Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews: Does it Work?

Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews: Does it Work?

Perfecter Fusion Styler is a heated styling tool that is cool to touch and designed to combine several standard styling products into one tool. Read our Perfecter Fusion Styler reviews from editors and readers.

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About Perfecter Fusion Styler

Perfecter Fusion Styler was created by Maria McCool of Calista Tools. The official website is, which was registered on January 8, 2013.

Contact Info

You can contact the company at 973-287-5199 or via email at [email protected] Their customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 8pm ET, and on weekends 9am to 5pm ET. They also have a Facebook page at That page contains additional user reviews, which are mostly either glowing 5-star reviews or angry 1-star evaluations.

How much does Perfecter Fusion Styler cost?

Perfecter Fusion Styler costs $99.99, although they allow you to break the payments up into three payments of $33.33. Shipping is free. There is a 60-day money back guarantee and they sell warranties of 4 years and 2 years which can be purchased separately.

The product can be found in some stores, and a few readers have said that you may be able to find it for less at QVC.

Features & Claims

  • Salon results in 3 minutes
  • 2-inch round heated fusion brush
  • Replaces curling iron, straightener, and round brush
  • Two temperature settings, low and high
  • Safe to touch
  • Not for use on wet hair

Screen Shots

Below is a screen shot of the official Perfecter Fusion Styler website, taken in October 2013, following by a screen grab of how the website appears in July 2014:



Television Commercial

Below is a television commercial for Perfecter Fusion Styler:

Transcript of the Perfecter Fusion Styler commercial:

Finally, one single, perfect styling tool.  Introducing the incredible Perfecter Fusion Styler . It’s simply the most revolutionary new hair care tool ever invented. The first and only hot styling tool that gives you both hands to effortlessly guide your style, giving you the results of these four styling tools with just one Perfecter Fusion Styler.

“The Perfecter has replaced a curling iron, a straightener, a round brush..”

“It’s everything that you need in this one little magic wand; I mean it really is a magic wand!”

The Perfecter features two temperature settings: Low for thin, fine hair, and high for hair that’s thick or coarse. The Perfecter will give beautiful style. No matter what your hair type, if you can brush your hair, you can perfect it in just three minutes. And the best part, the Perfecter is actually good for your hair! The secret is a revolutionary new hot-styling breakthrough called fusion styling. Rapid shining, hair smoothing, ceramic heat from the center of the barrel fuses with hydrating healing and frizz-fighting ion molecules that are released all around the Perfecter’s wide nylon bristles. The barrel stays warm, but the bristles are cool to the touch. It’s the biggest innovation in hair care ever! A hot styler you can actually hold in both hands.

“So, the Perfecter I can put my hand on it to help me guide it and it doesn’t burn my hand, it doesn’t burn my scalp and for me to able to see the shine with one brush stroke from the Perfecter is amazing to me.”

You could pay up to five hundred dollars for a salon quality dryer and brush, curling iron, and straightener. But the Perfecter Fusion Styler gives you the soft, silky, beautiful hair and style you’ve always dreamed of in less time for a fraction of the price.

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Our Perfecter Fusion Styler Review

In our tests of the Perfecter Fusion Styler with several subjects of different hair types, we noted the following observations:

Bristles: The most common complaint online is that of the bristles (or teeth) breaking off. We did not experience this, but this does seem to be a problem for a certain number of consumers.

Difficulty: There is a learning curve involved to create optimal styles.

Duration: Most hair types kept their curls for the entire day. Thinner hair tended to lose the curl faster than thicker hair.

Hair Length: The product performed equally well on short or long hair, although hair type did make a difference.

Hair Type: The product seems best suited for medium thickness hair. Very thick hair tended to get tangled in the unit more easily than other types, while very thin hair did not hold as long.

Heat: One of the selling points of the unit is that it is cool to touch. We found this claim accurate, and this feature provides additional flexibility to those who have a more hands-on styling technique and like to use their spare hand in the styling process.

Frizzy hair: If you already have frizzy hair, the Fusion Styler will probably not give you dramatic results in alleviating this problem.

Perfecter versus a Curing Iron: The end results of the Perfecter Fusion Styler versus a traditional curling iron were similar, although we did not find the curls created by the Perfecter to be as tight as curls achieved by a curling iron.

Third Party Offers: In 2014, we are hearing from some customers that the company will attempt to include additional products in your order, such as magazine subscriptions. You will have to contact these third parties directly in order to cancel those subscriptions.

Waves: We found curling and straightening to be rather easy with the Perfecter Fusion Styler, but creating waves wasn’t as easy as with a wave curling iron.

