The Total Transformation Reviews

The Total Transformation Reviews

Today we look at the Total Transformation system, which promises to help parents “turn around your child’s behavior” in a matter of weeks. If you have used the Total Transformation program, we would like to hear from you.

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About The Total Transformation

Total Transformation was developed by husband and wife team James and Janet Lehman, who both carry advanced degrees in social work. Mr. Lehman passed away in 2010, leaving Janet to carry on as the sole spokesperson of the project. The website and infomercials, which continued to run through much of 2014, do not appear to mention Mr. Lehman’s passing. The program is designed to help unruly children, with the word “defiant” used 8 times on the home page alone.

The official website is website was registered back in 2004. Paid programming infomercials have also used the domain That domain was registered in 2009 and now forwards to

The program includes a Jump Start DVD, Parent’s Workshop DVD, 7 audio CD’s, Workbook, “Bonus” audio CD.

It is interesting to note that the website did not show or mention Janet Lehman on the main page until around 2011. As seen in the screenshot below from the website in 2006, James Lehman is the only name mentioned on the splash screen. That’s not to imply that she was in no way involved in the creation of the product, only that her name has gained prominence on the website in recent years.

The Total Transformation website in 2006.

What is The Total Transformation?

The program teaches “tough love” parenting techniques. The program requires consistency, which may prove challenging to more lenient parents. It also seems better suited for older children than those who are much younger. One would certainly expect different techniques for a 5-year old than a 15-year old.

How much does The Total Transformation cost?

If you order from the official website, the cost is $327, plus $19 shipping and handling, for a total of $346 which is divided into three payments.

The Total Transformation Program Commercial

The TV commercial below last aired on NBC in early November of 2014.

Affiliate Program – Fake Reviews

The Total Transformation system is popular with affiliate marketers. This means that third parties can post affiliate links to the program and be paid a commission. As their affiliate page states:

All you have to do is review our products and recommend them to people you know, or on your website.

Affiliate marketers who stand to profit from The Total Transformation thus offer biased “reviews” in hopes of making money. You will find websites which offer a glowing endorsement of the product, and provide links to buy it at the end of the review. The objectivity of an affiliate review should be scrutinized.

Their Reviews: 48 Pages of Praise

When we first reviewed The Total Transformation in February 2013, we pointed out that the website offered over 50 pages of endorsements of the product, with only 4 and 5 star reviews to be found. We compared this set of reviews to the roughly 33% of reviews on Amazon which gave the product one-star assessments, claiming that the product didn’t work or that customers received  the “run around” when trying to get a refund.

A rep from The Total Transformation commented (below) that after reading this review, they changed their policy on presenting only positive reviews:

Thanks to the Waffles at Noon site we have seen our customer reviews page in a new light. We had originally (mistakenly) seen the reviews page as an opportunity to share the great success customers have had with our program- without seeing the value of sharing the occasional negative review. Like any seller of a product or service; we enjoy sharing our great stories. But we too have occasional customers who are dissatisfied with their experience and critical in their review. We now understand that it’s important for us to share these reviews as well, so parents considering our program will be as informed as possible.

Since then The Total Transformation website began including comments by unsatisfied customers.

Other Reviews of The Total Transformation

As with any product, especially those with an affiliate program, you should be aware that not all reviews may be real. We looked, for example, at one “doctor” who offered a glowing review on Amazon. When we took a look at her profile, however, it was loaded with Clickbank affiliate products, and her profile photo was taken from a stock image library. Suddenly this doctor’s glowing review wasn’t as impressive. Many of  the 5-star reviews on Amazon are by reviewers who only have a single review on the site, which happen to be for this product. This doesn’t always mean the review is fake, but it certainly raises eyebrows.

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Google Trends History

The Google Trends graph below shows search interest in The Total Transformation over time. Interest in the program appears to have peaked in January of 2009. Since then, interest has gradually declined, yet still continues to experience peaks and valleys.

Bottom Line

We strongly disagree with the affiliate marketing techniques and spurious reviews used to promote The Total Transformation. We do feel that the product itself may be a good investment if a few criteria are met. We believe the Total Transformation is best suited for teens and also for parents who have the ability to be strong, consistent, and follow through with a plan. Our opinion is that inconsistent or lenient parents, or those with young children, may not find the product to be of much value.

