Light Angel Review: Does it Work?

Light Angel Review: Does it Work?

Review of Light Angel, a motion-detecting LED portable light, advertised to be a lighting solution for a variety of settings.

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About Light Angel

Light Angel appears to be related to “InstaBulb” which was advertised a few years ago. Whereas InstaBulb was advertised mainly as a stick-up indoor light, Light Angel is primarily marketed as an outdoor security light. Unlike InstaBulb, Light Angel contains LED lights and is motion-activated.

The official website is, which was created on December 13, 2003, though this product did not exist on that domain until 2013. The tagline is “Motion activated stick up LED light.”

How much does Light Angel cost?

Light Angel costs $12.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling for a total cost of $20.98. You can pay a “separate fee” to get the Olde Brooklyn Lantern.

Light Angel

This is a screen shot of the Light Angel website, captured August 2013.

Television Commercial

Below is a television commercial for Light Angel:

Transcription of another Light Angel television commercial:

Are there places around your home where you wish you had a light but you don’t? Hi, Anthony Sullivan here for the Light Angel, the motion activated LED light that sticks up in seconds and goes practically anywhere. It’s like a guardian angel for your home that lights up the way for you, your family, and friends.  Light Angel’s weather resistant adhesive sticks to practically anything.  It’s perfect for lighting up a porch, making your pool safer and lots more. The light angel tilts back and forth so you get the perfect amount of light exactly where you want it. It swivels 360 degrees so you can light up almost anything. Stick it up by the front door, use it by the back door or a side entrance. It can even light up a shed. The Light Angel is the first one to see you coming and makes a great garage light. The secret is the technologically-advanced motion detector that automatically activates the light whenever a human, pet, or automobile crosses its path.  “Your home is far less likely to be broken into with the motion sensor light. That’s why we recommend Light Angel to our residents.”  It stays cool to the touch and you can even use it indoors to brighten up a closet that doesn’t have a light and it’s great under a sink or in tight spaces. Light Angel’s seven LED bulbs will stay bright for 100,000 hours. Use four AA batteries, stick up with no tools and turns off after 60 seconds.  Even when the power goes out you can depend on the light angel to be your guardian angel. You could spend a fortune on a motion sensor light and you need tools to install it. Or you can call or click now and get the stick-up motion-activated Light Angel for $12.99 and as part of this special offer you can double the value you can also get our best-selling Olde Brooklyn Lantern, the vintage style lantern with powerful LED technology. Light Angel just $12.99. Call now for this amazing TV-only offer. When you order find out about free shipping.

Our Light Angel Review

We tried Light Angel in several locations to to determine its effectiveness. The brightness is not quite as impressive as the commercials would have you believe, and the area illuminated by the light has a rather small radius. It is, however, sufficient for small spaces, such as a back porch or shed. Its brightness does not compare to standard security flood lights.

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The motion detecting feature works, but we found it somewhat unpredictable, ranging from 10 to 20 feet. The light automatically shuts off about a minute after the last motion is detected.

It should be noted that Light Angel only works in the dark, and mounts with double-sided tape. It does not attach as well to stucco as it does to wood or other smooth surfaces.

Bottom Line

Light Angel may be sufficient for those with realistic expectations of a battery-operated LED light. While it may not live up to the hype of the commercial, it may be useful for consumers looking to light up a small area.

Your Turn

Have you tried Light Angel? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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