Scratch-dini Reviews and Product Info

Scratch-dini is a car scratch removal product that is said to buff out scratches in seconds. Read our Scratch-dini reviews from editors and readers.

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About Scratch-Dini

Scratch-dini is a formula which is said to quickly buff out scratches from the surfaces of a variety of vehicles. It comes in 4-ounce tubes and is claimed to work on any color finish. The commercial for Scracth-dini claims that it contains something called Carbopal EZ-3 and millions of micro-particles, but it is never explained exactly what this substance is or how it works to remove scratches. In the commercial, it is also claimed that a single 4-ounce tube of Scratch-dini contains enough formula to fix hundreds of scratches.

The official website is, which was registered on March 15, 2013. Their customer service phone number is 1-866-684-5574.

How Much Does Scratch-dini Cost?

A 4-ounce tube of Scratch-dini Scratch Remover costs $10 plus $7.95 processing and handling for a total of $17.95. They also include Scratch-dini Headlight Restorer. They will double the order for another $7.95, for a grand total of $25.90.

There is no way to simply order one bottle of Scratch-dini from the website, meaning their “special offer” is the only option available and you will be charged $25.90.

If you attempt to navigate away from, you’ll be given an option to purchase the product for $5 off your order. On this screen, you’ll also be given the opportunity to select a quantity.

Scratch-dini is now widely available in stores, as we spotted it in an “As Seen on TV” store locally (see graphic below).

Please see our article entitled The “Get a Second One Free” Marketing Ploy regarding this common tactic used by As Seen on TV advertisers.

The official Scratch-dini website, captured in September 2013.

Scratch-dini website captured in fall of 2013. It still appears the same in fall of 2014.

Television Commercial

Below is a recent television commercial for Scratch-dini:

Transcript of the television commercial above:

It happens in the parking lot, when you’re parked on the street. It will even happen in your own garage. A scratch can happen anywhere and who has hundreds to pay a body shop? Well now you can keep your money and get rid of expensive scratches easily with Scratch-dini, the remarkable all-new professional-strength formula that makes surface scratches disappear. It couldn’t be easier. Just use a tiny bit of our revolutionary formula and like magic, you’ll buff away the scratch in seconds. Watch again. Just use a little Scratch-dini and it literally wiped the scratch away. It’s that simple. The magic behind Scratch-dini is B.F. Goodrich CARBOPOL and millions of micro particles that gently and effectively remove surface scratches in one easy step, and best of all it’ll work perfectly with any color finish – guaranteed. You would never intentionally scratch your car, but look how fast and easy Scratch-dini fixes these nasty scratches in seconds. In fact it’s so versatile it works on motorcycles, RV’s, boats, and so much more. “Our detail shop can’t live without Scratch-dini. It’s our go-to fix and it works great.” So forget about paying a collision shop hundreds to sand, paint, and buff out scratches. Call now to get a huge 4oz. tube of Scratch-dini, enough to fix hundreds of scratches, for just ten dollars. But wait, order now and get our revolutionary Headlight Restorer absolutely free. Over time headlights can get dull and oxidized making them dim and dangerous, but watch, you can bring back the brightness so they’re like new in just seconds. Just look at how much safer and brighter your headlights can be. Amazing!  But we’re not finished yet. Call right now and you can double the offer. That’s right, you get a second set of Scratch-dini and Headlight Restorer free, just pay separate processing and handling. You’ll get it all, two tubes of Scratch-dini and two bottles of Headlight Restorer, a huge $35 value for only $10. Don’t wait call now. To order Scratch-dini for just $10 plus processing and handling call 1-800-316-8345 or order online at Don’t delay, call or log on today.


This Google Trends graph shows search interest in Scratch-dini. Searches for the product peaked in January of 2014. Since then, interest appears to have declined.

Our Scratch-dini Review

Car scratch removal products have been on the market for years, with products available from many of the big players such as 3M, Dupont, and Turtle. Scratch-dini has been advertising on television since early 2013, and promises to buff out scratches in seconds.

In our tests of Scrach-dini, we saw no visible improvement in scratches whatsoever, even hairline scratches. We attempted a variety of techniques and scratch depths, and could not achieve an acceptable result for any use of the product. We give Scratc-dini 1 out of 5 stars.

We spotted Scratch-dini in an As Seen on TV store.

We spotted Scratch-dini in an As Seen on TV store.

Bottom Line

We found Scratch-dini Scratch Remover to be ineffective even for hairline scratches. There are less expensive scratch removal options you can purchase locally. A visit to your local auto parts and accessories store may yield many more options. If you are determined to try it, pick it up locally to avoid shipping charges and delays.

