dish for one person. The solution, according to the commercials, appears to be to purchase multiple Stone Waves.
  • Non-Stick Surface. Although Stone Wave’s surface is advertised as non-stick, some dishes (such as eggs) did stick. We found it relatively easy to clean when food did stick.
  • Handle. Although the website claims that the hollow handle is cool to the touch after cooking, we found it to be warm when taken immediately out of the microwave on longer cooking jobs. The instruction sheet does point out that “the handle could get warm.” The handle does not get warm on shorter cooking times.
  • Microwave only. Stone Wave is not recommended for stove-top or oven use, which limits its capabilities and is a slight disappointment. A multi-purpose Stone Wave would probably have a broader appeal.
  • Chimney. There is a “specially-designed chimney” which allows steam to escape during the cooking process. This is a key to making the Stone Wave work, but it isn’t really a new concept, as frozen dinners for years have included directions to peel back the corner of the film covering allowing steam to escape.
  • Domed Lid. The website states that the “custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into every bite!” While a domed lid is desirable in the cooking process, this is not a new design or concept. Domed lids have been a mainstay in cookware for decades. Unlike the handle, the lid does get rather warm and the instructions note that “it is always recommended to use potholders.”
  • Butter. The advertisements claim that you can cook without butter or oils, which is true of any non-stick cookware. Ironically, the onion recipe shown in the television ad calls for butter, just seconds after stating that butter isn’t necessary. Though these are two different uses of butter, it could be confusing to some.

Unpacking Video

We created this short video to show the unpacking of a new Stone Wave Microwave Cooker. This will give you the idea of what is included in the box should you decide to purchase this product.

Stone Wave Egg Omelet Video

We followed the instructions in the recipe booklet to create a two-egg omelet, as seen in the video below. We were satisfied with the performance of the Stone Wave using this recipe.

A skeptic’s note:

One of our testers (a self-proclaimed DIY type) claimed that he could duplicate the effect of Stone Wave with a ceramic bowl covered by a paper plate with a hole in the center. If you’re a DIY-type, you may want to give this a try.

Stone Wave Television Commercial

There are currently a couple of television ads showing for the Stone Wave cooker. Below appears to be an early commercial which is no longer running on the official website.

Below is a transcript of a the commercial running on the official Stone Wave website. It is different than the commercial above:

Do you love fluffy cheese omelets, scrumptious baked apple desserts, savory French onion soup, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate souffle? Now you can make delicious gourmet food in minutes right in your microwave with Stone Wave, the new microwave cooking miracle. Look – slice an apple, add cinnamon, sugar, and butter and cook for three minutes in the microwave. It smells like homemade apple pie. Top with ice cream for a delectable dessert. Watch this: core a sweet onion, add butter and a bullion cube. Pop it in the microwave for four minutes and you won’t believe the heavenly aroma. Cut it up for tasty toppings or a French onion soup bursting with flavor. The secret is this specially-designed chimney that allows steam to escape while the custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into food. Best of all, the ceramic surface is non-stick. No need for butter, fats, or oil so it’s the best way ever to make eggs. Simply place it in the microwave for one minute for a perfect fluffy omelet. Sprinkle some cheese, then just cover for a few seconds, and look – it melts like magic. This microwave fits four Stone Waves so you can make custom omelets in the microwave for the whole family. Poached eggs are great, but what a pain to make. Just pop an egg into Stone Wave and in just one minute you’ve got a smooth, velvety, perfect poached egg. It’s all right here in the Stone Wave recipe book. All recipes in five minutes or less. So quick and easy anyone can cook like a pro. You can even make a chocolate souffle just like the restaurants in only five minutes for just fifty cents and yes, right in your microwave. So decadently delicious you’ll be amazed. You get the amazing Stone Wave, made of ceramic stoneware with a special hollow handle that stays cool enough to hold, plus all the recipes. An incredible value for just $10. But call now and you can double your order. That’s two for the price of one. Call or click now and find out about free shipping.