It should also be noted that it is best to use this product on hair that has been brushed and de-tangled. Use it on smaller sections for optimal results.

Customer Service

Although we did not have to communicate with customer service, several commenters below have expressed frustration with customer service when attempting to return or replace the Perfecter Fusion Styler. You may want to scroll through their Facebook page comments to see how complaints are handled. For this reason, you may want to consider purchasing the product locally to avoid any problems should you need to return or replace it.

Bottom Line

The Perfecter Fusion Styler is a competent hair care product, similar to popular products such as InStyler. How well it performs will depend largely on the user’s ability to use the product, and the hair type involved. At $90-$100, it may be seen by some as too expensive in comparison to significantly cheaper curling products on the market which perform similarly. Due to continued complaints about breaking teeth along with unresponsive customer service, we recommend buying this product to avoid shipping and return problems.

Your Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews

Have you used Perfecter Fusion Styler or one of its competitors? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

  • Maureen Hossack

    So disappointed. My digital perfector quit working after two months. Cold turkey! I thought oh we’ll it must be my fault as I had travelled and packed it in suitcase. So I bought another one and low and behold after one month it will not heat up either! Looks like I now will have the nightmare of calling customer service. I am in Canada do not buy it! Waste of money if they do not tand by product!

  • donna

    I bought the perfecter and it got caught in my hair and would not budge. I just knew that I was going to have to get someone to cut it out of my hair. I worked and work to get this thing out of my hair to keep from cutting it, after a long, long laborious fight I finally got it out of my hair along with a clump of my hair.

    I hate this thing, and I am SENDING IT BACK. They will give me my money back or I will sue them for loss of hair.

  • Erika

    They do have horrible customer service, I called the company because I wanted to return the product and I could never get through. When I finally did the customer service rep kept trying to force me to keep the product, I told her over 10 times that I did not want it and she kept insisting, it was ridiculous. So I ended up returning the styler because it dosent work, it did nothing to my hair, I was very disappointed. I would recommend to NOT buy it. Its a waste of money.

  • Kathleen Millard

    I used to love my Perfector until I started noticing a little black item every now and then on the bathroom floor and realized the teeth were breaking off from the barrel after using it three to four times a week for about 7 to 8 months. One must use the Calista Perfector over time before the flaw begins to emerge but once it starts, it doesn’t stop. Teeth are missing in mostly but not totally, the same vicinity on the barrel – one next to another for the most part, and it occurs when using the Perfector. (Twenty-one teeth have broken off so far. One section in the middle of the barrel has 5 missing teeth together in one row; 3 missing together in the adjacent row; with 1 missing tooth in rows on either side of the aforementioned large gap rows. Besides that, there is another section on the top end farthest away from the handle that has one set of 4 missing teeth together in a row. The remaining missing teeth are 1 to 2 per row which makes the 21 total missing teeth. Out of 11 rows on my Perfector, only five still have all 16 teeth). Perhaps the Perfector was released for sale without adequate (or any) quality assurance testing. There is obviously an inherent problem with a product designed to heat up with each use that’s made with materials which it seems, are not heat resistant/cannot handle the heat and thus, over time, become brittle and break off. Soooooo, depending on how much you pay for one, decide if that price is worth a product that will operate beautifully, as advertised (in my case), for about 7 to 8 months and starts deteriorating afterwards, because with frequent usage, that’s about how long you’ll have it before the teeth start falling off. Also, if your hair is long (straight or curly doesn’t matter), it will eventually get tangled up in the Perfector and it takes patience to free your hair. You will become frustrated if you’re in a hurry when this happens; and if your Perfector’s teeth start popping off, your hair will become tangled in the barrel more frequently because of the missing teeth. I think Calista Tools should seriously look at this product’s “teeth issue”, correct it and try again. In the meantime, they should own up to the problem and give much better customer service to make things right for customers who have enjoyed the product as well as those who have not.

