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Cat Sets Record for World’s Loudest Purr

YouTube/Guinness World Records
Cat Sets Record for World’s Loudest Purr

A rescue cat in the UK has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as having the loudest purr by a domestic cat.

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Merlin is a 13 year old rescue kitty which caught the attention of Guinness World Records after his owner Tracy Westwood posted a video of the feline’s roaring purr (embedded below).

The cat was awarded the honor during the filming of a TV show entitled Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud 2. Merlin posted a purr which measured 67.8 decibels, edging out the previous record which was 67.68 decibels, set in 2011 by cat named Smokey.

Jamie Clarke of Guinness World Records observed, “Here at Guinness World Records we enjoy coming across your typical everyday pet with a rather unique talent and Merlin the Cat from Torquay is just that. It was amazing to see just how loud his purr was in person and, despite a couple of readings of Merlin’s purr just under the current record, a bowl of tuna cat food proved to make all the difference and secure the record.”

The video below is a preview of Merlin’s feat, with a full video promised “soon.”

Westwood claims that Merlin has been unofficially recorded as loud as 100 decibels.

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