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Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Dog Poops

Photo credit: Twitter / @chrislaw. NFL Producer Chris Law captioned this photo "The Proud, The Few, The @USAirways dog sh-t cleaning crew."
Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Dog Poops

A US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing when a service dog pooped in the aisle multiple times.

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The cross-country flight landed in Kansas City on May 28 after the flight crew ran out of supplies to clean up after the defecating service dog.

Passenger Steve McCall discussed the incident with Inside Edition, stating that he noticed a bad smell about an hour into the flight. “That’s the worst smelling blowout I’ve ever smelled,” he stated. That is when he looked up and noticed “a dog pooping right in the middle of the aisle.” He described the animal as a “big dog…three-four feet long” and the sight as “dog diarrhea.”

“An hour later, after they cleaned it all up, it still smelled pretty bad, it pooped again,” McCall said. Although he said he found humor in the incident because it was “so outrageous,” he noted that other passengers expressed anger while others vomited and dry heaved.

NFL Producer Chris Law was also on the flight and tweeted several times about the incident.

Law also pointed out “how great the on board US Airways flight crew handled the situation.”

After the second incident, the crew ran out of cleaning supplies and the pilot decided to have an emergency landing due to a “biohazard.”

In addition to the dog pooping incident, McCall and Law both noted that the flight sat on the tarmac for two hours prior to takeoff due to a refueling problem.

US Airways found itself in hot water earlier this year when the airlines accidentally tweeted a pornographic image to a customer.

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