Veggetti Review and Product Info

Veggetti Review and Product Info

Veggetti is a hand-operated pasta maker which allows you to create pasta from vegetables. Read our Veggetti reviews from editors and readers.

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About Veggetti

Veggetti is a simple device which makes “pasta” from squash or zucchini. The official website is, which was registered in September 2013. Below is the Veggetti we purchased in February 2014.


How much does Veggetti cost?

On the website Veggetti costs $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total of $21.98. You can include a Super Slicer for another $6.99.

Veggetti is sold in some stores for $19.99, as shown below:

Veggetti is available in stores, such as this display in an As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas.

Veggetti is available in some stores, such as this display in an As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas.

Television Commercial

Here is a recent television commercial for Veggetti:

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Do you love digging in to a delicious spaghetti dinner, but it’s loaded with fat and carbs that bulk you up and slow you down? Introducing Veggetti, the fast, easy way to make mouth-watering zucchini and squash pasta in seconds. It’s tasty, healthy, and won’t weigh you down. Watch, just place any zucchini into the Veggetti and turn. In just seconds you’ve got mounds of zucchini pasta with a delicious taste and perfect texture. The secret’s the twelve ultra-sharp stainless steel blades on each side that effortlessly slice through the zucchini for endless pasta strips. Use the left side for thin spaghetti cuts and the right side for thicker fettuccine cuts. Add marinara sauce and Parmesan. Top with garlic and olive oil, or make delicious primavera. Serve with creamy alfredo sauce, even mouth-watering meat sauce. Look, ordinary pasta has over 800 calories and 160 grams of carbs, but zucchini pasta has just 60 calories and only 8 grams of carbs. Make a packed Thai noodle stir-fry. Make quick and easy zucchini salads. But that’s not all. Veggetti carrots to add some crunch to lunch. Veggetti potatoes for hash browns and potato pancakes. And make unforgettable garnishes in seconds. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold, and it’s dishwasher safe. Call now and get your Veggetti complete with gourmet recipe guide for just $19.99. But wait! Call right now and we’ll double the offer free. Just pay separate processing and handling. As a bonus you’ll also get our Super Slicer free. Instantly slice and dice onions, tomatoes, and cheese for toppings that please. Mince fresh herbs and spices. Chop celery, make fresh bruschetta, and more. You get it all. Two Veggettis, two recipe guides, and a Super Slicer for just $19.99. Call or click now.

Our Veggetti Review

Hand-operated zucchini pasta makers such as Veggetti are gaining popularity in recent years because they offer a healthy alternative to traditional pasta. Veggetti allows you to insert vegetables into either end, one for thicker “pasta” and the other for thinner pieces, which are then rotated against the blades to create pasta-like strands.

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Although Veggetti is made of plastic, even the metallic-looking part of the handle, it performed surprisingly well, and the “pasta” it created was simple to make. The blades were sharp, requiring little force to operate. We found the thinner strands to be less intact and formed than the thicker pieces.

While pasta aficionados may cringe at the idea of “fake” pasta made from zucchini or squash, those looking for a healthy dish resembling pasta may find Veggetti a welcomed addition to their kitchens.

The only problematic aspect of Veggetti that we found was in cleaning the product, as the sharp teeth tend to hold onto food particles. Attempting to use a sponge resulted in the sponge being shredded. The best method we found for cleaning the Veggetti was using a soft kitchen dish brush. Veggetti does hold up in the dishwasher, but be sure that food particles are removed first as small bits of Zucchini skin may end up fusing to the Veggetti in the dishwasher.

Readers over on rate Veggetti three out of five stars out of 120+ votes.

Video of our Tests

Below is a short video showing our tests of Veggetti making thick and think noodles.

Bottom Line

Veggetti does a fine job of producing vegetable pasta from zucchini and squash as advertised. You may want to pick it up locally to avoid shipping charges and delays.

Your Veggetti Reviews

Have you tried Veggetti? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

  • Gratefully Anonymous

    No one eats 1 serving of plain pasta. They are referring to what consumers *think* is 1 serving of plain pasta. If you measure the same volume of pasta with the same volume of “pasta” made from a Veggetti, the calories would be extraordinarily different. The nutrient component would be extraordinarily different, too.

