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Swedish Activists offer “Gay Sonar” to Russian Subs

Swedish Activists offer “Gay Sonar” to Russian Subs

Peace activists from Sweden have developed a unique method to rebuff Russian submarines in Swedish waters: Gay sonar.

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The Singing Sailor

Dubbed “The Singing Sailor Underwater Defense System,” this publicity stunt includes a device which includes an animated neon sign of a dancing sailor waving a white flag and the words “Welcome to Sweden – Gay since 1944.” It also broadcasts the phrase “this way if you are gay” in Morse code.

singing sailor

The Singing Sailor was created by the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS), and was first lowered into the Baltic Sea near Stockholm on April 27, 2015.

Operation The Singing Sailor from Swedish Peace.

Homosexuality was legalized in Sweden in 1944, but is still not condoned by an overwhelming number of Russians (74 percent in a recent survey). Thus, the gay-themed “defense system” is said to be a peaceful way to prevent Russian submarines from entering Swedish waters, which is said to have occurred on multiple occasions over the past year.

Singing Sailor

Singing Sailor being lowered into the water. Source: svenskafreds.se

Operation: Singing Sailor is described on the group’s website:

There is something scary going on in the Baltic Sea. Sweden just had their biggest military mobilization in decades and voices are raised for more resources. It’s all hands on deck, even for The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, the world’s oldest peace organization and three times associated with winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

In their press release on The Singing Sailor, SPAS invites the crew of any submarine which hears the message to attend the Stockholm Pride Parade in August.

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