Side Socket Review and Product Info

Side Socket Review and Product Info

Side Socket is a swiveling power strip designed to save space and organize your cords. Read our Side Socket reviews from editors and readers.

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About Side Socket

Side Socket is sold through the official website, which was registered on July 21, 2011. It is registered to Allstar Marketing Group, LLC, which is involved with other “As Seen on TV” products such as Hot Buns, Snuggie, Forever Comfy, and Magic Mesh.

The packaging states that it “conforms to ANSI / UL STD NQ 498A.” It is made in China and is only for indoor use.

How much does Side Socket cost?

Side Socket costs $10.00 plus $7.95 processing and handling for a total of $17.95.  They offer a “free” second one for another $7.95 P&H, but you cannot opt out of this second free unit online. Thus, you can expect to pay $25.90 from the website.

Shipping takes 2-6 weeks, and an additional $10 is added if you want it shipped to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, or Alaska.

Adding the surge protection option is $10 extra, and this option isn’t given to you until after you’ve given your credit card information. The commercial only shows the surge-protected model, but does mention that it’s an option: “Equipped with optional anti-surge protection…” (See embedded video at bottom)

There is a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee (minus P&H).

Side Socket is now available in stores, and a local As Seen on TV store told us it is one of their most popular items. We found a Side Socket with surge protection locally for $12.99. There is also an “Elite” version with 8 plugs and a rating of 2500 joules, which we found for $24.99.

Below is the Side Socket we purchased locally for $12.99.


Our Side Socket Review

We picked up a Side Socket locally and put it to use here behind a computer workstation. We found that the idea behind the Side Socket is a good one, but the product is not without problems. Moreover, poor marketing and customer service make this a lesser option than competing products. Here are the pros and cons we found:

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  • Provides 6 outlets
  • It does swivel as depicted
  • Side access is convenient


  • The advertising shows the upgraded $20 model, but only mentions the $10 price. Many consumers have been upset when they found that the model shown in the ads is more than $10.
  • We found that our cords still fell to the floor, making the organization aspect exaggerated.
  • It’s only available in white, which didn’t match our all-black color scheme.
  • Some common adapters are wider than the Side Socket itself, meaning it may not be fully flush with the wall when some adapters are used.
  • Online ordering and shipping are confusing
  • Customer service is sometimes difficult to reach
  • Using the Side Socket only really provided about an extra inch of space, if that. This hardly makes a room seem bigger, as advertising would have us believe.


We’ve heard several complaints from consumers who have purchased this product, primarily related to the ordering and shipping process. The ordering form is unclear and some have claimed to have been charged for units they did not want.

Most complaints revolve around the $20 surge protection option, which is not clearly explained in the ads.

Bottom Line

The marketing has a bait and switch feel to it. While we only see the $20 Side Socket in the ads, we’re only given the price of the $10 model.

Side Socket looks great and seems to address a common problem, but the reality of the product doesn’t appear to provide as much benefit as the commercial depicts, with only about an inch of wall space saved in our case.

We recommend going to a local Home Depot or Lowe’s and looking at the alternatives, many of which you can find for under $20 with no shipping. Or, if you simply must have a Side Socket, purchase it locally at an “As Seen on TV” section in such stores as Walgreens or CVS. You should be able to find two versions with surge protection.

Your Side Socket Reviews

Have you ordered or used Side Socket? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Bruce

    Is this electrical device UL listed?? You should NEVER buy an electrical device that is not UL listed.

  • Travis

    Sounds like you ordered 2, with each including a free 2nd one as you paid $20 for the order plus 4 shipping charges (7.95 x 4)

  • HD-Lady

    No where on the box, unit or paperwork is it marked that it is UL Listed! Don’t think I trust this electrical unit to be plugged in. Like the old “Clapper” that could catch fire! Hmmm.

  • Sue

    I have not purchased this product; however I still plan on doing so. My purpose for wanting one is solely so I can plug my iPhone chargers behind my bed without kinking the cord and I think this will be suitable for that purpose. In my opinion, the consumers should be aware of the quality of the products. I have purchased many As-Seen-On-TV items and each one was made very poorly so when I buy them I already expect substandard quality. If you’re looking at it for minimal use, I think you would find yourself surprisingly pleased but if you purchase these things with high expectations, you will definitely be disappointed.
    Also, as far as the offer being a scam, everyone knows these commercials and they always offer a second order for free…just pay separate processing & handling fees. Again…no surprise here. I like to wait I until they’re in the stores. They cost about the same as the offers on TV plus P & H fees and you’re able to hold & feel the product and if it breaks you can always return it to the store that you purchased it from. Ta-da! No hassle trying to contact the absentee customer service department. Anyway, that’s just my take on it.

