Ove Glove Reviews

Ove Glove Reviews

Our review of the Ove Glove from Joseph Enterprises, a flame resistant oven glove that can withstand high heat. “Grab it while it’s HOT!”

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About the Ove Glove

Brought to us by Joseph Enterprises, the same company that markets the Clapper and the zany series of Chia heads that you’ve probably seen advertised on TV, the Ove Glove is a sort of glorified oven mitt.  According to the product website, it is described as being crafted from Kevlar & Nomex by DuPont, the same materials used to make military grade body armor and the flame resistant suits worn by firefighters.  Purportedly, this allows the Ove Glove to tolerate temperatures up to 540 degrees F. It is also equipped with strips of silicone that apparently reduce the probability of items slipping from your hands. As stated, the Ove Glove is available in left or right handed variants, and for cleaning purposes is machine washable. Beyond cooking, it is also usable for repositioning logs in the fireplace, car repairs, grilling/barbecuing, welding, and changing light bulbs. The product website can be viewed at


How much does the Ove Glove cost?

Browsing a number of online vendors, prices seem to range from somewhere between ~$10-$20 for a single glove. Units of 2 gloves are also available for purchase. It does not appear that the Ove Glove can be purchased directly through the product website, but the website does provide a listing of retailers that carry the merchandise as well as a store locator that searches via zip code. A test search in a Midwestern area revealed quite a large list of retail options within a 25 mile radius, yet I’m not sure if this applies directly to the Ove Glove or just Chia products. There is also a short list of endorsed online retailers, and a warning that some online dealers may be selling spurious versions of the Ove Glove that are of inferior quality.

Ove Glove TV Commercial

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Sometimes removing pans from the oven can be too hot to handle. Ouch! Or that dish can slip, causing a big mess. You need the new Ove Glove hot surface handler. Now with non-slip silicon grips that help you hang on to slippery dishes and hot lids, and easily move from the oven to the stove without ever getting burned.

The Ove Glove is made from the same flame resistant material used by firefighters, Nomex and Kevlar by DuPont. This tough material resists intense heat up to 540 degrees.

Using the Ove Glove during the barbecue season lets you sear your steaks, not your hands. And it’s five finger “flexi-grip” is perfect for hot jobs around the house, even arranging logs in the fireplace. Use the Ove Glove as a trivet and protect your tabletop. and it’s machine washable.

For great protection and control, don’t get just any glove, make sure it’s the Ove Glove. Now with non-slip silicone grips.

Our Ove Glove Review

I own a generic version that I keep nearby when cooking, and it is handy. The convenience is in having a five-fingered, padded glove for frying food and removing dishes from the oven, but I’m sure the generic version pales in comparison to the authentic model. A visit to the DuPont website confirms that the makers of Ove Glove are one of only a handful of licensed manufacturers of gloves using Kevlar fibers. This is pretty impressive, and I’d enjoy an opportunity to try a legitimate production.

When cooking, I tend to multitask, so it can be somewhat inconvenient to come from a completely unrelated task to quickly slip on the glove when a dish requires immediate attention. In these instances, I end up folding the glove in half  to use like a regular oven mitt. The only other negative aspects of the glove that I have experienced is that it may be difficult to perform actions requiring fine motor skills (due to bulkiness) and it is not impervious to water/steam, yet I see that Joseph Enterprises also manufactures an anti-steam variation.

Bottom Line

Being flame retardant, heat resistant, and durable with silicone grips, the Ove Glove is a handy, versatile, and well-made product. It is highly rated on Amazon with hundreds of users rewarding it 5 stars, though the marketers do warn that some sites (specifically Amazon) may be vending forged products that are not constructed with Kevlar & Nomex from DuPont. The cons of the Ove Glove are in it’s reduction of fine motor skills, permeability to water/steam, and possible inconveniences when multitasking.

Your Ove Glove Reviews

Have you used the Ove Glove by Joseph Enterprises? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

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