Telemarketer Review: Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation

Did you receive a call claiming to be from Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation? Today we’ll take a look at this organization and telemarketing calls on their behalf.

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The number that called us was 877-218-8360.

Because the caller lacked professionalism, we decided to contact Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation directly to ask them if this number was legitimate. We sent the following message to them:

I received a call claiming to be from your organization. It called from 877-218-8360. It did not sound like a legitimate call to me. Can you confirm if this number called on behalf of Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation?

A couple of days later we received a response from the, which stated:

Yes, this is a call from the team that solicits donations on our behalf. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Telemarketing Firms
So 877-218-8360 is someone calling on the behalf of Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation. Bloomberg posted an extensive article in 2012 in which they reported that telemarketers calling on behalf of charities keep as much as 85% of the donations. Even more damning is this WXYZ investigative report from 2011 in which the telemarketers calling on behalf of Children’s Cancer Recovery was listed as Associated Community Services, and described as a “boiler room” which kept all but a “small fraction” of funds collected. One of the rebuttals in their sales pitch was reported to be:

“These children are fighting for their lives. Rather than skipping the kids in this campaign, I’ll keep you involved with our smallest card for $10. I’m sure you can squeeze that in for the children right?!”

The Associated Community Services website indeed lists a testimonial from Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation founder and CEO Greg Anderson:
“Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation needed to both expand and upgrade its donor base. We turned to the \n team at Associated Community \n Services. In just over a year they added 100,000 new donors. We are now poised for further growth.”

According to their website, “Cancer Recovery Foundation International (CRFI) is a group of global affiliated charities, founded by “The Wellness Authority” Greg Anderson in 1984.” Their purpose is to  assist  “children under age 18 and their families who are facing the hardships of a cancer diagnosis.”

You can view a full report of this charity here. It is interesting to look at that page and read the reviews, which are overwhelmingly negative based solely on the telemarketers calling on the behalf of the charity. Though it is unclear if Associated Community Services is still the telemarketing firm used by Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation, the website is no longer working as of November 2014., was registered in August of 2009.

Bottom Line
If you receive a call from 877-218-8360, it is a telemarketer calling on the behalf of Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation. Always keep in mind that numbers can always be spoofed, too. If you would like to donate to this – or any – charity, we recommend contacting them directly, rather than going through a telemarketer who will keep a portion of the funds donated.
Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation contact info:

6380 Flank Drive, Suite 400
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Toll Free Phone: 800-238-6479
Local Phone: 717-545-7600

Their website also has a phone number removal form, found here.

Your Turn
Have you received a call from 877-218-8360 soliciting donations on behalf of this charity? Tell us about your experience.

Revised November 18, 2014

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154 Comments on Telemarketer Review: Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation

  1. Teresa Smith // March 15, 2015 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    I found a pledge letter in my mothers mail. We pay for her phone number to be unlisted and they still got it. I called and left a message with their number that she is 82 years old and does not understand or comprehend such things. I will report them to the bbb for elderly solicitation but doubt it will do any good. Anything from them will continue to be thrown in the trash.

  2. I have received 10 calls since 2/11, including last night (a Sunday evening). I too am on the DNC list. I just went on the website to advise them to remove my number, since telling them on the phone doesn’t work and the “Voice mail box is full.” We will see what happens.

  3. I have received 6 calls from this “charity” over the last 3 years. During the first call, I pointed out that my number was on the DNC list and asked to be added to their internal DNC list (this is the only way to wipe out the special exemption charities get under the TCPA law).

    After a call this month, I contacted Greg Anderson directly to find out why the calls are still occuring. I received 2 rather long-winded denials from him. Essentially, he doesn’t feel that a call asking for a donation meets the definition of a sales call under the FTC rules, and he claims that my initial request to be added to their internal DNC list is a lie.

    So, not only is he apparently unable to tell the truth about his organization’s purpose (enriching his family and business partners, apparently, with a small trickle of money given to young cancer survivors), but he also isn’t able to recognize the truth when it’s told to him.

  4. Linda Burkeholder // January 16, 2015 at 7:17 pm // Reply

    I was called today on my home phone number which I have never given to anyone & it is registered on the National Do Not Call list. The caller said I was sent an invoice to be paid back in December for $20.00. I never remembered receiving any invoice but she assured me that it was sent. The address information she had for me had the wrong zip code. I was very leary about the whole conversation and should have asked her were in the world did she get my phone number!!!! Feel scammed!!!