Your Scratch-dini Reviews

Have you used Scratch-dini or other car scratch removal products? We want to hear from you in the comments below.

Updated December 2, 2014
Originally published September 2013


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42 Comments on Scratch-dini Reviews and Product Info

  1. Your product sucks. It does not work!

  2. Not that the product does not work, after sending product back no refund after a month, that leads me to believe as a buyer beware on trust issue’s with this company. Per customer service rep. Yaritza no refund, your package must of got lost in the mail. I’ll buy that for dollar so to speak.

  3. Scarlett McMahon // April 2, 2014 at 12:52 pm // Reply

    I only wish that I had been smart enough to read the reviews before ordering Scratch Dini. It does not come close to hiding even the smallest scratches. I’d love to send it back and get my money back but I don’t know if that’s possible. There is no way to contact anyone on the website. I guess this should have been a hint as to how well the product works. I am surprised that these people have not been sued for false advertising.

  4. I’m tired of the scams they get away with on TV. Scratch Dini can’t even get out hairline scratches. You don’t get to see your final bill until they have your credit card number. A $25 order turns into a $77 order. This has got to stop. I’ve complained to many agencies with no avail. False advertising is a crime. The promoters of Scratch Dini should be fined big time. Thieves, outright stealing our money.

  5. CreedeMike // March 7, 2014 at 5:39 pm // Reply

    Thanks for all the reviews, I just saw it advertised and could not believe the advertisement when they showed a deep scratch into the primer and they used the product on it and showed the scratch gone, that is very false advertising!!!!!

  6. I have spent my career suing companies in consumer class actions and I can tell you this sort of scam is nothing compated to what the banks, credit card companies, cell phone companies, insurance companies get away with everyday stealing billions of consumer dollars.

  7. Thanks for the reviews. I just got a hairline scratch on my new RED Impala and was going to use this. I’m not going to buy it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  8. Same Song, 15 million verse’s. Seen add on RFDTV, called knew something was wrong when they wanted Credit Card first but gave it anyway. I filed a dispute with my Bank but probably won’t do any good. $48.80 was my tuition. I did send an email to RFD but haven’t heard anything.

  9. This stuff is the same thing that the local conman in 18 hundreds would go around in a wagon tell you this miracle crap will cure your cold and take spots off your shoes and grow hair on your head. I did not read the review before buying this crap I went for the upgrade size. then I went throw them trying to sell me all kinds of other crap by the time I was done saying no I clicked buy I did not have a page that tells you this is what you bought in case you want to change your order will to my surprise I but two adding up to 71.95 for a 10 dollar item. called the support line told me send it back or they will take 10 dollars off but if I a send it back I have to pay for shipping so I kept it then I get a phone call tell me I signed up for something and I’m getting a 100 dollars of gas cards I told the lady what do you mean I singed up your tell me I have to call cancel it or they will charge my credit card she tells me no you dint singed up for nothing use the gas cards on us I told her I have to cancel this or they will charge me. see says no you just have to make a simple call and tell them you want to cancel it I told lady what the f have iv been saying the last five min I told her this is one big scam. then I tried to use this stuff nothing worked the head light crap no scratches came out of the paint I could have went to my local auto store a bought the same crap that doesn’t work for 5 bucks I have seen scams like this on American greed call your local FBI and report this to them when they get many of calls they will investigate them and put them I prison were they belong hopefully next buba. I repeat this is on big scam do not buy this crap and if you did call you local FBI agency. beware BIG SCAM I AM PUTTING ONE STAR ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE TO ITS REALLY MINES 10 STARS (CRAP)

  10. You idiots are just that, idiots. I just saw the commercial for the very first time and the part with the female and the white car, well, if you freeze the frame right before she starts rubbing the “scratch” you can tell that it’s BLATANTLY OBVIOUS it’s a grease pencil mark, it’s not even close to a real scratch, I guess David Hannum really was right.

  11. I am writing to confirm that I tried ordering by phone from their company. The options are said so quickly one does not know if they are being charged $25.90 or some other amount. At the end the automated does not say how much is charged to your card. I called and cancelled my order and made sure to get operator’s name and ID number. I will have to watch my card now to be sure it isn’t charged.

  12. Thank you very much for these reviews. I should have known better for even considering this product. Thank God I’ve learned enough to at least do some research before spending the money. Thanks to all for saving me a headache and a lot of cash. Thanks to this website and its review!

  13. worst product ever. My wife bought this for 9.99 at seen on tv store in the mall. Absolute garbage. Might as well be bad smelling hand lotion.

