Magic Bullet Reviews

Magic Bullet Reviews

Review of The Magic Bullet, a “the personal, versatile counter-top magician that works like magic!” You can use this blending and dicing system to make soups, dips, sauces, shakes, and more.

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About the Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is a small versatile device that replaces both a blender and food processor. This saves you counter space, and provides you one handy tool to help with cooking. The Magic Bullet promises to accomplish most jobs in “10 seconds or less.” This small device is specially designed to be powerful and efficient whether blending liquids or cutting through tough vegetables. There is a simplicity in the design since there aren’t any buttons or settings. The way to start the cutting or blending is to screw on the cap and push down for the time desired. As soon as you release your pressure, the Magic Bullet stops. The Magic Bullet can be purchased at Macy’s, JCPenny’s, Target, and other retailers. It can also be purchased online in any available style at the official website,, as seen in the screen shot below.


How much does the Magic Bullet cost?

The Magic Bullet is $99.99 for a 21 piece set, though you can pay in three payments of $33.33. The set includes a tall 24 oz cup and 2 short 18 oz cups, which attach to the base for blending. There are two blades to provide blending or milling. You get several lids and a user guide. Some retailers also offer smaller sets for $49.99 for 17 pieces. This set has mugs rather than cups, and the lids are different types of shakers. This set is catered more toward making dips, drinks, and shakes for parties.


Shipping from the Magic Bullet website is $39.98 whether you pay in full or take the 3-payment option. Some retailers allow free shipping or in-store pick up.


The website offers a special deal where you get a second Magic Bullet set for the price of one. That’s two 21-piece sets, plus you also get free fat burning boost mix to add to shakes.

My Magic Bullet Review

I purchased the Magic Bullet at Target for about $55 after tax. I am not much of a chef and only wanted to make shakes and smoothies, so I didn’t get the larger set. I quickly fell in love with this blender and keep it at work so I can make smoothies or shakes for breakfast. I’ve had mine for over a year and it still works as well as it used to, no matter how much ice and fruit I am blending. I recently tried out making homemade hummus and was pleased to see that the second blade helped to chop the chickpeas up enough to be blended into a creamy dip. They are really hard peas though, so it takes a minute or so to chop that many up, but it’s still a very fast processing time to be making a dip that would take a while by hand.


  • Blends and processes quickly
  • Cups double as storage
  • Aides in multitask cooking
  • Payment options available
  • Blade doesn’t dull easily
  • Takes up little space


  • Not quite as fast as advertised
  • Some sets are expensive
  • Shipping cost is high
  • Harder to process vegetables
  • Many parts for clean-up

Alternatives to the Magic Bullet

There are a variety of blenders or food processors that compete with the Magic Bullet. The $60 Party Bullet by Capital Brands looks the most similar, but is only designed for making cocktails, smoothies, or shakes. It comes with a drink mixer and cocktail glasses. Hamilton Beach has another small blender, although it simply comes with one cup to make a single shake or smoothie. There aren’t any other accessories or chopping options, though this same brand has a food processor for $35 called the Bowl Scraper. This processor can chop up to 10 cups of food at once. There are many full size blenders, but one that stands out on the market is the Ninja NJ600. This is a $99 blender that is extra large sized to blend more at once, and has 6 blades within the base. This allows the blender to dice, chop, or puree depending upon the settings selected.

Other Magic Bullet Reviews

Online reviews for Magic Bullets are uniformly positive, with 4 or 5 star ratings at major retailers:

Bottom Line

The Magic Bullet is a portable and efficient blending or food processing tool with a variety of cooking uses. I plan to buy a second set for my home, so it’s highly recommended.

Your Magic Bullet Reviews

Have you used the Magic Bullet? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

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