Seat Pets Reviews and Product Info

Seat Pets Reviews and Product Info

Seat Pets are stuffed-animal seat belt covers for children. Read our Seat Pets reviews from editors and readers.

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About Seat Pets

Seat Pets are covers which slip over conventional seat belts to provide children with extra comfort in the car. They can also act as a pillow and travel bag, with several compartments for storage of small items. They are available in a variety of characters and colors:

  • Love Bug the Ladybug (black/red)
  • Bentley the Dog (brown)
  • Lincoln the Lion (orange/yellow)
  • Mercedes the Cat (pink)
  • Malibu the Monkey (purple)
  • Yukon the Cow (black/white)
  • Edsel the Monster (green/purple)

SeatPets are machine washable.

Several websites have been used in advertising over the past year. There is, which was registered on May 13, 2010. Another website,, appears to be used primarily for affiliate marketers. Two websites used in television commercials are and

How much do Seat Pets cost?

SeatPets cost $19.99 plus $8 P&H, for a total of $27.99. Once you’ve added one to your online shopping card, you can then buy additional SeatPets for $17.99 each.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.  A backpack strap is included for free with each order.

Seat Pets TV Commercial

Below is a Seat Pets commercial that has been airing recently:

Our Seat Pets Review

We found Seat Pets to be well-made and felt in person as it appeared in the commercial. The large head on the stuffed animal at times seemed to get in the way if the child wasn’t using it as a pillow. It should be noted that Seat Pets are not designed for 5-point car seats, but for children who use a regular seat belt in a booster seat, meaning that it is probably geared more toward the 4 to 8-year old range.

You can find similar products on Amazon for about $10 – $15.


This is a screen capture of from May 2013.

Seat Pets Safety

Perhaps the most important question regarding Seat Pets is that of safety. It is unknown whether or not Seat Pets were crash tested, and therefore it isn’t known if they affect safety, perhaps by re-routing the belt or obstructing it. Most car seat manufacturers recommend against the use of aftermarket products which affect seat belts.

The Canadian government also “recommends that caution be used if selecting aftermarket products, due to their potential hazards. In no case should any product be used that interferes with the proper positioning and adjustment of a child restraint harness or other safety features of a car seat.”

For additional safety information, here is a good article from the Canadian government on the use of third-party aftermarket products such as this: Third-party Aftermarket Products for Children’s Restraint Systems

Fake Seat Pets Reviews

In our research of the product, we found a wealth of “review” sites which were clearly fake, offering nothing but glowing endorsements and affiliate click-through links to purchase the product. Oddly, many of these sites all popped up around the same time in late 2012. In their flimsy attempt at appearing objective, we saw several of these sites listing “cons” such as “children will want all the colors!”

Seat Pets Complaints

The primary complaint we’ve heard about this product is in regard to slow shipping. Despite the website stating it can take 4 weeks to arrive, we’ve heard from some consumers who waited more than double that time.

Bottom Line

Seat Pets may be satisfactory to parents, but for those with safety concerns it may be better used as a stuffed animal or travel bag than a seat belt cover – which defeats its primary purpose, and may not warrant the cost and shipping time.

Your Seat Pets Reviews

Have you used Seat Pets? Give us your reviews in the comments below.


  • My daughter really wanted one, but once she got one, she quickly lost interest and no longer uses it. She is 7 years old.


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