  5. BrigidBernadette // November 21, 2014 at 9:39 am // Reply

    Vanessa just called me too. I am recovering from breast cancer–I really hope they don’t call back, the phone rings off the hook. I can barely pay my own medical bills, please leave me be. If I want to give to pediatric cancer, then I’ll go to the ward itself and find a parent and give it directly to them.

  6. norain norainbows // May 30, 2014 at 9:25 am // Reply

    I had same exact call from this wierdo. Who in NYC talks like this? Actually insulted me once she started talking, telling me I was hard to catch up with. Really? I did not ask Vanessa to call. Just repeated the famous words: Do Not Call.

    • BrigidBernadette // November 21, 2014 at 9:48 am // Reply

      Exactly same pickle phrase used with me, showing that they’ve called me a zillion times already. Want to help someone out? Go to Kmart and pay off a layaway, organize an annual ‘tip’ for people that clean your office or workplace, go to a church and ask the pastor if there is a family you can help anonymously with their holidays or to keep them in their home, pay their rent or mortgage for one month, buy a kid a new computer and tell their struggling parents Santa sent it, get some gas cards and put fifty bucks on them and be a secret Santa by anonymously putting them in the mail to someone who is struggling to just get by. There are so many ways to help people, pass-through entities that skim a cut, in some cases nearly the entire donation, are NOT the way to go.

  7. I was told if I donated 40.00 they would remove me from their calling list. Who does that? A second woman got on the phone to thank me. WTF. They called a few days later to see if I received the pledge card, I said yes and they said good and hung up. How thoughtful. I hope more people research these callers and not to give any info other than a shoe size. BTW,Vanessa’s call was followed by guy telling me my computer was in great danger. I was not nice with him. What a great phone day I had.

  8. I got the telemarketing call and, since I was in a good mood at the time, I agreed I was interested in donating. I would not give my credit card information and they sent me a pledge card. Naturally I investigate charities first before I donate and I have since found that only a very small amount gets to the actual children. In this instance I have decided not to donate. Reading the reviews (not just here) I expect I will be harassed with calls and follow-up letters and I am laughing because I know that I am an “angel” (ha!) when I am in a good mood and a complete witch the rest of the time. Knowing my luck they won’t follow-up with me and I won’t get to witch-slap anyone!

    • Craig Zar // May 7, 2014 at 4:29 pm // Reply

      I printed the Tampa BayTimes 11 Worst Charities article and returned it with my pledge card ( along with a note saying “No check for you, you should be ashamed AND in jail). Over 10 years, only 0.6% of money raised reached the children (direct cash to aid). Some years they collected millions of dollars and didn’t funnel ANY of it as “cash to direct aid” (2008 &2009).
      If I had donated $20, 12 cents MAY have reached the children with cancer…maybe.

  9. This number 518-512-0190 is registered to Walter Hyde in Albany NY.I have caller ID and didn’t recognize the number so didn’t answer. So I Looked up the number on the computer, under white pages. So now I am ready next time they call. I’m on the do not call registery but it doesn’t help. I also dialed *67 then the number they called from and it said it was from Cancer Recovery Foundation of America. Whatever they call it doesn’t make it legit. By dialing *67 first before the number your number won’t show up on their caller ID. By your home phone or cell phone. Donor beware.

  10. Bill Bradley // April 28, 2014 at 9:59 am // Reply

    I just received a call from these folks. The lady was pushy and impatient! As I was trying to jot down the name of their company so I could investigate the company, she’s like “hello!, sir are you there, would it be OK to send…blah blah..” Being a cancer survivor myself I have a huge place in my heart for helping anyone, especially children. I’ve searched for “the wellness program” to no avail. This is the supposed corporation backing this company to my understanding. I understand giving kids toys and things to keep them light hearted, but feel a charity of this sort should be working for cures not handing out lollipops and fake dreams of wellness. Candy and bears won’t make a child live longer!! I’ve also watched a good friend of mine’s daughter die from leukemia. This playing on peoples emotions crap makes me sick!!!!!!