  • perky01921

    Do not buy this over the phone – they will rip you off every whichway possible, and then it’s virtually impossible to contact them for a correction. Their phone system for purchasing these is all automated, and is even pushier than the worst human salesperson that I’ve ever run into. It took over half an hour to get the order placed, and even then I had to just hang up because it continued to push all kinds of other junk! Go to Walgreen’s, WalMart, Bed Bath & Beyond or some other local store.

  • Doris Corea

    Did anyone notice that on Veggetti’s web site if you scroll all the way down to the very bottom…there’s a website fee of $1.00!!!! The product is $14.99 + $6.99 S&h + tax in 2states including NJ! Then if you want the additional things that’s $6.99 for p&h! But that website fee, although, only a dollar is the first time I’ve ever seen it! By the way although it says not in stores, I can get it from my local Bed,Bath & Beyond for 14.95; no extras offered but I have cook books and a good imagination!

    • We have reviewed a few other products that “sneak” in that mysterious “web fee.” Sure, it’s “only” a dollar, but it seems like an unexplained, unnecessary fee purely for the sake of giving them an extra buck.

  • KRain

    I just bought mine at Ross Dress for Less and it was only $9.99.

  • Gail Orta

    Just tried mine last night and loved it. I did try to stick my fingers down in it to clean it–DON’T DO THAT! 🙂 Also, my advice is to try sweet potatoes or yams–absolutely delicious! I bought one that was long and narrow–worked perfectly.

    • Doris Corea

      I love sweet potatoes and the larger yams! As long as they’re not too fat! Think I’ll try it with parsnips! In a little place in Manhattan I had what was called a bird’s nest made of parsnips. They were very thin strips fashioned into a bird’s nest shape that had been very quickly deep fried! Well drained & no oil dripping off of it! Never could figure how to make & now with the Veggetti I can make them!

  • Kim

    Just bought this. Was skeptical, but it worked great and I love it!
    Ease of use was outstanding, only downfall is the amount of veggie you are left with at the end where you can’t twist down into the gadget. Left about 1- 1 1/2″ of vegetable wasted, unless you slice and use separately.

  • Linda

    Because Dreamfields pasta has finally corrected its false claim of 5net carbs I began looking for another way to have low carb pasta . Saw Veggetti at Walmart and decided to give it a try. Made zucchini noodles, sautéed in a little olive oil, add pasta sauce and voila a great alternative to pasta! Very satisfying and tasty! Will get a lot of use out of this new to me kitchen gadget!

  • Patti

    Stumbled on to Veggetti at my least favorite store, Walmart, and was curious about it, since I know the nutritional value of squashes and more veggies, but have a hard time getting enough! I was quite stunned when the darned thing actually worked! Not only do I have a great substitute for pasta (I don’t eat grains of any kind), but I have used the veggies in soups, stews, frittatas, omelets, and just steamed with butter and garlic! I’ve used it on zucchini, yellow squash, Chayote, Daikon, and carrots. and absolutely love it! I can see where it will come in handy this summer for making veggie “sprinkles” (chopping the strands to tiny “bits”) on my salads! Yes, cleaning is a nuisance but just using a soft brush gets the job done! I’m not keen on all the “As Seen on TV” items, most of which are worthless, but I am lovin’ this little gadget!

    • Doris Corea

      A soft child size toothbrush should do well to clean it!

  • Herman Kripp

    How do you justify saying $14.99 and then charging $7 for a free item and get up to $29.95? That is scam advertising, no?

    • waffles

      Unfortunately that is common practice for As Seen on TV marketing. That’s why we always recommend buying locally.

  • Ron Flaviano

    I just purchased the Veggetti at Walgreen’s for $14.99. I was skeptical, but it worked GREAT! I have detested zucchini since I was a child, and prepared in this manner, it was absolutely delicious. I found the device well made, and very easy to use and clean. It was very simple to quickly take two zucchini and shred them into linguini-like noodles. I shredded them into a Pyrex bowl, covered with plastic wrap and microwaved for 3 minutes. The result was an al dente zucchini “noodle”. I tossed it with 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 tablespoon of grated Romano cheese, freshly cracked black pepper and red pepper seeds – very good! Next time I will add garlic to the mix, and also try it with a marinara sauce. This will definitely get a lot of use in my kitchen, as I try to limit my pasta intake!


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