  14. I have just finished giggling through ScratchDini Ts&cS. Clause 11 Warranty -NO WARRANTY IS GIVEN AS TO THE PRODUCT BEING FIT FOR PURPOSE. That says it all. My husband was conned by the TV ad, got billed for $25.90 but then ScratchDini called him offering “fuel coupons”. I overheard him say “but you already have my card number” and I asked him to hang up. A “trial” billing of $1 went through our account and I have had to order new debit cards because it was a fraudulent transaction. To have got this much experience AND some miracle cream for less than $26 – much cheaper than 3 years at Law school!! Love to all.

  15. Do not waste your money on this product. Biggest rip off ever.

  16. Classic example of rip-off capitalism.
    If they can get away with it, they will.
    Government consumer protection: what a joke.

  17. Robert Orther // January 4, 2014 at 3:39 pm // Reply

    This crap is absolute garbage! DO NOT WASTE YOU time or money on this crap. This company should be drummed out of business immediately. Their product absolutely SUCKS!!!and they won’t do jack sh_t about it!

  18. Dang, I f ed up! $79 I did a Google search after hearing the tv ad. I should have checked out the comments first. Ditto to all the comments made! Something else, they have no email address to contact them -only a phone number. I saw the red flags and ignored them.

  19. Thank you for the info! Saved me the headache of learning yet another lesson in life!!

  20. I cant even commit on this, They have been promising me its in the mail any day I should be receiving this bs. Hey these scumbags got a free 48.00 from my credit card. Word of advice stay away from this SCAM. It’s scams like this that screw it up for decent companies. A very sicken customer

  21. Hi, Curious Would this product remove scratches on eyeglasses with plastic lenses? Please reply. Tx Gary

    • Rick Willard // December 23, 2013 at 6:17 am // Reply

      TurtleWax makes a product for fine scratch removal. Does a great job on my glasses. Actually, toothpaste is another fine polishing agent.

  22. I placed an order with them $10.00 plus $7.95 SH then an extra free set for SH 7.95 Total for 25.90 Check box (which can be confusing) for
    1 order. They billed me 51.80. Immediately called them and after frustrating chat told me the order would not be posted for 3 hours.
    Requested someone from Management call me back. They refused. This is one of those site who hussles the consumer, operating on the fringe of
    the law and hoping they will wear you down.
    First. The tell you its a live order site and think this will protect
    them from consumer fraud suits. Bull
    Second. Honest companies always put up a page before the order is placed so you can review what you ordered and are being charged. This
    company and many like them don’t show your a review before being charged. Instead you get an e-mail AFTER the charge is placed. And if
    there is mistake, you have to contact them to correct. Then they give you the run around saying order not posted for 3 hours (First call)
    4 hours ( second call after 3 hours) Hoping to wear you down. More bull. Never order from these guys and if you did file a complaint with the FCC.

  23. These “scratches” we see on the vehicles in these commercials are made with grease pencils and can be wiped off with a paper towel. These companies are knowingly deceiving the public.

  24. Worthless waste of money. A mild polishing cream that DOES NOT remove scratches. Those TV commercials are a fake.

  25. Thank you everyone I will not purchase this product ..

  26. Ha! I run a body shop and one day I saw that a customer had some of this in the console of their car. I asked him if it worked or just polished the scratch and received the exact answer that I was expecting. All you have to do is use common sense. If you have a scratch on your car that has gouged the paint, the only way that you are going to replace the paint that is now missing (the “scratch”) would be to fill it with new paint (by spraying or touching up with a brush), or using some kind of acid or heat source to “melt” the surrounding paint. There aren’t any publicly, or even commercially sold products that will do the latter, at least not that I’ve ever heard of. Now, I did see a couple of instances on the commercial that this product may actually work to fix. One was paint transfer from rubbing against another object, meaning that paint (or plastic, rubber, etc.) from the other object that you rubbed your car against is on the surface of the clear-coat. This can usually be simply rubbed off with one swipe of a soft towel and a little bit of lacquer thinner. Seriously, it’s actually easier to do than what they show with the demonstrations on this commercial and, no, it will not damage the paint on your car. If that doesn’t work, then a little rubbing compound or clay magic will get a lot of things off of the SURFACE of the paint. Fine scratches that you can’t hang a fingernail in can be sanded out with very fine grit sandpaper and the dull spot left behind from sanding can be “polished” out with a buffer and a little rubbing compound. There is no product out there that can magically make paint appear out if thin air inside of a scratch – an area that is missing paint. Maybe David Copperfield should start making infomercials on how he can make paint reappear out of nowhere. He might be arable to make a few extra bucks off of some gullible people.