We would also like to point out that book stores have shelves lined with excellent parenting books for a fraction of the cost of The Total Transformation. If you are indecisive, try watching some “tough love” videos on YouTube for free.

Your reviews of The Total Transformation

Have you tried The Total Transformation? Did you love it or hate it? Do you agree or disagree with our assessment? Did you get the run around when trying to return it? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

Updated January 21, 2015
Originally published February 2013

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  • tricia vogt

    I originally signed up for the free trial with support from them. I call and cancelled it the next day. Well, crazy enough I didn’t know my credit card was dinged every month because my husband was doing the bills. Even though Legacy Publishibg admitted in email to my credit card company they had telephone recording of my cancellation, they refused to refund the $600 “purchase fee”, which would have been free, because I didn’t activate and fill out the forms. Why would I install and activate a product I cancelled? It has never been opened. Anyway, they got me for over $1000 for a sealed package I was waiting for them to pick up. I am totally transformed into an angry ripped off customer who was charged for monthly support service for support that was never activated, never used. I’m totally aggravated by paying for a free promotional product that I cancelled my participation within 24 hours. Bottom line: I can’t actually say if their intended program works or not, I can only attest to the transformations to my bank account and my attitude.

  • waffles

    Amy/Heather works for Legacy Publishing, so keep this in mind when reading the comment above.

  • Heather

    I would just like to say I WORK at legacy publishing. I SELL THE PROGRAM We are located in Westbrook Maine, and let me tell you, if my work was a scam I would NOT be working there. I work there to help FAMILIES. (And no, I’m not getting paid for this) I love my job, and everyone who works there is so kind hearted and REALLY wants to help. For people to say this is a scam offends me and my work place, because I take hundreds of calls a week to listen and HELP families. Of course any company needs to make money, but we are more interested in making a change then keeping your money. If we were a scam we would NOT be in business. You get a refund, and you do get to keep the program just for the cost of shipping ( and that’s just for UPS btw.) I love this program and think everyone should have it. You can stop the behavior before it really starts. I love my job, I love what I do and I will be helping families for a long, long time. God bless 🙂

    • Jacob Fox

      Season is correct. The Lehman’s had no business trying to develop a behavioral program with their focus in social work. Their program shows that they have no idea how original behavior develops. Children’s behavior problems develop because the parents raise them improperly. So the solution is rathr than change the original problem, to verbally and mentally abuse their children and lie and call it tough love. It’s bullcrap. And this further bullcrap from Heather: “We don’t care about making money ” is absurd. The specifics of the program, behavioral modification, was not invented by the Lehmans. It has been around since BF Skinner. Yet the Lehman’s have no problem taking over $300 for a program that any parent can develop on their own for free by simple internet research. It’s repulsive that people like Heather would make this ridiculous claim and everyone involved with this program sickens me.

  • Tom

    Please beware that this company is a scam!! They will not allow a refund if you find that the product is not satisfactory or does not meet your needs. Do not buy this product! Be forewarned that they trick you into buying it then you are trapped into the agreement.

  • Jim®

    Seems to me, if it helps at all, these people should be paying for it out of pure appreciation, instead of trying get a refund and getting something for free. Today’s people are such “takers”.

  • Candy

    Regret every day paying for this program. Spent hours upon hours filling out the survey knowing they would try to get out of paying refund any way they could. I went over it again and again before I sent it but it was still rejected!! This all during a very difficult time with our soon to be adopted foster children. Very disappointed with all of the false reviews.

  • Candy

    6 kids. Used total transformation and filled out survey for refund. Never received refund. Filled out completely. Tried to call and talk to someone about refund. No call back. Would be interested to know how many people really have gotten a refund. I ordered out of desperation for my teen and coster children. We wee broke but I thought what do I have to lose. Answer is a whole lot of money!! Some of the information was very helpful but not enough to make it worth it when you can barely keep your family fed. Added a lot more stress in a time when we were desperate already.

  • SJF

    I ordered the Transformation set and some add on items and never received anything, but I am being billed every month. I repeatedly e-mailed and questioned where the items were with no answer. Then I receive an e-mail to post a review. I post the review that I never got the package and someone from Legacy calls me. They tell me it tracks as delivered. I explain it wasn’t. They tell me I will have another set in 4-5 days. Over a month later it is still not here but another bill on my credit card is present. I call Legacy and they have no record of anyone from their office calling after reading my review. They now tell me to deal with the Post Office. I have never had such an expensive run around! Stay away from these products and this company!