  • Mitzi

    I’ve seen the commercials for this product, and was hesitant about buying it online because the porcessing and handling wasn’t listed. However, I’ve found it at Target. Yes, TARGET for $12.99. So save yourself the aggravation, and get it at Target.

  • Julie

    I ordered yesterday and was surprised that there was no chance to review my order before it was confirmed. I had made a mistake with the quantity and call their customer service 866-596-4604 until closing at 10:00 pm, but they couldn’t access my order yet. They told me to go online to the next day and cancel my order and to call them to place another or do it online. I did that this morning and everything was cancelled.
    I had closely watched and read the announcement so I knew about the increased price for the deluxe socket and xtra shipping for each one.I also saw somewhere that they can be bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond but are more expensive, so I think I’ll just save the shipping cost and go there.

  • Tisa

    Thanks to all who posted about side socket quality and order/cost problems. I will not be buying any. Sad reflection on the made for TV company.

    • Julie

      Please see my experience written after yours. They say the socket is good, but they have to better equip themselves with their online ordering procedure.

  • Jim

    Received my SideSockets a few days ago much to my surprise (since I never received an order confirmation or shipping notification from the company). The units work okay, but feel very cheap when trying to plug cords into them (almost feels like they’re going to crack).

    Like other reviewers here, the main problem was the purchasing experience. I called after I initially made my purchase, thinking that I did something wrong during the checkout process and my order didn’t go through. Did not get any level of confidence when I talked with an operator to confirm the order. Told me to call back at a later time, etc.

    Also, like others here, the end cost was way too high for the product(s) received. Better off getting something locally. At least that way, you’ll know what you’re buying.

  • Linda Lewis

    If you place an order with side socket you will be totally ripped off.

    According to my calculations as I was ordering, my bill would be $45.90 for my 2 items. The company charged me for 3 items and a whopping total of $137.70.
    There was no mention of a processing fee $47.00 that I saw unless it was hidden on all those pages of products they try to sell you before you check out.
    Also, they do not allow you to review your items and final bill before charging it. I have never run into a company that does this. These business tactics are very shady, and I will do my best to let people know that they should not be buying from such an unethical company.

  • Sondra

    So I ordered two at $10 each + 1 free……BIG MISTAKE! Should have looked at the reviews first! The product cost was $20 + the shipping at $31! What about if it fits it ships? Also, the bottom plug is standard metal like most plugs, the top plug is plastic and it doesn’t stay plugged in!

  • Brucester

    It is my experience the Side Socket purchase experience is a total scam from completing your order without your final approval to misrepresenting the product you are going to receive ( a one sided swivel outlet verses a two sided swivel outlet that was shown in their video). Next they conveniently do not provide a communication method to attempt to resolve your issues. Buyer Beware your are entering an old fashion Bait and Switch operation.

  • Scam advertising

    I felt scammed when I bought the side socket because I thought the advertised model included the surge protection but it didn’t and I wanted to cancel my order but the company already had my credit card info and there was no page to cancel before the confirmation was completed

  • Pedro Gonzalez

    I received an e-mail giving me an order number and I have called three time and their customer service tell me that they don’t have the information in order to cancel the order. All I wanted was 2 side sockets adapters and they want to charge me $88.00. The customer service representative told me to call back after 8AM and they should be able to cancel my order(FAT CHANCE). I bet that when I call in the morning they will tell me that they are sorry, that the items have already been shipped. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • GJ

    I Ordered three sets and as you can see my total price was $137.70 — the total indicated $30 each DELUXE — I Did not order DELUXE– for a total of $90.00 PLUS $47.70 processing fee! Of course when I Immediately called them back they said they said they could not cancel my order because it was not yet in their system and that I should call back the next business day which would’ve been two days later. Thankfully, I charged it on a credit card instead of using my debit card and I canceled my credit card and had my credit card company send me a new car so this Scam Company would not be able to process that fraudulent sales charge. I learned a valuable lesson– NEVER input your credit card information and hit enter unless you FIRST have a total!!

  • waffles

    It’s clearly stated that the deceptive marketing is part of the reason for the product’s downgraded rating, as this is how most people know of the product. We suggested buying it locally to avoid such issues.


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