  11. I’ve been getting calls from Children’s Cancer Recovery (their number this time is 877-218-8371). They are relentless. When they called, they wanted me to pledge $40.00 and that I could give them my credit card info. right there and then. I said no and told them to stop calling me. Hopefully, they won’t. I cannot emphasize this enough: NEVER, EVER give out payment information, or any information about yourself, but especially your credit card, debit card, or bank account information to anybody CALLING YOU for donations (or any other matter). EVER! I can’t imagine any charity organization being legit when they call with pushy, heavy-handed tactics and then demand your credit card or debit card info. over the phone at that very moment.

  12. Keith Stansell // April 14, 2014 at 6:45 pm // Reply

    I got the call from them around 5 weeks ago. They wanted my to donate by credit card so they could get help the children right away. I told them I’d rather be sent something in the mail so I could look it over.

    Got a follow up call a bit later. Told them I hadn’t gotten around to it. This pestering sort of set off a second red flag for me and I sat on the paperwork, intending to look them up.

    Got another reminder in the mail today so decided to get around to looking them up on the internet.
    My home phone kept ringing this evening and I usually let the machine get it, but no messages were ever left so I answered and sure enough it was them. I told the woman that I got the paperwork and did a bit of research on the internet and would be declining my pledge because they did not give enough to the actual charity. Surprisingly there was not any resistance or attempt to get me to change my mind and she hung up. I assume I won’t be hearing from them again.

  13. The next call I get from these people I’m going to literally blow the whistle on them. Their telemarketing tactics are totally unprofessional and by hanging up because they are not willing to provide more information further hinders their goal of receiving ANY donations on my end. There are reputable charities that are far more deserving than this organization. The best donations in my opinion are ones that are given anonymously and directly to the families. You can contact the cancer centers in your area for more information. You are guaranteed the families and their ill loved ones will benefit from your donation 100%.

  14. I also got a call from “Vanessa” who wanted $40.00. I told her no and to send me some info. She passed me on to someone else who tried to guilt me into $20.00. I would not give her a CC number. I am also an angel. I’ll give when I know where my money is going, but not to these people.

  15. Margaret Barber // March 26, 2014 at 8:45 am // Reply

    I got the same calls the people above did, two in the last 12 hours, one for The Breast Cancer Society and one for the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation. Both used the same spiel word for word, including the comment about my being an angel for letting them send me material (which I will discard). Both also said they would put their personal stamp on the donation card so I could see how personal their concern was. I’m so tired of arguing on 5 call a day that I routinely tell them all that I don’t donate over the phone but will look them up if they send me material and then decide. I give the $10 mminimum commitment but never pay it because so far, all of them have been discovered to donate 15% to the organization for their “operating expenses,” which include CEO salaries, and 85% to fund-raising. I tried the do not call number but got a fax machine.

  16. Patty Bennett // March 7, 2014 at 11:56 am // Reply

    The best advice I can give is to choose your own charities wisely, give to those charities, and when an unknown solicitor calls trying to extract money from you for who-knows-what, just tell them “No, thank you”, and before they get a chance to get a word in edgewise, say “Good-Bye”, and hang up. That’s not rude; that’s efficient. Don’t let a stranger “make” you feel guilty for being reasonable. They’re just manipulators.

  17. The call I rec’d came from a very courteous person called Vanessa, at “405-563-9002″. She asked for a $40.00 donation for he Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation. I stated, after listening to her spill requesting the $40.00 from a credit card, that I could only send $10.00 (and no cc) because I am elderly and retired (that was TOO MUCH info). She suggested other smaller amunts. She then thanked me and told me how much that would help; then transferred me to another person “for verification”. I asked (for the 2nd time) the name of their organization so that I could check it on the web. With a slight hesitation, she gave the name & then, that person asked, again, for cc numbers. I reiterated my original offer and she proceeded to ask at least 3 times for the spelling of my name with strange clicks interrupting the conversation. I just hung up. Thanks to all who posted so the public will “BEWARE”. Perhaps the legitimate organization could benefit from MORE of the money that these very concerned marketing organizations keep.

  18. My brother received a call and told me about it. When he said he was out of work, the “lady” on the phone said angrily “we’re all having tough times, just put $25 in an envelope and send it!” He hung up and hasn’t heard back from them.

  19. Dorothy Sanderson // February 22, 2014 at 9:44 am // Reply

    I received this same call and when I hung up rather than talk they called back and I foolishly let them send me a letter. I still didn’t feel right so after looking this up I thought I should all state they tried to get my Credit Card # or Debit Card #. I am not returning this pledge card they sent. I did not give them my address but got this anyway. I am so glad to looked this up on the internet. Never to give in these kind of tactics on the phone.