  • Debi Jack

    The program is very effective. The money back guarantee is a scam and they use technicalities to not give your money back.

  • jj

    My kids are 5 and 4, and far from out of control, and I’m glad I’ve listened to this program. I won’t comment on the sales pitch or customer service, but I will say that I like the content. My wife and I find ourselves agreeing with 90% of what Lehman says, and after we hear it we think “I knew that already!”, but it’s so helpful to hear it systematized for us. I think that for just about any parent, successful or struggling, it has something to offer. Whether or not it’s worth the price is up to you. This is not a magic cure but it has helped me to see some things more clearly. All in all, I recommend it, assumkmg I don’t get any runaround when I send my survey in (fingers crossed).

  • Joyce

    To me, it sounds like the system primarily involves being consistent about expectations and consequences. Maybe I’m wrong, as I haven’t purchased the program…but I believe that, with most kids, being consistent about expectations and consequences is the best way to achieve the behavior you want from your child.

    There are more serious issues that some kids have, which this program isn’t going to address. In these cases, professional intervention might be necessary. However, a parent must first recognize it, accept it, and accept that their child needs help. This might be too difficult for some parents. Total Transformation isn’t going to solve all the problems and shouldn’t be expected to.

  • Amy

    While I was looking for reviews or straight-talk information about the program from independent (unpaid, non-affiliate) sources online, I found your blog. I read all of the comments here, three of the (now at more than 50) pages of reviews on the TTT website, and about 40-50 of the reviews on Amazon before I just purchased this today from an eBay seller.

    THANK YOU so much for writing about this. I’m in a desperate situation with my son, and have only a few years left before I let him loose into the world as an adult. I have tried EVERYTHING, save military school, with NO (or only temporary) results. I want to believe the hype because I am *that* desperate. Thankfully, I bought if for a fraction of the cost from a reseller, so if it doesn’t work for my family, I won’t have to deal with the headaches others here have experienced.

    One interesting thing I discovered during my research today: Legacy Publishing is also offering the system on eBay (with a reserve, of course), but they are only charging $4 for shipping. The listing states it is shipping direct from Legacy Publishing, so I am curious about why they charge $19 when ordering from their website. That’s kind of a big difference for desperate people on a tight budget.

    • Robyn

      Sorry to hear of your troubles. I have a friend who did send her kid to a military boot camp and it changes his life. I would do it if you don’t have luck with this program.

  • Bill Yates

    The thing that makes me wonder as to it’s validity is if she’s such a good behavior therapist why did her son tell her he hated her in the first place??

  • Steve Anderson

    Thank you Waffles at noon for facilitating such thoughtful discussion on The Total Transformation Program. As Founder and CEO of The Total Transformation Company (Legacy Publishing) I want you to know I appreciate all of the feedback on your blog. The positive feedback and success stories are of course very satisfying to read. The critical comments are especially helpful, as they help us understand what we need to address to win over our skeptics and critics. I want you to know we have made a policy change with respect to how we post customer comments on our site.

    Thanks to the Waffles at Noon site we have seen our customer reviews page in a new light. We had originally (mistakenly) seen the reviews page as an opportunity to share the great success customers have had with our program- without seeing the value of sharing the occasional negative review. Like any seller of a product or service; we enjoy sharing our great stories. But we too have occasional customers who are dissatisfied with their experience and critical in their review. We now understand that it’s important for us to share these reviews as well, so parents considering our program will be as informed as possible.

    Speaking of our negative reviews. The occasional negative review we receive is from a customer who has not completed their feedback survey entirely or on time- therefore they do not qualify for a refund. I understand this frustration. But ultimately we believe the terms and conditions of our offer are very clear and fair. Customers receive a great value ($327) for filling out the feedback survey completely and within the 6 month time limit. If you are considering our program, please complete the entire feedback survey on time in order to get your refund.

    Thanks again for hosting or participating in this discussion. I think the information on this forum will be very helpful for any parent in need of parenting help and considering The Total Transformation.