  27. Scratchdini did a good job scratching up my car.

  28. denise morgan // October 25, 2013 at 1:09 pm // Reply

    It is a scam. They do it all the time. We just got taken also. I do not know how they keep getting away with it.

  29. rodfromcranston // October 18, 2013 at 6:17 am // Reply

    I ordered the basic package and wound up with a $35.00 order, which was more than double what was advertised in TV ad.
    I guess they just ad to the order and figure you won’t notice?
    Product is no more effective at removing a scratch, than regular car polish. Same with the headlight restorer.
    Called to get a full refund.
    Don’t waste your time or money on this garbage. It’s a scam.

  30. I feel the pain of everybody. Several years ago, I ordered a radio-advertised product, and after the hard sell, I was somehow charged much more for the one item I wanted. They removed some of the charges, but not all.
    Moral of this story, wait until whatever item is on amazon and read reviews, or in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, where you can return it to the store.
    This method has saved me a lot of heartache.
    Thank you.

  31. Mohammad:
    October 14,2013 at 12;12 PM.
    We must contact consumer fraud agency and better business bureau and inform them about ill legal transactions and fraudulent billing practice
    Do not order any thing on automated telephone, it is very confusing and misleading. Scratchdinne will bill you four or five time moore than you actual order.
    Do not give any information about your cradit card,If you have placed an order on automated telephone you must confirm and must inform your bank about any ill legal billing.

  32. This is the worst product i’ve ever bought online….DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! IT WILL NOT WORK!! Even hairline scratches this product is useless! i actually think they sent me a blank solution. Unbelievable!

  33. Thank you so much for your comments and for Were it not for you I would have ordered Scratchdini as the scratches seem to magically disappear on the commercials. Based on your comments and the comments from other sites, no only am I not ordering this product but i am now going to contact consumer fraud agency and the better business bureau. If we don’t take care of each other this way, who will. Shame on all of those who want to steal our money…thats what it is, STEALING. Be well everyone! RAL

  34. Worthless, don’t waste your money. It’s not even works!

  35. Placed an order for this ScratchDini…. went to hell and back listening to the “automated” service over and over trying to sell MORE products and NEVER once did they repeat or go over exactly what I would be receiving or paying…. and NEVER go an option to even talk to anyone or ask a question ( and they TAKE YOUR CREDIT INFOR before anything else – I think this should be STOPPED – after they take your credit card info you are afraid to just hang up afraid they may stick you with some of the other products they are throwing at you after you have already pressed the button to indicate you only want ONE set of the stuff to try… I called the phone no. as shown on TV – and will NEVER do this again… I just hope I am not stuck with a huge charge on my credit card… will try the customer service number tomorrow during the hours they are supposed to be available – but I would BET that I still won’t get a live person to talk to…. Learned my lesson about these TV ad’s that promise TOO much…

  36. My mom purchased Scratch Dini last week and I tried to remove from her car yesterday and it literally did nothing to remove the scratch whatsoever. I am not sure how much she paid, but she said that she is going to return it immediately.

  37. Worthless paste wax. Doesn’t come close to going what it claims. Don’t throw away you money on this junk.

  38. Matt Evangelista // October 6, 2013 at 1:53 am // Reply

    I bought a scratch remover by a company called Kit and it actually worked. I had a scratch from a dog on my car when it jumped on my car and I thought I had to take it to a shop to get it out but this stuff I bought at drug mart in Cleveland got it out for maybe 3 dollars. Another good product is color magic, I got it at autozone for 9 dollars and using both made the scratch almost totally disappear but in certain sunlight I can still see it but just a little.

  39. Carlos Rodriguez // October 5, 2013 at 8:56 am // Reply

    I just placed an order and the process is very confusing. I only wanted to purchased the special as it says above for a total of $25.90 but I got a bill for $77.77. Nobody is attending over the weekend and I hope to correct the order or cancel.

    • OncNrsSpursSoccerChick // February 15, 2014 at 2:27 pm // Reply

      @Carlos Rodriguez…..SO WHAT HAPPENED???? Were you able to cancel your order OR return it & get your money back?? I’m doubtful, as this too has happened to me. I ordered something online over a w/e….on a Sunday….& when it came out to MORE than it’d said, customer service was CLOSED, even though I’d phoned in the order & when I called MONDAY to cx my order, “sorry lady, it’s already been processed although it didn’t arrive for 8 weeks!!!!!!! Scammers…..the whole bloody lot of ‘em!!!!!

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