Alternatives to Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Around June 2014, a similar product hit the shelves of As Seen on TV stores. This product is called the Micro Chimney Cooker, and looks quite similar to the Stone Wave. We found it for $12.99, and initial tests of the product were remarkably similar to the Stone Wave. Notable differences were that the non-stick surface of this newer product seemed superior, but removal of the chimney top was difficult with or without an oven mitt.  Below is a photo of the Micro Chimney Cooker:



Bottom Line

The Stone Wave microwave cooker will likely have mixed reviews in the long run. Its drawbacks include size, price, and a microwave-only design. Those who don’t find these to be problematic will likely be pleased with the product. 

Your Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Reviews

Have you used the Stone Wave microwave cooker? Let us hear from you in the comments below.


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  • Marcia

    My husband and I love the Stone Wave. We cook our eggs in it every day. I have had no trouble with eggs sticking. Sometimes I have to soak it for a second but usually it comes our great. We have had our eggs pop and today it almost blew the lid off. We didn’t do anything different that we usually do . Anyone know why that happened?

  • BC Carter

    I ordered 2 Deluxe Size but found out later that the 2 received were the regular size. I have searched and cannot find any information published on the Deluxe Size. Only know that during placing the order that the Deluxe Size was offered at $14.95 and I ordered that. Where can I get a Deluxe Size? Is there really such a thing?

  • Grace

    As mentioned previously you can purchase at Walmart and CVS for $10.00. Love it, have two. Today I used southwest egg beaters to make an omelet, for lunch some yummy french onion soup and chocolate souffle for dessert after supper. Steamed vegetable recipe is good and so is the apple crisp.Helps with portion control too!

  • Rachel

    So I have seen pictures showing you can use 4 stonewaves at the same time for something like customizing Omelets. If you do that, does the timing change?? Would love to hear more about the rice!! Will start experimenting and report back if I don’t hear anything.

  • Len Glaviano

    I Purchased a stone ware cooker some time ago but I misplaced or lost the recipe booklet. Can I purchase another one or is it available on line?
    Thank You, Len Glaviano

  • Ron Dressler

    You can also purchase at WalMart and Wallgreens. Love ours, tried cooking 3 eggs in it, the eggs raise the lid and the cooking time increases, but still comes out awesome.

    I would love to know if you could find a larger size, cooking for two and while we could purchase another one we don’t have a lot of storage space.

    Great product!

  • Michelle

    We are really enjoying our set of two. But for a family of five, we, of course, need more. I’m glad to hear it is available at BB&B so I can pick up more.

  • Maggie

    I bought this locally (Walgreens) to try it, not for the recipes, but for heating lunch at work. Whenever I’d heat soup in the microwave, the bowl got very hot and you had to stop and stir frequently. (same thing with heating nacho cheese or anything like that) So the idea of the domed lid making everything heat evenly and the cool handle seemed like a great idea. As it turned out, it worked great!!!! I’ve heated soup, chili, left over spaghetti, all with great results. I’d like a bigger one so you could fit the entire can of soup in it, but then again, it is good for portion control. I really love this for heating leftovers!! But now after reading these reviews, I am curious about the lead/harmful chemicals issue. Any news on that?

  • Elizabeth

    Made in China. Just wondering if any testing to see if the product is safe from harmful chemicals in the product. So many products(ex,jewelry, dog food, etc.) from China have been found unsafe and warnings have been issued to get rid of product.

  • Cindi Smith

    My husband purchased the stoneware cooker for the microwave and I use it all the time. It works great and we love it!

  • Nancy

    You can down load the book from their Facebook page.

  • Aris

    I just bought this 5 days ago at Bed Bath & Beyond and used a coupon. I LOVE it. The minute I left BB&B I went to the grocery store and bought a large white onion. I read the recipe book, followed the directions and made the BEST cooked onion I ever had. I have used it every day since and thought up my own recipe, too. I have posted it on the Stone Wave website. Next stop: BB&B to buy one for my sister.

  • Jo

    Are there more recipes available?

    • waffles

      Last we checked, their Facebook page had several users posting recipes.