    Warm regards,
    Steven Anderson, Founder & CEO
    Legacy Publishing Company/ The Total Transformation

  • Bobbie

    I agree – it is all about making profits. I immediately regretted buying the ODD program since the Total Transformation did not work for my son. I could not afford the program, but they said get it for a free trial period – but pay the $15 shipping. I did, thinking I could send it back immediately. In the time it took for it to arrive, I lost one of my jobs, had to make a sudden move, and my income dropped significantly. They gave me additional time to send it back (I could not afford the shipping fee), but I was not able to do it (three months later I’m still struggling). They took $149 out of my account and now I’m $277 in the hole in my bank. They did not contact me to verify they could. I explained my situation to them and they offered to let me keep the program for $50 off. I told them I had never used it and I don’t want it – I need the full amount back. They said once they receive it I would get a full refund – not caring that I don’t have money to pay for fuel and food, let alone a return shipping fee.
    It’s all about the money – not the people. I will NEVER order from these people again!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I have purchased this program TWICE. The first time, it was somehow sold in a box of cd’s at a garage sale after we moved (ahem…kids?). The last time, my husband and I listened to the entire series and did the workbook while we were driving to pick up onoe of our children at summer camp. I think it would have more “sticking power”when done one cd per week, as the program is designed, because we let a lot of things fall through the cracks. For that reason, I am pulling it back out this morning and refreshing my resources. I especially find the e-newsletter helpful. We have three teens and a tween and our house can get quickly upside down when we let things slide. Our entire household runs more honestly and smoothly, with more mutual respect and less anxiety and certainly less drama, when the Total Transformation methods are in place and followed up.

  • Steve R.

    I brought up my sons with the Total Transformation program and it works. My wife brought her kids to our marriage and did not. It almost caused us to divorce – her kids were badly parented and caused many, many problems for us. One of her kids has drug problems and lives on the streets, the other has attempted suicide 4 times. Their self worth is almost zero. OTOH, My sons are in the Air Force and Navy and in significant relationships. I honestly believe TT works.

    I would think the reason Janet Lehman is more prominently involved since 2011 is that James died in 2010. A company needs a figurehead and new marketing and that is tough to do when your main guy is not around any more.

  • Colin

    And, you really expect when you call that your going to get free shipping? They are willing to send you a 357 dollar program for the cost of shipping, and your really going to complain about 19 dollars? I’m sure most of you will spend 19 dollars on something real stupid, but you cant spend it on your out of control child? That seems a little bit greedy to me. And the parental support line is not a bunch of “arrogant kids.” They are professionals with master’s in social work, child psychology, etc. They are there to give you support, and trying to help you with your out of control situation that you obviously need a coach for since you can’t do it on your own.

  • Colin

    The program works, if you do it. Just because the reviews on the tt website are good, is because it works. The program is in over 450,000 families, so i’m sure the people who’s lives it changed, would happily write a good review for the program. ALSO, when you order the program they clearly tell you to answer every question to get your refund. The survey has to be complete. So if your going to send back the survey with questions blank, obviously you didn’t do what you we’re supposed to. So why should they refund you when they clearly tell you that when you order it, AND it’s all explained in writing when you get it. Just do what your supposed to, and you’ll see some changes your looking for, and keep it for 19 bucks. What more do you want from these people?

  • nunya

    You can speak for yourself, but you can not speak for others experiences. When I called I had to drag out the explanation of all the charges, which I only knew to ask about BECAUSE of negative reviews.
    The reason I did not order is after I asked IF i missed one question on the survey or did not have a answer for it would I be allowed to revise my survey if it did not pas their muster.
    They said unfortunately not. At least they where honest then .. but had I not asked that specific question they did not offer it willingly. Even after that they tried to hard sell me. It took me 15 to get them to just let me go. I was trying to be nice and ended up having to hang up!
    It might work …but I will never know because of their marketing tactics.

  • Terry

    I just wanted to share that I found the program to be very helpful. I am a trauma/sexual aggression therapist so I’ve been in the field for over 20 years but am always looking for new and creative insights and ways to deal with unique situations. There were a lot of ideas that were very helpful in dealing with my own son who has many medical and mental health issues as well as Aspergers which are different than traditional approaches. I completed the program and feedback survey according to the instructions, mailed it last Thursday and received a direct deposit refund today…can’t expect any faster than that! It definitely requires a lot of commitment and desire to change your current situation but is well worth the investment of your time and if you do it correctly it is an invaluable program for $20 shipping fee.

