NutriBullet Reviews and Product Info

NutriBullet Reviews and Product Info

Review of NutriBullet, a high-performance blender that claims to provide a nutritional breakthrough. Read our NutriBullet reviews from editors and readers.

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About NutriBullet

NutriBullet is a product that has been advertised in late night infomercials for the past several years. It claims to offer a revolutionary “breakthrough in nutritional science…”

Although the infomercial claims that it is not a blender or a juicer, retailers such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond describe it as a high speed blender/juicer system and it is usually categorized alongside other high-performance blenders. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as most high-performance blenders are typically much more expensive than the NutriBullet.

If we put the hype aside for a moment, the NutriBullet is a high-performance blender, which is certainly not new or unique. Perhaps its bullet shape is unique, but claims that it is a “breakthrough in nutritional science” seem to be somewhat of a stretch. That said, anyone looking to purchase a high-performance blender should expect to pay $250-$700. For this reason, the NutriBullet may bring high-performance blending to a wider base of consumers.

Here are a few NutriBullet features of note:

  • It has a 600 watt motor
  • 24-ounce capacity vessel
  • Dishwasher safe (aside from motor base & blades)
  • Made of stainless steel and BPA free plastic was registered on January 10, 2011. This product should not be confused with Magic Bullet, which is a smaller blender system.

How Much Does NutriBullet Cost?

The NutriBullet website is currently offering a “2 for the price of 1” special. Customers ordering from the website can not opt out of this special deal. Two NutriBullet blenders are sold for $119.94 plus $19.95 shipping and handling (S&H), and an additional $19.95 S&H charge for the second blender. Total for two NutriBullet blenders = $159.84. They also allow the option to pay six payment installments of $19.95  plus the two $19.95 S&H charges (the total is the same).

If you want to buy a NutriBullet, we recommend buying it in person from a local retailer. Buying it online or on the phone via the phone number in the infomercial will cost you more than simply going to the nearest Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, where it will cost you (as of this writing) about $90. The only advantage to the online/phone option is that they will allow you to break it up into the six installment payments of $19.95.

Here is a good comparison of the NutriBullet versus the much more expensive Vitamix high-performance blender. The consensus of the two reviewers was that the NutriBullet was a viable competitor to the more expensive VitaMix.

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The Claims

The infomercial states that the NutriBullet “breaks down and pulverizes food…opening up their hidden nutritional value.” It is claimed that the unit is designed to break down the cell walls, unleashing the nutrients inside. The infomercial features NutriBullet guru David Wolf, described as a longevity expert, nutrition expert, and best-selling author. He excitedly pitches the product to an impressed infomercial audience.

The benefits claimed to be achieved by using NutriBullet are feeling younger, supercharging metabolism, fighting inflammation, increasing libido, improving sleep, fighting cold & flu, balancing hormones, weight loss, and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Health Benefits of NutriBullet

Little is offered in the way of proof that any condition can be cured or improved by drinking juices created by NutriBullet, so we take any such claims with a grain of salt. Further, we believe that an infomercial such as this should refrain from the implications that a high-end blender can be the cure to serious ailments. A healthy lifestyle can cure or alleviate some conditions, but blended juice alone is not the only ingredient in the recipe for good health.

Our NutriBullet Review

We tested a NutriBullet for two weeks. We had no issues with leaks or breaks during that time, although complaints we’ve received about breakage typically occurred after several months of usage. In our tests, we found that it blended quite well, and in most cases we were happy with the consistency of the liquids we created. Depending on what is being blended, some juices turned out gritty, but most were completely smooth. We also found that adding water sometimes diluted the taste too much. This, of course, requires experimentation for each individual and each recipe.

Though we aren’t impressed by the hype in the infomercial, we actually found the NutriBullet to be a pretty competent high-performance blender, and a good product for the price.

NutriBullet Cons

Even though our tests were generally positive, we have received complaints from other users about NutriBullet. The biggest complaints we’ve heard are regarding leaking or breaking. Some consumers have had their NutriBullets break after a couple of months of use, and the process of fixing/replacing the unit has been a headache for some (taking weeks or longer to sort out). Further, some have complained that when their units leaked, it created a messy experience which in some cases ruined the unit. It isn’t clear how many of these “leaky” units were due to users over-filling the NutriBullet (over-filling any blender can lead to leakage).

Google Trends History

The Google Trends graph below shows search interest in NutriBullet over time. Interest in the product has increased steadily since March of 2012. A large peak surge occurred in January of 2015 before declining.

Bottom Line

The NutriBullet appears to be a good product for the price, provided you get a system that doesn’t break or leak. We recommend purchasing it locally, rather than online or through the phone.

Your NutriBullet Reviews

Have you purchased a NutriBullet? Give us your NutriBullet review in the comments below.

Updated February 14, 2015
Originally published January 2013

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