How Many Bernie Sanders Bills Have Passed?

How Many Bernie Sanders Bills Have Passed?

As the 2016 election cycle heats up, one can expect more scrutiny to be focused upon the most high profile candidates – along with some false accusations. Today we take a look the claim that Bernie Sanders has never proposed a bill which passed.

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Sanders Bills Which Passed

Several memes, such as the one below, have suggested that Sanders never proposed a bill which passed in his decades in office. While some of the other claims cited below may delve into a gray area, Sanders’ history of sponsored legislation is simple to verify without refutation.

sanders meme

If we look at Sanders’ record at Congress.gov, we can see that he has in fact sponsored a small number of bills which made it to the President’s desk. Although Sanders sponsored hundreds of pieces of legislation which date back to 1991, only three have become law.

Of all the bills that Sanders sponsored, we have the following breakdown:

  • 357 introduced by Sanders
  • 190 were considered by committee
  • 12 were considered by the floor
  • 1 failed one chamber
  • 6 passed one chamber
  • 3 passed both chambers, went to the President, and became law

Those three bills, according to Congress.gov, are:

S.893 Introduced 5/8/13. The Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2013 which became law in November 2013

S.885 Introduced 5/7/13. A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 35 Park Street in Danville, Vermont, as the “Thaddeus Stevens Post Office” became law in November 2014.

H.R.5245 Introduced 4/27/06. To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1 Marble Street in Fair Haven, Vermont, as the “Matthew Lyon Post Office Building” became law in August 2006.

Thus, the claim that Sanders have never sponsored a bill that passed is untrue. Detractors may point out that two of those three bills merely renamed post offices, but even without those, Sanders does have one significant bill to his name.

Further, Sanders is cited as a co-sponsor on 203 other bills which have become law.


It is incorrect to state that Bernie Sanders never sponsored a bill that became law. He penned a total of three bills which were enacted as law, although two of those simply renamed post offices. Sanders is listed as a co-sponsor on over 200 pieces of legislation.

  • smkngman3

    The vast majority of bills that pass are cosponsored.

    Hillary did do well in working with Bush to get funds for small Wall street businesses post 911, though very few truly small businesses benefited. The VAST majority of that money went to the politically connected like Donald Trump himself!

  • Ronald Lambard

    2 of his 3 bills that passed and became law were renaming USPS offices. Yes, he is a GREAT success at renaming Post Offices.

  • Brandi LesliesQueen Kimbrough

    Unfortunately Bernie Sanders started off as a person of minority statues he has overcame opsticales in life. So basically Bernie is looking at the world from both stand points.

  • gailannr

    No offense JD but you’re one of the idiots too! But worse then Wendy because you can’t string a sentence without using the F word.

  • Does the Sanders campaign pay well or no?

  • TJordan9900

    For once in a very long time, we have the opportunity to elect an FDR-style, New Deal president with a record of fighting for ordinary citizens and no scandals, who is calling out the system for what it is, who is changing the conversation, who has been on the right side of history time and time again, who refuses to rely on Super PACs, or campaign contributions from Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Prisons, etc., who is powered by contributions from everyday people like us, who continues to set unprecedented fundraising milestones ($44 million in March) – and who beats Trump by double digits in almost all of the national polls (at a greater margin than Clinton). This is not your usual election about republicans vs. democrats. It is about corporations vs. the People. Vote wisely.

    • thfan

      You need to check his investments..

  • Wendy Palm

    Do your homework. 3bills of his became law. End of story.

  • Wendy Palm

    That is a very UNIMPRESSIVE record!! Zzzzzzzz

  • cookie23

    this is hilarious; I’d like a job just like that and amass $300,000.

    • Tom Pettinat

      The guy is 74 years old and only have a net worth of 300k, the guy is a loser and should not be considered for President!

      • Arthur Russell

        As a senator, he is paid $174,000 a year and he’s only worth 300K? That’s sad. That shows he doesn’t know how to handle things or anything about a budget. I made less than half of that when I was working and I’m worth more than that.

      • Not true. His net worth is north of 715,000.00 based on disclosures filed in 2015. He’s smart – everything is in his wife’s name so the value of his home in Washington DC and Vermont isn’t reported.

  • Sandra Ekpenyong

    Co-sponsor is a ?member of the US ?Congress who ?formally suggests a new ?law with another ?member:

    The Historic Home and Neighborhood Preservation ?Act was ?introduced by Rep. Tom Tangretti about two ?years ago, with Rep. Mike Sturla as a co-sponsor.

    The highways ?bill was cosponsored by 38 Republicans and 24 Democrats.

  • Sandra Ekpenyong

    Why do Bernie supporters have a hard time counting just as they do when it comes to super-delegate counts? 3 bills are what became law. It is NOT a bill if it does not become law. Secondly what does it mean to co-sponsor? It means that it was someone else original idea and then you tagged your name to it in hopes that it gets passed, it does not necessarily make it your idea or your bill. Maybe if I post the definition of a bill it will help some people out…smh

  • Jon Joneza

    this OP rofl tried way to hard to prove what is already known. Bernie has never accomplished anything other than becoming rich off of other people’s tax dollars.

    • TimeGhost

      You must have access to info no-one else has, because being worth $300,000 is peanuts compared to other Congress critters, on both sides of the aisle.
      Unless you’re just another sock puppet that believes everything on Fox “News”, Breitbart, and The Blaze.

      • Wendy Palm

        He is a multimillionaire. He has everything in fraud/Jane’s name to try to hide it. Failed at that too.

      • The net worth of his family (he and wife) was reported in disclosure forms to be about 715,000.00 in 2015. That said all of the assets are in his wife’s name and the disclosure doesn’t include the home they own in Vermont or Washington DC (according to the report). Seems pretty simply to find if you can Google.

  • thfan

    Sponsering a bill is like signing a petition

  • J. Starr

    One actual Bill in quarter of a century,, and it was so full of pork that the (misleading) name was likely the only reason it passed…

  • Don

    One bill in 26 years is pretty good.

    • cookie23

      wow, sarcasm LOL, I wouldn’t have lasted in my sales job with that kind of record.

  • We agree on the source for confirming this information. If you scroll down to “Status of Legislation,” however, you’ll find that 3 of his 781 sponsored bills became law, and – as cited above – over 200 over his co-sponsored bills became law.

  • Buck Wheat

    The doctors need to increase Sanders meds .

  • TheGreg

    Just for comparison, taking 2011 numbers and extrapolating averages, an average congressman (rep or senator):

    Over 25 years:
    Introduced 431.73
    Committee: No data
    Some Action 46.64
    Failed 1.21
    Passed 17.10

    So below average by a good bit from an “average” congressman.

  • Tabitha Smith

    So show me the bills Hilary or Cruz or Rubio got in. And the 203 that he helped out on some are significant.

    • Wendy Palm

      He is a total loser. Fact.

  • Seerightthere!

    So 25 years and he has only done one thing right? One bill that counts? He’s a friggin superstar…..

    • John S

      One bill on his own, 203 which he co-sponsored with someone else. You should learn to read.

      • Seerightthere!

        Big deal, someone said “Hey Bernie, wanna add your name to this?”

      • Seerightthere!

        25 years…..


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