Curl Secret Review and Product Info

Curl Secret Review and Product Info

Curl secret from Infiniti Pro by Conair offers an automated hair curling solution. Today we offer our Curl Secret review along with additional product info.

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About Curl Secret

Curl Secret is a product by Infinit Pro by Con Air. It’s advertised as an easy and new way to curl your hair. A tagline states, “Get the gorgeous, effortless curls you want, every time!” It has only been on the market since mid-2013.

The product features these “Additional Features:

  • 30-second instant heat
  • High-performance heater
  • Safety tangle-free feature
  • Sleep-mode function
  • Motion detector
  • Auto off
  • Includes easy-twist barrel cleaner

When this review was originally published in August of 2013, the official website was, which was registered on March 14, 2013. While is still operational, seems to be the main website used at this time. In fact, looks almost identical to how looked when this review was first published.

Curl Secret Cost

Curl Secret costs “3 payments of $49.99” with shipping and handing of $9.95 bringing your grand total to $159.92 if you order online or over the phone. If you order two Curl Secret units, the price of the second unit is reduced by $20. You can also find it in stores such as Ulta and Target for about $100. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This is a screen capture from the official Curl Secret website.

This is a screen capture from the official Curl Secret website.

One advertisement for Curl Secret states:

“Something’s happening to curls. It’s by Conair’s Curl Secret. A revolutionary new way to make beautiful curls in seconds. Hair goes in, curl comes out. You can’t see it, it all happens inside. Easy, fast, fabulous. Curl secret from Infiniti Pro by Conair. The secret behind the perfect curl.”


The Google Trends chart below displays search interest in Curl Secret, and shows a peak in December of 2013. Although interest has waned since then, it appears that interest began to surge again beginning in September of 2014.

Our Curl Secret Review

Curl Secret is designed to make hair curling easier, because it does most of the work for you. There are instructions on the website to show you how to obtain nice curls. Here are some observations from our product tests.

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  • Beeps – The product includes beeps to tell you when a curl is complete. It may also alert you if the product is overheating.
  • Curls – The curls created by Curl Secret are perhaps more like waves than curls. The tightness of curls seems to depend on how much hair is inserted at a time. We found the curls held up well, especially after applying hair spray.
  • Speed – It takes about 8 seconds to create a curl.
  • Hair problems – The two concerns we encountered were that some sections became frizzy, and on occasion became tangled in the product. The creators of Curl Secret accounted for possible tangles by including a safety feature.
  • Learning curve. It takes a few tries to get the feel for creating nice curls with Curl Secret. Impatient users may try to curl too much hair at once, which will result in either very loose curls or frizzy hair. Or both. Watching their “how to” videos is helpful.

Keep in mind that Curl Secret may work better when used a couple of millimeters away from the roots

Aside from a few minor issues, we found the product to be exceptional, and a satisfying alternative to manual hair curling. Not everyone will have the patience to learn the nuances required to make this product perform at its best. Those who do will not be disappointed. We give Curl Secret a four star rating.

Bottom Line

Minor issues aside, Curl Secret is a viable alternative to a traditional curling iron, and potentially a superior choice for those who don’t like using curling irons.

Your Curl Secret Reviews

Have you used Curl Secret? Let us hear from you in the comments below.


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