Air Curler Review and Product Info

Air Curler Review and Product Info

Air Curler is a hair dyer attachment designed to quickly curl your hair without the need for a curling iron. Read our Air Curler reviews from editors and readers.

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About Air Curler

Air curler is a plastic hair dryer attachment which is advertised as a way to curl hair in seconds. Hair is placed in the plastic cup and warm air from the dryer spins the hair into a curled shape. The official website is which was registered in June 2010.

How much does Air Curler cost?

Air Curler costs $14.99 plus $7.99 P&H for a total cost of $22.98. They send you a second one free. (Note that in 2013, the second “free” one was an extra $5.99 P&H.)

It can take 3 to 6 weeks for the Air Curler to ship, which should weigh into your decision to purchase it if waiting a month and a half is unacceptable to you.

Our Air Curler Review

We had several testers try out the Air Curler and the results were mixed.

Three different hair dryers were used, and the Air Curler snugly fit all of them. In our Air Curler review, all of our subjects were able to achieve curls from the product. None were terribly impressed with the construction of the Air Curler. It is comprised of a plastic bowl, which hardly seems worth $23. One of our testers said she thought she could create something similar using simple household materials.

Issues to Consider

If you’re considering purchasing an Air Curler, here are some concerns we encountered which you may find useful to know before making your purchase.

Air Curler

Notice that only the ends are curled in the commercial’s before-and-after shots.

  • Ends only. It only seems to work well for the ends of hair. Our subjects couldn’t get it to work closer to the roots. (see their before and after photo to right)
  • Speed. The commercial implies that you can curl your hair in “seconds” which may be misleading. It takes 20-35 seconds to curl each section. With the need to curl your hair in several sections, this could take at least several minutes to curl a full head of hair.
  • Variation of efficiency. The effectiveness of the Air Curler appears to depend on many factors, such as hair length, hair thickness, dampness of hair, and overall health of the hair. The hair dryer you use in conjunction with the Air Curler may also affect its efficiency.
  • Curl duration. In our tests, the curls from the Air Curler didn’t last as long as those done with a traditional curling iron. This could also be due to the technique of the subjects using it. A generous amount of hair spray may be required to keep the curls in place.
  • Appearance of curls. The appearance of the curls created by the Air Curler may not be suitable for everyone, and you have little control over the appearance. One subject told us she felt they are more like swirls than curls. Some women may like the way the curls look, while some may not.
  • Long hair. Very long seemed problematic. The curls only affected the ends, and the weight of the hair seemed to make the curls disappear faster than the curls we achieved in shorter hair.
air curler review

This is the official Air Curler website in February 2014

TV Commercial

Here is a recent television commercial for the Air Curler:

Transcript of commercial above

Does it take forever to get that perfect curl in your hair? And curling irons damage hair. Now you can twirl a head-full of curls in seconds with Air Curler, the revolutionary new styling tool that creates the perfect curl, every time. Just attach your blow dryer’s nozzle to the Air Curler, place a section of your hair in the Air Curler, then turn on the blow dryer.  Look closely. Just like a cotton candy machine, Air Curler spins your hair for loose, luscious, trendy curls in less than 20 seconds!  Here’s how it works.  Air Curler spins your hair like a tornado to dry and curl your hair in just seconds.  Air Curler is a hair dryer and a hair curler all in one. For tons of curls instantly Air Curler eliminates direct heat so it’s the safer , healthier way to style your hair. No matter how long your hair is, Air Curler is so fast and so easy you’ll be amazed at the results. Now create a whole head of loose trendy curls that last all day. Style a sexy up-do filled with wild curls, or a flattering face frame. Or just create a few flirty accents. Air Curler’s unique curling attachment fits every hair dryer and it guarantees beautiful, soft, tangle-free curls that last all day. It’s never been so easy to create hair that looks so good. Look again. Select the hair you want to curl and watch the beautiful curl take shape. Every girl wants the perfect curl and she can have it in just 20 seconds with Air Curler. Go from straight hair to wonderful curls. Now you can enjoy the magic of Air Curler for just $14.99. But wait! Call right now and we’ll double your offer. You get a second Air Curler as a bonus. Just pay separate processing and handling. You get it all. Two Air Curlers for just $14.99, so call or click now.

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Observations on the television ad

There are a few statements in the above commercial that we wanted to address.

  • Curls in 20 seconds. They also keep saying that you achieve curls in 20 seconds, but this is the minimum time listed. Their instructions state that it can take up to twice that time to achieve proper curls.
  • Fits all hair dryers. The commercial states that it fits “all” hair dryers, but the Air Curler website states that it “will work with most hair dryers.”
  • Deceptive animation. At the 30-second mark of the commercial above, we see an animation which shows curls being created all the way to the roots. This is not how the Air Curler works.

Bottom Line

We saw a wide variety of satisfaction from our tests of the Air Curler. It appeared to work well for some hair types, but not all. Keep in mind that we were only able to curl the ends of the hair with any consistency, and the product seemed less effective for longer hair.

If you like the appearance of the curls created by Air Curler, and your hair isn’t terribly long or thick, you may want to give it a try.

Your Air Curler Reviews

Have you used the Air Curler? We want your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Updated February 20, 2014

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