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Bigfoot Found? Hunter Plans Tour with “Bigfoot” Corpse

Bigfoot Found? Hunter Plans Tour with “Bigfoot” Corpse

The self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Bigfoot Tracker” is preparing for a world tour with the body of a Bigfoot he claims to have shot in a wooded area outside of San Antonio.

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Rick Dyer claims to have shot the beast on September 6, 2012 by luring it with $200 of pork ribs bought at Walmart. Dyer nailed the ribs to trees in an area of reported frequent Bigfoot activity and allegedly shot the “animal” while it was eating. The Texas hunter is authenticating his kill with DNA testing and 3-D optical body scans, the results of which Dyer plans to release in the near future.


Dyer explains the events that led up to his shooting of a Bigfoot in 2012:

The Texan is no stranger to the Bigfoot community and has been at the center of a previous Bigfoot hoax. In 2008, Dyer claimed to have found a Bigfoot body that, when thawed out, turned out to be nothing but a rubber ape suit. Despite his links to other hoaxes, Dyer claims that this is the real deal.

Whether you call it a Sasquatch, a Yeti or a Bigfoot, sightings of the mythical beast have been reported in wooded areas all over the world for hundreds of years. Despite the numerous sightings, no verified evidence that a Bigfoot actually exists has been found. Hundreds of footprints are yet to be authenticated and no Bigfoot remains have ever been confirmed. The Sasquatch reportedly buries its own dead.

People have been fascinated by the Bigfoot legend for years, especially since the Patterson video (the most famous original Bigfoot footage) was taken in Northern California in the fall of 1964. Finding Bigfoot has been a huge hit for Animal Planet.

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