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Convicted Pimp Sues Nike for $100 Million

Convicted Pimp Sues Nike for $100 Million

An Oregon pimp who is currently serving a 100-year sentence for savagely beating a client with his Air Jordans is suing Nike for failing to warn consumers that the shoe could be used as a deadly weapon.

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Sirgiorgio Sanford Clardy, 26, of Portland, was convicted of repeatedly stomping on the face of a client that refused to pay one of his girls. He was also convicted of robbery and for beating the 18-year-old woman that he forced to work as a prostitute.The client required stitches and plastic surgery after his beating. The woman’s head injuries were so severe, she reportedly bled from her ears.

Clardy is a habitual offender with 20 prior convictions.He was found guilty of the beatings in July of 2013 with the jury finding the Air Jordans “dangerous weapons” which allowed for the harsher sentencing. Clardy will not be eligible for release before serving 36 years.

ClardyRepresenting himself, Cardy wrote his three page complaint by hand from the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution where he is incarcerated. The complaint contends that Nike “failed to warn of risk or to provide a warning or instruction that their shoe was a potentially dangerous weapon.” Clardy seeks $100 million dollars in damages.

The suit was filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, and will be delivered to Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, for response. The company has made no comment on the suit.

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