    • Terry

      Also just wanted to add that if you agreed to receive the calm parent program they clearly told you that you would be billed a 4th installment. I went into the situation knowing that the ownership was on me to do what I needed to do in order to get my refund and I get to keep the program to use in the future so I really don’t understand why everyone is complaining. I agree the radio advertisement can be misleading but they do clearly explain it when you call in to order it how the payment system works and is again clearly explained in the program package about the refund information/requirements. Just be sure to answer ever question (all parts)and to be thorough and you should receive your refund as quickly as I did.

  • Christine

    DO NOT BUY – The company is about making profits, not helping your child. Most if not all of what is said in this program can be found through a legit medical professional. The survey is created so that the end user fails. The “HELP” line is set up with a bunch or arrogant kids who will not really help you at all. Ask yourself – Why do they advertise late at night on small talk radio – THIS IS A SCAM red flag. Also WHY are there no negative reviews on their website? I work in the field of education. I get surveys at the end of each professional development session I run. I am very good at what I do (technology integration) I still get the negative review from time to time – That is normal and to be expected – NOT 100’s of 4-5 reviews – it isn’t realistic.

  • Jerald

    I heard their radio ad offering a “free” program. When you call it they offer it for $19 for first three lessons. No wait, it;s free but the $19 is for shipping and handling. S&H costs have to be the biggest scam in the world

  • Tammy

    I grew up in an environment where I was a good kid except for I was defiant about the way I was spoken to by my mother and step-father and they couldn’t handle me except for to send me to my room, then neglect me, abandon me, and at their separation told me I could no longer live with either of them (before I was eighteen). I obeyed all the rules, including not using the phone or having any friends. My truest desire is that these two adults and others in school now could learn the secrets of “Total Transformation” freely by Good Samaritans who don’t want to cash in on good common sense but rather instruct our children how to behave when they grow up and have children. Then, oh please, then maybe we have parents who stop abandoning their children and other important relationships because they lack skills to handle and cope with complex interactions in a family setting. Can’t somebody who knows who to teach people to interact within families make it a priority to save our nation? How many abortions could be avoided if young people weren’t so terrified of the consequences (such as not knowing how to cope with their current relationships let alone bring another human being into the equation). My truest prayer is that you people who know how to help families get along go and teach the public and private school children how to become parents! While you’re there at the school, teach the faculty how to talk to the children without belittling them and treating them like trouble-makers when in fact they are just questioning and learning. I’m sure physical lives can be saved if children are taught these kinds of skills before they become parents themselves, and emotional/spiritual lives could be saved as well. Expand from making money off of good family-saving information as it is and move into the schools and let the towns accommodate the financial burdens and consider it a mission field to save our counties, states and our country from people who only know how to destroy families because they didn’t learn the skills to build a family.

  • Jennifer

    Warning about the billing they charge your card until you call in. I was over charged by $300. You have no way of proving that you didn’t sign up for the parent line. GrAnted I should have paid attention to my card charges before now but I feel like they scammed me. I know if I had it to do all over I wouldn’t have bought the book $690 in the hole. Every chance I get I will make sure I don’t recommend this to anyone.

  • Tina glass

    I got the program intact for 99$ on amazon. It was used by intact. I’m not looking for a refund

  • Kirk Towner

    Excellent program, ensure you answer all the questions on the survey. I left some blank by accident and was not eligible for the refund.

  • Cheryl

    One of the most important factors that jump out at me is the fact that neither Janet or her husband are Behavior Analysts having a Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, has not even taken the certification exam and is NOT Board Certified. They are a scam! I have 28 years in the field. I have been trained formally in the field of ABA and no one can fix such behaviors like they talk about in a day. It’s ridiculous.

  • Seajay

    I ordered the product and then saw strongly mixed reviews and decided to return. Once the package arrived, the small print says:

    Q: “Can I return my program if I don’t like it, or if it didn’t work for me?”
    A: “No.”

    For me, any program that refuses refunds is not credible, and the number of reports that missing one question on a 32-page survey (itself amazing) and being refused definitely suggests being concerned.

    I am sure there is value in this program. To use such onerous, strong-arm tactics — with a very high cost — don’t indicate the marketing firm is confident in its own product.