  20. Katrina Bell // February 18, 2014 at 3:38 pm // Reply

    I too received a call on 2/13/14. they asked me for a donation, which I am always ready to give to help fight cancer. But when they asked for a credit card over the phone, I put on the brakes. I asked for them to mail me information and I would mail in my donation. I always like to look up information on what organization I am donating to before I send in a check. Glad I did the look up! I will definitely be mailing to the address on the website instead of what was on the return stub mailed to me! When they called, they did ask for my husband by name first. I told them he was out shoveling snow and they said that really they were calling for either one of us. The number that called our house was local though. It was not a “toll” call because normally we do not answer those. Caller ID is a great tool!

  21. Denise Holmes // February 13, 2014 at 4:45 pm // Reply

    This “charity” CCRF calls me quite often. I received 3 calls from them on 2/11/14, 4 calls on 2/12/14 then received 2 calls from Associated Community Services on 2/12/14. Today I received 3 more calls asking for my husband. The first rep hung up on me when I told her he was shoveling snow. The 2nd rep called and stated that my husband had made a donation yesterday and they were disconnected and needed to verify the amount. My husband knew nothing about this. The 3rd rep called and stated that they spoke to my husband at 8:11 pm on 2/12/14. After I gave her a piece of my mind she hung up. So me being who I am, called them back and left several messages on their voice mail line. They haven’t called me back since. I’m not a violent person, but that really ticked me off and if I could have reached through the phone line I would have punched her in the face.

  22. Gale Goldstein Tucker // February 10, 2014 at 5:31 am // Reply

    At 8:15 this morning, I received a telephone call from 813 373 7718 saying it was about a $40 top donation to children’s cancer recovery program. I asked what hospital was being represented & was told all children in all hospitals. This seemed impossible so I refused to give a credit card, but requested information, including a copy of the 501 c3 form be mailed. I was told it would b, the caller had my address. Checking this site was the best thing I could have done. Beware!

  23. I also have received calla from them & wouldn’t give them my cc# over the phone. Upon receiving their envelope for my donation I looked them up. Needless to say I’m not mailing them anything. I did call the Do Not Call Registry # 1-866-290-4236 a few days ago as this company does call at least twice a day. My phone has not rang with any telemarketers since.

  24. I just received a call this evening, also from 916-740-1723. (916 is in Northern California; this is probably yet another telemarketing company that Mr. Anderson hired once people got onto that 800 or 877 #!). The young woman started her “spiel” at a rapid pace (which people with hearing problems could not understand), and when I tried to say something, she said “what was that,” in a rather rude manner. I started to repeat it, but then she interrupted again me going on with her rehearsed speech. When I could get a couple of words in, I said “you are reading from a speech and not realizing you are talking to another human being,” at which point she hung up. I think she needs to watch “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”! (Actually, I recommend this film to everyone….. but only if you’re interested in the out-sourcing of old people :) :)).

  25. had the same call asking for donation w/ my credit card.told then to send paperwork, which did come.sent in $20.00 donation. a few days later started getting overdrawn checks on my checking account.had to close account,so far over $4,000.00 worth of checks have been given in florida & north Carolina. beware of all such phone calls!!!

  26. Same thing. Called and very aggressively almost demanded I donate to these poor children. I told them to send me some information via U.S.P.S. and they agreed to. What they sent me is a bill for $20! Not only that, but they call at least once a day asking for the money and saying I haven’t paid my bill yet. I’ve stopped answering their calls, so they’ve switched to “private caller” so that I don’t know it’s them. How do we make them stop calling?

  27. Same, I feel like I’ve been harassed by these calls for over a year. It’s the 877 number you listed above. If I don’t answer they call every 2 hours from 8 in the morning through 7 at night. I don’t like to give the donation over the phone so I asked for something in the mail. I received it and made the donation. They continued to call, I told them I already donated and they insisted that I didn’t because this was the beginning of their 2013 campaign, so I hadn’t given since last year. I replied that I have the receipt from just a month prior. She finally apologized and ended the call. Then again in December they called to start their 2014. So I started to research, because I really feel like it is a scam. Glad I found this site, thank you for posting.

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