    Actually, some of us would love to continue using a product like the Perfector if the company would “iron out the kinks” and since Calista Tools doesn’t seem to care, perhaps a different company (that operates with integrity) should take the concept and without infringing on the Perfector’s copyright, offer a similar but better product that has been tested over time before it’s released for sale. Once it’s on the market, they should stress that it’s sold with a return policy if a customer is dissatisfied with the product. There are plenty of folks who would love to purchase a good, reliable, and built to last (at least for a reasonable amount of time considering the price) product like the Perfector, if the kinks were ironed out and if the teeth didn’t pop off within the first year of ownership. Shame on Calista for such poor customer service – for not acknowledging complaints from so many customers about the teeth breaking off! I truly hope that a well-constructed, pre-tested quality hair styler similar to Calista’s Perfector is on the horizon of being introduced into the marketplace soon; a product that will be developed, advertised, and offered to the public by an upstanding Company that values its’ customers and operates with high standards. I’d certainly buy one. There are plenty of upstanding companies that advertise and sell their products on television that credit the accounts of dissatisfied customers who return their product, with full refunds (usually minus shipping & handling). On the other hand, Calista was my first experience ordering a product through an automated telephone system (in response to the television infomercial) that I finally had to hang up on because after I ordered the Perfector it went on-and-on with offers of all kinds of other items including magazines, when all I wanted to do was order one Perfector. I was surprised that my order actually went through. Perhaps that was the red flag that something was amiss w/ Calista Tools.

  • Brenda Soto

    I bought a Perfecter fusion styler in the store.
    I would like to get a warranty but I can not find the website to do it. Can you please help.

  • Lorraine

    Bought from QVC 3/29/2013. Since then it has lost over 10 of the nylon teeth. Called company to see if they sold replacement parts, but could not get an answer. Would not buy again. QVC offered to refund, but not really there problem.

  • fred wittmer

    Was thinking of buying for wife, after reading negative comments, poor service and no back up service decided against it.

  • Darlene

    I love this product! I do not ever want to go back to a curling iron. I have very thin hair and this creates a more natural curl and holds the curl much better than using a curling iron.

  • Mary Lopez

    It seems that anytime I read about products sold on TV there are multitudes of comments about products not being received or money not being returned, etc., etc. I’d love to try the Perfecter but only when or if it shows up in stores.

    • waffles

      Purchasing locally can save loads of headaches from slow delivery to non-refundable shipping.

  • GoldenMoon

    I was so excited in buying this product. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I am not buying this Perfecter.

  • Faye

    Mine quit working after about 7 Weeks. I tried to get a refund or replacement from the shopping channel which is where I bought it. Apparently they have a 30 day warranty only on this product and I see why. So I called the customer service number for perfect and ask them to explain their 60 day money back guarantee. They have one but because I purchase the product from shopping channel I’m on my own. Bottom line, don’t buy one!!!!

  • Anette

    Reading all the reviews I will NOT purchase the product. Thank you all for sharing this information.

  • Kathy

    I purchased the Perfecter and paid for Overnight Delivery. I purchased the product on the 29th and I am still waiting (the 2nd) for this overnight deliver. I called to complain and was told even though I ordered on a Friday – they don’t ship until Monday so my purchase won’t arrive until Tuesday. I could have paid much less for a Tuesday delivery. Who knew that Friday is part of the weekend?
    Very disappointed and I don’t even have the product yet.

    • mona

      Wow I was seriously thinking of ordering a perfecter but now I will leave it alone. Thanks so much for sharing. Mona

  • Nancy

    TERRIBLE customer service, placed an order two weeks ago, get a “limited offer” card from Perfecter Fusion Styler yesterday,so I just called to follow-up on my order: talked to 2 reps and a supv, they have no record of it. Weird,the card they sent me has the correct name and mailing address. What I think happened is the lady I placed the order with over the phone, got upset because I did not want to buy all the “bells&whitles”, special warranties, replacement insurance, so after 20 min of telling her I did not want any additonal products, just the styler, I am sure she decided to screw me. Now I have to worry as to what she did with my credit card information…….uuuuggghhh!!!!!
    So please be aware.

  • georgiegirl

    I got mine and returned it in August 2013 and have been trying to get credited ever since. Every time I talk to someone they say they will credit my account and as of today – 10/30/13- they have not. I am on hold and do not really think anyone is going to answer. I would like to see if anyone else has had this problem and maybe we can get together and take legal action against this company.

    • waffles

      Thanks for the comment. What was your reason for returning it?

    • Mensch

      Thank you for commenting. Was going to buy the product, but will not even bother now. Sorry for your troubles. 🙁

  • cathy Scullin

    I want to let everyone know that I ordered this and it quit heating within a few months. The company (after being put on hold and hung up on many times) said basically it is not their problem. Lots of luck with this company. They ship bad merchandise and do not back it up. Don’t pay good money for this piece of junk. There is no assurance it will work for more than a few months and you are just out the money!

    • waffles

      Thanks for the heads up. We haven’t had it quite that long yet, but hopefully it is only an isolated problem.

  • Cal

    I think you’ve been hacked. Unless this review is a hoax itself.


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