  • waffles

    Well, there actually are bad reviews… and good ones, too. We take issue with them only posting the good ones. No product has 100% satisfaction.

  • Inez

    Well if you pay for the cd package upfront, then it’s not really free is it? Nor is it free when your s&h fee is excluded once you request a refund.

  • Andy

    I have been using this for 3 months now and did not have any trouble with the money back part that so many say is a scam. There are multiple warnings about what is required.

    I absolutely hated the hype and the constant sales pitch to pay for a parent help line. If you can learn to ignore the hype and actually try everything you may find that some items were worth it all. I have 7 children and have regularly read daddy books giving me advice on how to be a better father. They have almost always helped to some degree but rarely compelled me to focus on changing myself in an effort to help my children change. In my opinion this is a good program for those that believe they are also part of the solution.

    I like the basic premise that both parent and child want to do the right thing. The suggestion from this program is that either parent, child, or both simply do not know what they can do differently. We focused on this idea to take the blame factor out of our problems and allow me and my children to learn, practice, and change things for the better.

    I’m still a fan of self-help books but in 25 years of raising children nothing has had the positive impact that this program has. My only warning is that you cannot enter this effort half-heartedly. You will not likely complete it and then join the world of people claiming it is a scam. It is definitely a lot of hype but still a very good program.

  • Holly

    The Total Transformation is not for everyone i believe. When listening to the infomercial it seemed a bit simplistic. For example, “Do this, say this and your child will be fixed.” I was desperate so i ordered it on February 17 of this year. This was after a weekend when my in-laws came to us and told us that our fourteen year old son was unbearable at their house and they weren’t sure he would be allowed back to spend the night. These words broke my heart and we too had been having rebellion and defiant issues. The emotional arguing and screaming was out of control. I took the program VERY seriously. I listened to each CD two times. I used the workbook almost as a journal and poured my observations, thoughts, responses into it and filled the pages to the brim. The survey was the same way as some questions repeat themselves. (By the way, the survey is NO small task. It is a packet of questions that will take hours and hours of your time.)I memorized the steps given in a few of the lessons. I had a chart of the behavior and consequences on poster board and put them in place. However, the MOST wonderful piece of advice James gave that is NOW engrained in me is to remove your emotions from the arguments. I learned how to speak practically and level-headed to my son and leave emotions and passion out of the arguing. I went to my quiet spot after i knew he would have his defiant temper tantrum in his room. He learned that his calming place was in his room or outside playing basketball. Amazingly enough, the cut and dry consequences and manner of speaking to my son worked to eliminate the terrible issues we were having. One time he even broke a rule and started handing over his I PAD to me automatically with no anger involved. That was a break through moment. I grew and learned so much from my experience with the Total Transformation journey. I almost cried when James L. told me to not expect your child to be grateful for your parenting. “This gratefulness will come from your child far after your parenting years are over.” I was always demanding gratefulness and constantly frustrated when not receiving it. Little jewels of wisdom like this were invaluable to me. If you are willing to work it for a good ten to twelve weeks(maybe longer), pour a couple hours a week into it, take it VERY seriously, practice the steps EVERY day, it will work.(I had the workbook by my bed and looked over it every night.) The criticisms i wrote on the survey at the end were that the marketing seems sneaky because it may tend to make future costumers think it is an easier task than it is. It is VERY time consuming in my opinion. If you don’t have time or make time, IT IS A WASTE. I had to pretend like i was taking a class and my attendance was essential to passing. Therefore i had an appointment to listen to CD with my workbook with me EVERY Saturday morning. The parent workshop DVD at the end was very unnecessary because it was basically of all the info already received. If you put 100 percent into gaining information in all lessons previous, you would not need the parent workshop at the end. It was an hour. I am not sure it was needed. Also, there are some children who are into criminal and vicious behavior and I am convinced they would need more than this program. This is perfect for the child who is testing the boundaries to the point of making your life miserable. My son NEVER hurt anyone or cussed anyone out. He was just stubborn and frustrated due to a lack of “problem solving skills” as James L. would say. He was breaking things in his frustration. It seemed that much of what we asked him to do was returned with an obstinate “NO’ or an argument. I couldn’t stand to be around him and that was so sad to me. We aren’t perfect here, but last night my son and I were in the car having a very pleasant conversation and I realized how much i adore my son again. For this reason alone, I can say it was a great experience for us. P.S. I thought at first that this info could be put into a book form too and sold cheaper. That does sound more practical, but the whole program is comparable to attending a workshop in your home. In my opinion a book wouldn’t have been as effective, but perhaps this is the way I absorb info. Also I got my money refunded yesterday. The parent hotline is a great resource and i used it once(extremely professional counseling..I can see why many folks would need this), but i cancelled it after a month. Then they sold me an extra month for five dollars. I never used it again and then cancelled it fully. The sales folks on the phone are a tad bit pushy I believe in their efforts to be helpful. Thanks for listening to my very honest review. I also believe all the positive reviews seem a little suspicious on their webpage, but the negative reviews seem to follow a pattern of those who aren’t willing to “work” the program like it was intended and are looking for a scapegoat to blame their lack of ambition on.

