Cami Shaper Review and Product Info

Cami Shaper Review and Product Info

Cami Shaper is a piece of compression shape-wear that promises to make you look two sizes smaller instantly. Read reviews from editors and readers.

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About Cami Shaper

Cami Shaper is a type of compression wear which is worn underneath clothing and is designed to give a slimmer, more shapely appearance to the wearer by lifting the bust and shaping the midsection. It has a three-in-one design of bra, camisole, and undergarment.  You put the Cami Shaper on by stepping into it and pulling it over your body.

Model wearing white Cami Shaper

This model is wearing a white Cami Shaper.

The Cami Shaper is 95% nylon and 5% spandex, and is machine washable. Each pack of three contains three different colors: black, white, and nude. There are also six different available sizes (S, M, L, XL, 1X, and 2X). The official website,, was registered in 2011 and was active until January 2014 when the domain began forwarding to a page at As of this February 2015 revision, it appears that is once again the official product website.

Cami Shaper website screenshot

The Cami Shaper website in Feb. 2015.

How much does Cami Shaper cost?

The Cami Shaper is sold directly on the product website in sets of three (including each of the three different colors) for about $60. Customers can also choose to make 3 payments of $19.99 instead of a single payment. A processing and handling (P&H) fee is also added to orders which is dependent on Zip Code. P&H charges for a test Zip Code within the continental United States came to $19.99.

A state tax is added to orders from CT, NJ, NV, NY, and PA.

Delivery time is estimated to be 7-10 business days.

There is currently a special offer on the Cami Shaper website where consumers can opt into buying 3 sets of Magic Boost Pads which can be used to convert the Cami Shaper into a push-up bra. Opting into buying these 3 sets of Magic Boost Pads will cost purchasers an additional $20.97.

Purchasing Cami Shaper from the product website comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus P&H charges).

Keep in mind that Cami Shaper is also sold in stores such as Walmart and Rite Aid, which makes returning the product much easier, should you decide to try it. Also keep in mind that there are many competing products which you may also want to consider.

We spotted this single Cami Shaper for $19.99 in a local Target store in May 2013.
Cami Shaper

Cami Shaper TV Commercial

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Tired of your shape-wear losing the battle of the bulge, and painful bras that cause bumps and lines in all the wrong place?

Now the makers of the incredible Genie Bra, who brought seamless comfort to over 10 million women worldwide, introduce the revolutionary Cami Shaper by Genie. You’ll get the same lift and support of the Genie Bra, the super comfort of a camisole, and the slimming benefits of shape-wear all in one. Just pull it up, and bulges are gone. Your tummy is slimmer, love handles compressed, and your back is one smooth sleek line. The secret is 360 degrees of seamless tight and tone control zones from your bust to your bottom that eliminate side-bulging and back fat at your bust-line, tighten and flatten your belly comfortably, smooth lumpy love handles and trim your waist, and give you a smooth tight and tone look all the way down your back. Cami Shaper even has a wide flared hem at the bottom that slims hips and eliminates muffin-top. Best of all, the Cami Shaper will always keep its shape no matter how many times you wear it or wash it.

“The Cami Shaper is so incredibly comfortable, you can wear it all day and all night!”

Call or visit to get your very own Cami Shaper in nude for just three payments of only $19.99. But wait, order today and we’ll send you one black and one white Cami Shaper free. That’s a $180 value for just three payments of only $19.99.

“It’s so comfortable, I don’t even think about the fact that I’m wearing it.”

“Look how its just flattened my abs right out. I have a flat stomach.”

“For the first time in so long, I feel slender and young again.”

Order in the next 20 minutes and you’ll get free shipping! Now you can try Cami Shaper in the privacy of your own home risk free for up to 60 days. If you don’t look up to 10 pounds slimmer, and up to two sizes smaller instantly and comfortably, send them all back for a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose, but unwanted inches. That’s three Cami Shapes, one nude, one black, and one white, a $180 value, all for just three payments of only $19.99 with free shipping! This offer is not available is stores. Order now!

Our Cami Shaper Reviews

In our research, we’ve encountered rather mixed reviews of this product. Some women have praised it, while others have said they were disappointed based on high expectations due to product advertising. It should also be noted that the “bra” isn’t quite a bra, but merely padded inserts that go into the bust area, similar to a padded one-piece bathing suit.

Our initial estimate in May of 2013 was a 60% dissatisfaction level with the Cami Shaper.

Of those who did not like the product, we encountered the following complaints:

  • Shaping & Lift – Some women were disappointed with the amount of body shaping or bust lifting.
  • Rides Up – A few women told us that the product continually rode up on them, forcing them to adjust it throughout the day. This “riding up” gave an unsightly “bunched up” appearance on the stomach area, which is the opposite of the desired slimming effect.
  • Pads – There have been a variety of complaints regarding the pads, such as their size, comfort, and appearance.
  • Customer Service – For those who ordered directly from the website, customer service has been reported to be lacking.
  • Upselling – If you call directly, they will try to sell you additional products when you order the Cami Shaper.

Google Trends History

The Google Trends graph below show interest in Cami Shaper over time. Interest in the product appears to have peaked in December of 2012. Since then, it seems that interest has largely declined.

Bottom Line

The idea behind the Cami Shaper appears to be better than this product is able to deliver. If you want to try a shaping product such as this, a trip to your local mall may yield plenty of alternatives for comparison. If you do decide to buy the Cami Shaper, we recommend buying it at a local store to make the return process easier, if needed.

Your Cami Shaper Review

Have you used Cami Shaper? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Updated February 26, 2015
Originally published May 2013

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