Hot Buns Reviews

Hot Buns Reviews

Review of Hot Buns, a hair accessory designed to help create an elegant up-do. It’s advertised as so easy that it just takes three steps: “Just roll… snap… and wrap!” 

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About Hot Buns

Hot Buns will give you “Easy, Glamorous, and Comfortable Buns” that later turn into bouncy waves or curls. No heat, hair pins, or styling products are required; Hot Buns does it all!

Buns are very popular right now, but it can be hard to get a bun that stays in place without excessive pinning and hairspray. The trend is to have a very full bun, which isn’t always possible for women with fine hair. Hot Buns solves both of these problems by making it easy to create a bun that won’t need pinning. Part of its holding power is the fact that you roll the hair around the Hot Buns accessory, so your own hair is holding itself in place. Plus, there is a built-in hair rubber-band to add extra holding power. The volume of the Hot Buns accessory also acts to give your bun a full, elegant look. The added bonus is that the breathable material allows air to circulate and help dry your hair into the shape in which it has been rolled. This means your hair will be naturally curling as you have it in the bun. The material is soft enough that it can be worn while you sleep, so it’s an easy way to wake up to curls. Hot Buns are available through Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreen’s and other retailers. They can also be purchased online at the official website,, as seen in the screen shot below.


How much do Hot Buns cost?

Hot Buns are $10 for a set of 2 bun makers in medium and small when purchased online and through most retailers. The different sizes provide more styling options and also allows you to make different curls. The smaller bun will have tighter, bouncier curls while the large bun gives glamorous waves. When ordering, you can choose either light or dark material to match your hair. Your whole set will be the same color. There is no risk since there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping. This can be requested by entering your order information at


Shipping is $7.95 per set of Hot Buns, so you’ll pay an additional $7.95 for every set ordered. It is not refundable.


The Hot Buns website offers a special buy two, get two free deal for the normal $10 price. The second set must be the same color and will have a non-refundable $7.95 shipping cost, too. Walmart currently offers an online or in-store deal of two sets for $16. After tax, you’ll be getting close to the deal from the Hot Buns site. However, this only applies for in-store or site-to-store delivery, otherwise shipping is $5 extra. The best part about purchasing through Walmart is you have the option to select different colors for both sets. If you want to gift the other set, or dye your hair, this is your best buying option.

My Hot Buns Review

I purchased Hot Buns at Dollar General for roughly $11 for a set of two in the dark color. They came in two sizes and looked just like the product you see in the commercials. The package shows several ways you can wear them and also includes an instruction guide. My hair is quite long, so I started with the larger bun maker to make a high bun. I don’t have layers so it was easy to roll evenly, though I did have to try a couple of times to get my bun to look as nice as theirs. I think this is more of a personal issue with my technical skills though. The bun looked really professional, and you couldn’t tell I had the Hot Buns accessory under my hair. When I took my hair out that evening, the curl was there but it quickly came out. My hair is very thick so it seems like hair spray would have helped, but perhaps thin hair holds better.


  • Make easy buns or curls
  • Reasonable cost
  • Breathable cushioned material
  • Come in 3 sizes in one set
  • Works for medium or long hair


  • Difficult for layered hair
  • Difficult for short hair
  • No red or grey hair options
  • Second set isn’t optional
  • Shipping is non-refundable
  • No combined shipping discounts

Alternatives to Hot Buns

Hot Buns has a few competitors with similar products. Hype Hair and Conair offer a similar soft dark donut-shaped product, but neither unwrap or open. A Hype Hair bun maker is $4 , while Conair is $4-5 but has hair pins and a rubber band. The Revlon Sophist-o-Twist is $7 and is a long cuff that wraps around your hair. The first three don’t offer any options for those with lighter hair. The Whirl-a-Style is a hard plastic donut shape bun maker that comes in 12 colors and 5 sizes for $8 to $10. None of these brands offer multi-pack purchases.

Other Hot Buns Reviews

Many websites that sold hot buns did not have reviews yet, but the few that did were neutral with a 3 star rating average. However, I did see some positive video reviews on YouTube.

Bottom Line

Hot Buns are great for creating a classic bun with minimal effort and no pinning. The curling aspect wasn’t quite as good as described, but still works with hairspray. Recommended.

Your Hot Buns Reviews

Have you used Hot Buns? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

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Sarah Meade is an artist, fashionista, and occasional writer born and raised in the heart of Texas. That's DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) if you're not good at anatomy.

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