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Holly! We have a son who seems to have difficulty handling his emotions and usually lashes out in anger. My husband and I agree that my sense of empathy gets in the way of effective discipline and he says I can’t change because of this. I’m always trying to determine what is right and how would I feel. I’m afraid all my children learned to use this to their advantage. They know how to manipulate me and I do get very emotional when they don’t listen to me which is a lot. I keep saying they are good kids but we messed up. My son is 9. Is he too young for this program to help him? Two of my children are strong willed and this has always been so exhausting for me. Just wondering if I have what it takes to do the program because of my weakness in empathizing with them. I question my decisions constantly.
      Thanks again for such a thorough review. Your specifics is very helpful!

    • mahalolove

      I believe this reply whole heartedly because you used specific terminology that the infomercial refuses to divulge i would definitely try it. thanx so much.

    • toni

      Just want to thank you for your elaborate comments. If I get the chance to need this again, I will definitely sign up.
      So happy you have your son back. I hope I get the chance again with my granddaughter!

  • steven anderson

    I’m CEO of Legacy Publishing, aka the company that created and markets the Total Transformation. Working with James and Janet Lehnman to help parents dealing with many challenges of parenting in this complex world has been a dream come true for me. Critics can say what they want, but our customers know that The Total Transformation makes a world of difference in their lives. Thanks for all who cared to write in defense of this great brand!
    Steve Anderson, CEO
    Legacy Publishing Company

    • waffles

      Thank you for your comment. Perhaps the main point of contention here is that there are dozens of pages of glowing reviews posted on the official website, without a single negative statement in the bunch. This leads to one of two conclusions: the reviews are fake, or all of the negative reviews are filtered out. There are, in fact, some people who have felt it didn’t help them, and there are others who felt they did not get a deserved refund. We seek opinions from both sides. Shouldn’t you?

  • Katy

    Used the program and loved it! Works great with my 17, 15, and 11 year olds. Completed EVERY question on the survey and recieved a prompt refund. Had a great experience and will use this program over and over.

  • Ally

    Parents dealing with challenging teenagers will look for any calm in the storm. That being said, is the program appropriate for 13 year old with a serious attitude/disrespect problem-definitely somewhat due to ineffective parenting. And does it deal with the evil stepchild of electronics such as the iPhone? We are finding those to be the sources of much stress.

    • Art


      We are in the same boat with our 16 year old son. Electronics seems to be the root of our issue. I am on the TTT website about to buy it when I thought I would look for other reviews. This seems to be a Love and Logic kind of situation, but perhaps more programmed.

      Anyway, I would also like to know if this works for video game addiction type situations.

    • Hotmumma

      We are in the same situation with our 14yr. old daughter. The iphone seems to be the root cause of the problem. We noticed the change in attitude since we let her have an iphone. She would post nasty comments and pour her heart out in some social sites with so much cursing/cussing. Something that she does not do in real life. We have not heard her cuss at all ever! So my heart breaks whenever people we know would call or send me email about our daughter’s behavior online. Their intentions are good and I am thankful to them for letting us know. But it needs to stop and when I try to talk to her she simply gives me attitude. We badly need help with this problem. I sure hope this Total Transformation program really works coz I am out of ideas on what to do.