  • Dakota

    I just bought the stonewave at walmart for $10 instead of paying an extra $6.99 for S&H and that was great. I have tried the poached eggs and the yolk was far to hard, I enjoy a soft yolk, oes anyone know how i can fix this problem. As for the non-stick part, it does stick, and I followed the recipe perfectly, though if you add non- stick cooking spray it eliminates the problem. If you would like more recipes go to the wordpress website dedicated to that. It works almost perfect and it cooks for two great. I would recommend to anyone who has a limited amount of time.

    • Josef Paul

      You can fix the problem of hard yolk by using the power button on your microwave. Usually the power button will have settings from 1 to 9. Each number represents 100 watts or 10 % of max power. Example: if you have a 1000 watt microwave, when you hit the start button on the default setting you are heating at your max power of 1000 watts so when you want to poach an egg say 1 minute your yolk gets hard because you are at max power. Try this, set your timer to 2 minutes instead of 1 and set your power level to 5 or 6. This should do it. You may need to experiment a little with the power level on your microwave but just remember each number on your power level is a 10% reduction in power. Lower power longer cook time but even cooking. Not blast cooking.

  • Mike

    I found out that if you buy the stone wave at CVS you can save yourself the shipping & handling. The price for the stone wave is $9.95.

  • Tina

    I tried the poached eggs worked
    I tried chocolate soufflé turned out doable
    Need to mention though so time constraints if you have an older microwave[mine is old] the ch.soufflé took approximately 3 and 1/4 min.
    Need more recipes ???

    • Nikki

      Weren’t you supposed to do that over a month ago…

      • waffles

        We did try rice but the consensus here is that we haven’t really perfected it. So far the best we’ve come up with is using 1/4 cup of instant rice and 1/4 cup of water for about 4 minutes.

  • Just sayin

    Walmart sells these. $10 each. So for the cost of 2 with shipping through company it was $25. The same 2 through walmart $20. Wait for 2-3 weeks or save $5 with no wait. No brainer. Enjoy.

  • Nancy

    It’s also good for steaming veggies, green beans, zucchini, peas, carrots, etc. Just slice and fill the dish, put a little water just to cover the bottom, place the lid and microwave for 2 – 3 mins. Add a little butter, olive oil, salt, or pepper to taste.

  • waffles

    We’ll look forward to hearing how it goes.

  • Me

    You mention that because the surface is “non-stick” one shouldn’t use a fork in it (or something like that). Well, it is not teflon, silly…they are just saying that it’s a surface that won’t stick because it’s ceramic — not that same at all as teflon, which is the surface you are thinking of that shouldn’t have metal used on it.

    • waffles

      You are correct that it is not teflon, but the Stone Wave surface can be scratched by metal utensils, as we have experienced first-hand.

  • Sweetness

    Most rice have the recipe for microwaving rice. Try using the package’s direction. If it’s 0nne rice to two cup ratio, break it down to fit your pot. Like 1/8 cp rice,1/2 cp water ratio. If it works try 1/2 cp rice to one cup water.

  • Ken

    John, when you get the eggs figured out, let us know. I’m still trying to figure out how to keep the yokes runny. Love the product, tho. I’m in.

  • John

    I purchase the Stone Wave and am very pleased with it. It will cook anything you can fit in it. As for the eggs, it may take a try or two to get it right as wattage in microwave ovens varies. I’ve made spaghetti as well as sausage. I pulled the skin off a chicken thigh, and covered the thigh with Shake N Bake and it cooked to perfection in 2 1/2 minutes. I give this an A+ rating.

  • leslie

    I just saw that my 2nd and 4th questions are nearly the same. Sorry. Anyway, thanks for your help.

  • leslie

    First, thanks for doing this! It’s great to be able to read someone else’s experiments rather than spend $$ and be disappointed. I’m on disability and every penny counts, but things being easy is important too.
    I’m confused about 5 things:
    1) Can you cook rice in it, and if so what are the directions for BROWN rice?
    2)How many eggs can you put in the larger one?
    3)Is the larger one available at bed, bath and beyond?
    4)How many eggs, how much rice can you put in the larger one?
    5)I have heard that stoneware in general can have lead in it and be unhealthy unless it’s made without lead. Do you know what the situation is with this thing?
    Please email me if you get any answers, ok?
    I’m sorry if I’m asking too much, but I’m delighted there are folks who like to share their experiences!

