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Ecocapsule: Future Tech or Flop?

Ecocapsule: Future Tech or Flop?

A self-sustaining egg-shaped capsule was unveiled in mid-2015 with the promise that two people could use it to live anywhere in the world, off-grid. Would you live in an Ecocapsule?

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Ecocapsule, the brainchild of Slovakian firm Nice Architects, was shown at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna this week.

At 15 feet long by 8 feet wide, the 86 square foot capsule is a bit smaller than a bedroom in an average US home, but promises to offer complete off-grid living for two occupants. It includes a 750-watt wind turbine, 600-watt 28 square foot solar panel array, and a 9744-watt-hour battery. There is also a rainwater and dew collection unit with built-in water filters. All of the basic necessities are included, such as kitchenette, shower, composting toilet, storage area, folding bed, and counter space.

The company began taking pre-orders for Ecocapsule at the end of 2015, at a cost of €79,000 ($85,500 USD). That is now listed at €79,900. The company has said it is only creating an initial production run of 50 units.

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Although it appears to be competing in the the camping and RV market, it has been suggested that it may be more useful as a series of micro-hotel rooms, or “pop-up hotel.”


Although the design as been applauded by many readers, not everyone have been impressed by the product. An obvious concern is that Ecocapsule is pictured in desolate areas, but it isn’t explained how it actually arrived at these exotic destinations. It must be placed there by another vehicle. A trailer option is planned, but that won’t be available until late 2016.

Price could also be of a concern. A high price tag may not convince consumers to purchase this over an RV with solar and wind options. The current cost to ship Ecocapsule to New York is currently 2100 Euro, or about $2350 USD. Ecocapsule weighs 1500kg, or about 3300 pounds, leading some readers to wonder how well it would hold up in high winds.

The company has since added a number of Ecocapsule-branded items to its website, such as pillow cases, folders, and bags.

Bottom Line

Ecocapsule is a self-sustaining habitat which promises to bring off-grid living to two occupants. The company began taking pre-orders in late 2015.

Critics have pointed out that it must be delivered to its final destination, and it may not offer much over an existing RV with solar and wind options. While its value as a consumer product has been questioned, its possibilities as a micro-hotel room is also being explored.

Would you live in an Ecocapsule?

See more photos at ecocapsule.sk.

Updated May 19, 2016
Originally published May 2015

Ecocapsule is a self-sustaining habitat which promises to bring off-grid living to two occupants. Would you choose… in Polls on LockerDome
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