  • JCatherine W

    I agree! The program (and getting the refund) will not be smooth or successful if the parent(s) is not consistent. Every family is different and every child in that family unique, but consistent, natural consequence, calm parenting techniques are taught. How could that be bad? TTT encourages parents to allow and equip their children to succeed and YES…FAIL, in their microcosm of school, thus preparing them for the roller coaster of real life. There is no quick fix, and anybody expecting one is completely unrealistic. Life, afterall, is sloppy – that IS the lesson. The program equips parents to act like adults in those times when it is most difficult. I have found them to be a great guide- nothing more or less.

    PS…when a family is in crisis, does it matter how they come by the help? (adverts) Also, thankful Lehman was able to do this before his death, and was nothing but saddened when I found out. His wife and others contiue to offer excellent blogs for whatever a parent is going through

  • H Max

    Some of the comments on this page/topic have the vague aroma of planted propaganda. I think the affiliates are aware of you from a Google search on the “Total Transformation” keywords. The program probably has valuable info and insights, but their affiliates and Ms. Lehman’s marketing people push the brand very, very aggressively. Can anyone confirm that they’ve actually gotten a refund on the “free limited time offer” that’s been going on for over 5 years now?

    • waffles

      Good question. Hopefully someone can write in with an answer.

      • JCatherine W

        Absolutely!!! Just replied above- and yes we did get refund w/ no issues at all. I also purchased the Calm Parenting Series- it too was very insightful. They were helpful even in my marriage!

  • H Max

    Cannot believe I’ve never heard of your website before. btw, Total Transformation now has 48 pages of glowing reviews, complete with dozens and dozens of purposeful typos to make the reviewers look real. Glad I found you and have bookmarked the site. Keep up the great work. (And this is not a fake review.)

    • waffles

      Thank you very much for your comment. We’re glad you find the site useful and leave non-fake comments 🙂

  • Katherine

    I purchased the Total Transformation and love it. Yes, it is something that I have had to spend many hours with. Infact, I am going through the program for the 3rd time. I listen to it during my rides to and from work. I have not sent my survey in yet, so I don’t know about the refund. It has definitely helped for my son who has ADD as well as I use some of the techniques at my job. I am an Educational Assistant. I do not believe all the reviews out there and this program is not for everyone. If you follow the instructions and take the time, I think it will work for you.

    • waffles

      Great review Katherine – thanks for your input!

  • Julie

    After trying out this program on my 12 year old daughter, I am simply amazed with the results. I have struggled for years on how best to parent my child. The advice given in this program just makes sense, because it focuses on changing the behavior.

    Maybe this program isn’t for everyone, but it is right for my family. Our daughter doesn’t have any severe problems, but difficulty in controling her anxiety and anger, which is something we needed help with. Now we know how to respond and what to say.

    I’m sure there could be a book out there, but for parents who need someone to hold their hand and walk them through it, this program is a good choice. My only regret is that I didn’t get this program when my daughter was younger. It could’ve made a difference much sooner and resolved the more serious problems that have arised.

    Advice for anyone purchasing it is do actually do the work and implement the strategies. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money.

    As for those glowing reports. I do believe those are real. After seeing the results so quickly with my daughter, I want to tell everyone about it.

  • Annette

    I took their offer to review the program for free if I would write a review of my experiences with learning and using the program. It is easy to learn and use. They send all the materials and things you need to put this practice into place. It’s a big help to those of us that weren’t BORN with a “childrearing app” in our braings. Some people already know how to handle their kids, but the rest of us need help. This definitely helps. it’s a little pricey, but they fully refunded my money after I completed the program and sent the survey back. I got caught up in spending money on the “parent Help Line” but they did offer a cheaper price on that when I remembered to call to cancel.” satisfactory experience. good product. and I got a good deal. it’s NOT a scam.

    • Jennifer

      Do you still feel this way? I’m looking to buy the program and am so hesitant!

      • Kelly

        It was worth it to me. I bought for my younger son and it really helped us with both the younger and older one. I recommend it to anyone who needs some help and advice. They give you 6 months to complete the survey which is great. When we finished our survey it took 11 days from the day we mailed to have our money back in our account which was also great! Just make sure your read everything carefully and answer all questions fully.!!!

  • Odd mom

    Thank you for an honest review!! Finally!

  • Al

    Great write-up! I hear these commercials all the time on the radio, and they do certainly sound convincing. Is it possible the radio ads are just affiliates in some degree as well?


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