  • Zoe

    Thank you guys for the review. It was extremely helpful to me! Especially the video! And thank you everyone who already tried it! I have made poached eggs in the microwave before, so I am aware of some sticking to the product. It’s hard not to get that with eggs. But this initially sounds great to use with small things in a hurry, or if I’m being just plain lazy. I’m not going to cook all meals in it lol. I will definitely purchase this on Amazon!

  • waffles

    Thanks for letting us know of your experience!

  • DarksideHalo

    I initially ordered (online) the “Deluxe”, larger option, but had some probs with that order.
    Tried testing the online order process again, and because of the confusing setup, ended up ordering ANOTHER one.
    First phone cust serv was HORRIBLE; could tell he barely spoke English, and was going off a script.
    Second call, got someone that was informed and very helpful! Extra order was canceled, and confirmed I only wanted 1 (ONE!) of the larger, “Deluxe” Stone Waves.
    When the shipment arrived, the packaging invoice stated “1 (one) Stone Wave Deluxe”, but the actual package included 2 (TWO!) regular-sized Stone Waves.
    Based on the invoice and my CC charge, I was actually charged LESS than I would have had to pay for the single regular Stone Wave plus the second with extra S/H.
    So, I didn’t get EXACTLY what I wanted… but I made out better for their mistake.
    Getting a BETTER deal from a late-night TV offer’s mistake is rare, so I’m reveling in this. 😀

  • Ken

    Bought mine at Grocery Outlet for $7.99. Works great. Still trying to get the timing down for poached eggs as I like my yokes really soft. Any hints? Will check their FB page for other recipes but if you of you find a nice site/blog with some, please let us know.

  • Honey

    Also lost the recipe booklet – can anyone assist me?

  • RM

    Well I’ve tried a couple of their recipes from the booklet that comes with it, the omelette – never again, going back to the skillet on the stove method. Did try the baked onion trick and that turned out really good for sautéed onions, I will use this one again.

  • Karen Louise

    Stephen, would you be willing to scan the cookbook and message it to me? Easiest way might be on facebook or ebay. I am golf_in_az on ebay.

  • Karen Louise

    I bought these and like the way they work on eggs. However I lost the 4 page recipe book. Does anyone have it or know where I can get it on the web?

  • Jim

    I am a recent widower who left all cooking chores to my wife. When I saw a TV commercial for the stonewave I was intrigued and thought this would simplify my food preparation. I ordered a pair of cookers from the stoneware web site. As noted by a reviewer, I was led through a series of upgrades and I finally upgraded to four cookers. Six stonewave cookers arrived within a week. I blame myself for not carefully reviewing the final order and will give two cookers as a gift in the near future.

    I have prepared egg omelet, apple crisp and the chocolate soufflé. I plan to do poached eggs, candied carrots and healthier items in the near future. The recipes were easy to follow, the results were satisfactory. I have a very old microwave and will need to learn the best cooking times for my oven. I found the portions from each recipe to be large. The chocolate soufflé was about the size of three cupcakes and I saved half for a later time. I could also have gotten two servings from the egg omelet.

    The ovens clean easily, there was chocolate soufflé residue on the bottom of the oven; but, it was easily wiped clean with a dishcloth.

    The instructions said the handle might be warm to the touch and the chimney will be hot and that was the case for all the recipes I tried. I am pleased with this oven and will recommend it.

  • leslie jaye

    I found this review to be very helpful. I appreciate the details.
    I will go to BBandB to buy one.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Donna

    Seems that customer services for most places I have called lately barely speak English. Wait, somebody call DHS :/

  • waffles

    We will attempt this soon and report back.

  • Donald R

    I found the order process misleading and confusing. Beware! when ordering. They ended up billing me twice saying I’ll be getting another set delivered today or tomorrow. It’s a hassle ordering from them and they hook you into their upselling big-time.

    • W D

      Had serious issues trying to order today. Could not recognize my zip code…..WOW!!! I’ll go to BB&B and I can examine before I buy. Site is very confusing and scary IMHO.

