The Total Transformation Reviews

Today we look at the Total Transformation system, which promises to help parents "turn around your child's behavior" in a matter of weeks. If you have used the Total Transformation program, we would like to hear from you.

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About The Total Transformation

Total Transformation was developed by husband and wife team James and Janet Lehman, who both carry advanced degrees in social work. Mr. Lehman passed away in 2010, leaving Janet to carry on as the sole spokesperson. The website and infomercials which continue to run in 2014 do not appear to mention Mr. Lehman’s passing. The program is designed to help unruly children, with the word “defiant” used 8 times on the home page alone.

The official website is website was registered back in 2004. Paid programming infomercials have also used the domain That domain was registered in 2009 and forwards to

The program includes a Jump Start DVD, Parent’s Workshop DVD, 7 audio CD’s, Workbook, “Bonus” audio CD.

It is interesting to note that the website did not show or mention Janet Lehman on the main page until around 2011. As seen in the screenshot below from the website in 2006, James Lehman is the only name on the splash screen. That’s not to imply that she was in no way involved in the creation of the product, only that her name has gained prominence on the website in recent years.

What is The Total Transformation?

The program teaches “tough love” parenting techniques. We feel that such techniques are sorely missed in today’s society, and for that reason, we whole-heartedly agree with a large portion of the program. The program requires consistency from the parents, which may be challenging to more lenient parents. It also seems better suited for older children than much younger ones. One would certainly expect different techniques for a 5-year old than a 15-year old.

How much does The Total Transformation cost?

If you order from the official website, the cost is $327, plus $19 shipping, for a total of $346, broken into three payments.

Affiliate Program – Fake Reviews

The Total Transformation system is popular with affiliate marketers. This means that others can post affiliate links to the program and be paid a commission. As their affiliate page states:

All you have to do is review our products and recommend them to people you know, or on your website.

This means that affiliate marketers who stand to profit from The Total Transformation are offering biased “reviews” in hopes of making money. You will find websites that offer a glowing endorsement of the product with links to buy it at the end of the review. How objective can such an affiliate review really be?

Their Reviews: 48 Pages of Praise

When we first reviewed The Total Transformation in February 2013, we pointed out that the website offered over 50 pages of endorsements of the product, with only 4 and 5 star reviews to be found. We compared these reviews to the roughly 33% of reviews on Amazon that blasted the product with angry one-star assessments claiming that the product didn’t work or that customers received  the “run around” when trying to get a refund.

A rep from The Total Transformation commented (below) that after reading this review, they changed their policy on presenting only positive reviews:

Thanks to the Waffles at Noon site we have seen our customer reviews page in a new light. We had originally (mistakenly) seen the reviews page as an opportunity to share the great success customers have had with our program- without seeing the value of sharing the occasional negative review. Like any seller of a product or service; we enjoy sharing our great stories. But we too have occasional customers who are dissatisfied with their experience and critical in their review. We now understand that it’s important for us to share these reviews as well, so parents considering our program will be as informed as possible.

Since then The Total Transformation website began including comments by unsatisfied customers, a move which we applaud.

Other Reviews of The Total Transformation

An indication that a product is being fueled by fake reviews is when you see nothing but very good or very bad reviews side by side. Such glowing reviews alongside cries of “ripoff” or “waste of money” are exactly what you see with reviews on We looked at one “doctor” who offered a glowing review on Amazon, but when we took a look at her profile, it was loaded with Clickbank affiliate products and her profile photo was just a stock image. Suddenly this doctor’s glowing review wasn’t so impressive. Many of  the 5-star reviews on Amazon are by reviewers who only have a single review on the site, which happen to be for this product. This doesn’t always mean the review is fake, but it certainly raises eyebrows.

Bottom Line

We strongly disagree with the affiliate marketing techniques and fake reviews used for The Total Transformation. We feel the product itself may be a good investment if a few criteria are met. We believe the Total Transformation is best suited for teens and also for parents who have the ability to be strong, consistent, and follow through with a plan. Our opinion is that inconsistent or lenient parents, or those with young children may not find the product to be of much value.

We would also like to point out that book stores have shelves lined with excellent parenting books for a fraction of the cost of The Total Transformation. If you are really indecisive, try watching some “tough love” videos on YouTube for free.

Your reviews of The Total Transformation

Have you tried The Total Transformation? Did you love it or hate it? Do you agree or disagree with our assessment? Did you get the run around when trying to return it? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

Updated February 22, 2014

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  • Tom

    Please beware that this company is a scam!! They will not allow a refund if you find that the product is not satisfactory or does not meet your needs. Do not buy this product! Be forewarned that they trick you into buying it then you are trapped into the agreement.

  • Heather

    I would just like to say I WORK at legacy publishing. I SELL THE PROGRAM We are located in Westbrook Maine, and let me tell you, if my work was a scam I would NOT be working there. I work there to help FAMILIES. (And no, I’m not getting paid for this) I love my job, and everyone who works there is so kind hearted and REALLY wants to help. For people to say this is a scam offends me and my work place, because I take hundreds of calls a week to listen and HELP families. Of course any company needs to make money, but we are more interested in making a change then keeping your money. If we were a scam we would NOT be in business. You get a refund, and you do get to keep the program just for the cost of shipping ( and that’s just for UPS btw.) I love this program and think everyone should have it. You can stop the behavior before it really starts. I love my job, I love what I do and I will be helping families for a long, long time. God bless :)

    • Season

      You are a lying shill, Heather. It is well-known that this company is a scam and a rip-off. In order to get the refund – which is only offered for 30 goddamn days – you have to complete a feedback form that is more in-depth than some college exams. In order to complete the farce of a form you have to have knowledge of the entire program, but the recommended pace for the program is one lesson a week for 7 weeks, also known as almost twice as long as the refund time frame.

  • nhoj4782

    is this program for modifying the behavior of the PARENT that has enabled the child to be out of control? If it isn’t I don’t see how it will work.

  • JCatherine W

    I agree! The program (and getting the refund) will not be smooth or successful if the parent(s) is not consistent. Every family is different and every child in that family unique, but consistent, natural consequence, calm parenting techniques are taught. How could that be bad? TTT encourages parents to allow and equip their children to succeed and YES…FAIL, in their microcosm of school, thus preparing them for the roller coaster of real life. There is no quick fix, and anybody expecting one is completely unrealistic. Life, afterall, is sloppy – that IS the lesson. The program equips parents to act like adults in those times when it is most difficult. I have found them to be a great guide- nothing more or less.

    PS…when a family is in crisis, does it matter how they come by the help? (adverts) Also, thankful Lehman was able to do this before his death, and was nothing but saddened when I found out. His wife and others contiue to offer excellent blogs for whatever a parent is going through