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Scam Alert: Facebook Southwest Airlines Hoax

Scam Alert: Facebook Southwest Airlines Hoax

A scam circulating on Facebook today claims to offer two free tickets on Southwest Airlines. Today we’ll take a look at this issue.

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Southwest Airlines Scam

The image is being posted on a user’s behalf and many of the user’s friends are being tagged in the photo. The image reads, “(NAME) invites you to get two free Southwest tickets. Grab your free tickets at the link in the comments.” There will also be a comment from the person who posted the image with a link to a site that supposedly allows you to redeem your free tickets.

The problem is that it’s a scam and there are no free tickets.

Southwest took the initiative on Saturday to try to slow the spread of the rumor by tweeting, “We are working to squash several online scams involving two free tickets. Please do not click on the links or give away any personal info.”

If you have fallen for this scam, it is advised that you immediately change your Facebook password. You should also go into your Facebook apps and delete any that you don’t use or recognize. (See here for how to delete a Facebook app).

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Do not fall for this scam! And if you see anyone spreading it, drop a link to this article in the comments.

Here is one version of the image being shared on Facebook.

Below is what you’ll see if you click the link in the comments. The “countdown” is fake and resets whenever you reload the page.

Southwest does not offer giveaways in this manner, and the format for this particular ruse has been used for years for a variety of other companies.

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