Pop Chef Review: Does it Work?

Pop Chef Review: Does it Work?

Pop Chef is advertised as a fun way to make unique food snacks. Today we’ll offer our Pop Chef review, along with additional product information.

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About Pop Chef

Pop Chef comes with shape cutters, a bulb, skewers, and a recipe book. The official website is, which was registered on November 5, 2012. Their tagline is “The quick and easy way to make unique, fun snacks!”

How much does Pop Chef cost?

Pop Chef costs $10 plus $5.99 shipping and handling, for a total of $15.99. They including a “30 piece special occasion set” for an additional $5.99, and it does not appear you can opt out of this extra. There is a 30-Day money back guarantee. You get 1 bulb, 25 bamboo skewers, 6 shape cutters, and 1 recipe book.

Pop Chef is available in stores for about $11.

Pop Chef Review

This is the official Pop Chef website, captured in August 2013.

Television commercial

Below is a recent television commercial for Pop Chef:

Transcript of the television commercial

What’s eye popping, worth chomping, and always show stoppin’? Pop Chef, the new funtastic way to make delicious edible creations your family will love to eat.  Grab your camera to capture this gift making fun for everyone!  Watch, just choose any shape, press into your favorite food, then Pop perfect hearts!  Pop, super circles!  Or pop, sweet stars into a mouth-watering masterpiece. Transform simple sandwiches into extraordinary ones for lunch. Turn regular fruit into a healthy bouquet display or create the coolest vegetable party tray that’s “snack-tastic”.  No knife, no cookie cutters and no mess. The secret is Pop Chef’s three-in-one air popping action that instantly shapes, pops, and creates all your favorite food. Pop singles or more, thick or thin, so the kids will eat healthy again. And check this out, use Pop Chef to decorate cupcakes for birthdays, cookies for special occasions, or make holiday treats that can’t be beat. Store-bought food arrangements can cost over $50, but the same made with Pop Chef is just a fraction of the price. You’ll receive the Pop Chef with butterfly, flower, sun, heart, circle, and star cutters. Plus 25 decorating skewers, all for just $10. We’ll even include this idea book free. Use the tips inside to make a valentine surprise that’s sure to get a hug. But we’re not done. We’ll give you our thirty-piece special occasion set with unique designs free, just pay separate processing and handling. This eye-popping, show-stopping 60-piece set is all yours for $10. So start popping with Pop Chef.

Our Pop Chef Review

Pop Chef is designed as a fun way to get kids involved in food preparation. Shapes are cut with the cutter and then “popped” out of the tube by squeezing the bulb.

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The biggest marketing appeal of the product – the “pop” created by squeezing the bulb – is also its biggest drawback. While the cutting feature worked to varying degrees (seemingly dependent on the ripeness of the fruit, and it didn’t work well on bread), the ability to “pop” the food out of the tube did not seem nearly as easy as it looked in the commercial. We found that food often became lodged in the tube, which we had to mangle to extract. When working with fruit, this proved to be quite messy.

We didn’t find much of an advantage over using inexpensive cookie cutters, which will also make these fun shapes without the nuisance of extracting them from a tube.

Bottom Line

Pop Chef is on par with inexpensive cookie cutters. If you want to try it, pick it up locally to avoid shipping charges and delays. Depending on your experience, Pop Chef may be frustrating or a fun product to use with your children.

Your Pop Chef Reviews

Have you used Pop Chef? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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