  • David M

    I loved this review. Was easy to understand, and was just the type of information I was looking for. Thanks.
    David M.
    San Francisco, CA

  • autumnred

    We found it to fix the eggs perfect. The poached eggs were perfect, scrambled were fluffy. The stonewave cleaned up easy with no spray used. The handle has not been hot, and barely warm to the touch.

  • SlappyChop

    It is apparent that Stacy and Robin have vested interest in the product or company and I find that irrelevant and irresponsible to read their responses.
    I ALWAYS scour for reviews before purchasing a product and product reviews should contain ALL sides. I see nothing negative regarding the review of waffles.
    Before I purchase this product I wish to know if eggs stick to any part of the dish, making it difficult to clean. That would be my main goal in purchasing this product.
    Do eggs stick or slide out easily (w/o using cooking spray)?

  • Bella

    I found this review to be very helpful. I appreciate that it is so thorough; the fact that it describes minor or potential issues in such detail reassures me that is both fair and well-considered (if it just said everything was wonderful I would look for another review!). 🙂

    • waffles

      Thanks Bella – we do try to look for pros and cons, even in products we like.

  • Stacy

    I agree with Robin. It never stated it was a multipurpose product. It specifically focuses on microwave use only and it may not be a “new” invention it is the best of it’s kind and perfect for one person. Which is their audience not a whole family. It also shows in the commercial that four can fit in a microwave so obviously it is not going to be big. It’s the perfect size to me because that way it also controls portion sizes which is a huge problem in America. If you want to make more, just make another dish; it only takes five minutes supposedly. It is also not like people are going to be scraping their forks and utensils on the edges and bottoms of the product to purposely scrape them many non-stick products have been scraped multiple times and still work beautifully. Also, the handle is obviously going to be a bit warm right when you take it out of the microwave it is impossible to keep it completely cool. I feel like this review’s goal was to completely ridicule the product and they looked for any way possible to focus on it in a negative light and none of the points are really valid so this review was honestly horrible. Just an opinion.

    • waffles

      Pointing out potential issues that some people may have with a product is not ridicule, nor was ridicule intended. We do, however, refer to the advertising in the review because this is how most people initially learn about the product. The review above stated that “those who don’t find these (issues) to be problematic will likely be pleased with the product.” It sounds like you are one of those people, and that is wonderful.

      Regarding the handle: Their website refers to the handle as a “cooling handle” and the commercial states that it is “cool enough to hold.” The use of the word “cool” could lead some to believe the handle does not get hot at all. We felt it worth pointing out that it does in fact get warm.

      • waffles

        Unfortunately our sarcasm flew over the heads of some commenters, so we have clarified the butter (pun intended).

    • Gail Helms

      Thank you for your thorough review. I am reading reviews before I purchase this product. I find your review to cover any questions I have and I’m going to buy this for my own use.

  • Robin

    When I saw the commercial I understood it to be a microwave only product especially since it didn’t say anything about being a multipurpose product. I also believe the reason the onion recipe calls for butter is not for the non stick purpose but to give the onion itself some flavor and juices to saute in. I’ve never known an onion to saute itself without butter or oil. I’m sure you meant well but I think with these two issues you might have thought too deeply into the meaning of the description.

    • linder

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      • Jackie

        I agree with Robin, the butter in the onion soup recipe is to give it the flavor of the sauté onion which is the way to make French Onion soup the old-fashioned way. That said, I found the finished product to be absolutely delicious! I have tried various recipes which all come out the way they are described. The omelet, however, is more like an Italian Frittata. But if you experiment like I did, I now can make scrambled eggs in the stonewave cooker. I simply scramble 2 large eggs, pour in cooker & put on lid, microwave 50 seconds and pull out and rescramble eggs for 30 secs (there is still liquid under the cooked eggs), add cheese or don’t add cheese, replace lid and cook for 15 secs. Remove lid immediately and you have scrambled eggs with or w/out cheese! I am delighted with the deluxe stonewave set I bought. Well worth the money and in fact, I am going to order another set so I can share some nice low calories meals with family and friends!


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