Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Reviews

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Reviews

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is ceramic cookware which allows you to cook dishes in a matter of minutes. Read our Stone Wave Microwave Cooker reviews from editors and readers.

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About Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Stone Wave is a microwave-only cooking pot which is designed to cook dishes evenly and quickly. It has been advertising on television since 2013 and can now be found in stores such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


The official website is, which was registered on December 31, 2011. We also spotted being used advertised briefly in early 2013, but that domain now forwards to the current official website. We first spotted ads for the product in March 2013.

How much does Stone Wave cost?

The Stone Wave costs $10 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total of $16.99. You can get a second Stone Wave cooker for another $6.99 shipping, for a total of $23.98. The Stone Wave also comes with a 5-minute recipe book and instruction sheet. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, minus shipping and handling.

You can find it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about $10. In May 2014, a Stone Wave was spotted in the clearance section of a Ross store for about $5.


Our Stone Wave Review

Below are some key points we noted during our tests of the Stone Wave cooker.

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  • Shipping. We were pleased that our Stone Wave arrived in just over two weeks, which was faster than the 3 to 6 week window. 
  • Size. Although the Stone Wave looks small on TV, it seems even smaller in person, at just 4.5 inches in diameter. That is about the size of the smallest pot in most cookware sets. This is perhaps the biggest drawback, as it only seems large enough to make a dish for one person. The solution, according to the commercials, appears to be to purchase multiple Stone Waves.
  • Non-Stick Surface. Although Stone Wave’s surface is advertised as non-stick, some dishes (such as eggs) did stick. We found it relatively easy to clean when food did stick.
  • Handle. Although the website claims that the hollow handle is cool to the touch after cooking, we found it to be warm when taken immediately out of the microwave on longer cooking jobs. The instruction sheet does point out that “the handle could get warm.” The handle does not get warm on shorter cooking times.
  • Microwave only. Stone Wave is not recommended for stove-top or oven use, which limits its capabilities and is a slight disappointment. A multi-purpose Stone Wave would probably have a broader appeal.
  • Chimney. There is a “specially-designed chimney” which allows steam to escape during the cooking process. This is a key to making the Stone Wave work, but it isn’t really a new concept, as frozen dinners for years have included directions to peel back the corner of the film covering allowing steam to escape.
  • Domed Lid. The website states that the “custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into every bite!” While a domed lid is desirable in the cooking process, this is not a new design or concept. Domed lids have been a mainstay in cookware for decades. Unlike the handle, the lid does get rather warm and the instructions note that “it is always recommended to use potholders.”
  • Butter. The advertisements claim that you can cook without butter or oils, which is true of any non-stick cookware. Ironically, the onion recipe shown in the television ad calls for butter, just seconds after stating that butter isn’t necessary. Though these are two different uses of butter, it could be confusing to some.

Unpacking Video

We created this short video to show the unpacking of a new Stone Wave Microwave Cooker. This will give you the idea of what is included in the box should you decide to purchase this product.

Stone Wave Egg Omelet Video

We followed the instructions in the recipe booklet to create a two-egg omelet, as seen in the video below. We were satisfied with the performance of the Stone Wave using this recipe.

A skeptic’s note:

One of our testers (a self-proclaimed DIY type) claimed that he could duplicate the effect of Stone Wave with a ceramic bowl covered by a paper plate with a hole in the center. If you’re a DIY-type, you may want to give this a try.

Stone Wave Television Commercial

There are currently a couple of television ads showing for the Stone Wave cooker. Below appears to be an early commercial which is no longer running on the official website.

Below is a transcript of a the commercial running on the official Stone Wave website. It is different than the commercial above:

Do you love fluffy cheese omelets, scrumptious baked apple desserts, savory French onion soup, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate souffle? Now you can make delicious gourmet food in minutes right in your microwave with Stone Wave, the new microwave cooking miracle. Look – slice an apple, add cinnamon, sugar, and butter and cook for three minutes in the microwave. It smells like homemade apple pie. Top with ice cream for a delectable dessert. Watch this: core a sweet onion, add butter and a bullion cube. Pop it in the microwave for four minutes and you won’t believe the heavenly aroma. Cut it up for tasty toppings or a French onion soup bursting with flavor. The secret is this specially-designed chimney that allows steam to escape while the custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into food. Best of all, the ceramic surface is non-stick. No need for butter, fats, or oil so it’s the best way ever to make eggs. Simply place it in the microwave for one minute for a perfect fluffy omelet. Sprinkle some cheese, then just cover for a few seconds, and look – it melts like magic. This microwave fits four Stone Waves so you can make custom omelets in the microwave for the whole family. Poached eggs are great, but what a pain to make. Just pop an egg into Stone Wave and in just one minute you’ve got a smooth, velvety, perfect poached egg. It’s all right here in the Stone Wave recipe book. All recipes in five minutes or less. So quick and easy anyone can cook like a pro. You can even make a chocolate souffle just like the restaurants in only five minutes for just fifty cents and yes, right in your microwave. So decadently delicious you’ll be amazed. You get the amazing Stone Wave, made of ceramic stoneware with a special hollow handle that stays cool enough to hold, plus all the recipes. An incredible value for just $10. But call now and you can double your order. That’s two for the price of one. Call or click now and find out about free shipping.

Alternatives to Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Around June 2014, a similar product hit the shelves of As Seen on TV stores. This product is called the Micro Chimney Cooker, and looks quite similar to the Stone Wave. We found it for $12.99, and initial tests of the product were remarkably similar to the Stone Wave. Notable differences were that the non-stick surface of this newer product seemed superior, but removal of the chimney top was difficult with or without an oven mitt.  Below is a photo of the Micro Chimney Cooker:



Bottom Line

The Stone Wave microwave cooker will likely have mixed reviews in the long run. Its drawbacks include size, price, and a microwave-only design. Those who don’t find these to be problematic will likely be pleased with the product. 

Your Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Reviews

Have you used the Stone Wave microwave cooker? Let us hear from you in the comments below.


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