Tommie Copper Reviews: Does it Work?

Tommie Copper is advertised as a product which can help a variety of ailments and assist in sports performance. Today we offer our Tommie Copper review from editors and readers.

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About Tommie Copper

Tommie Copper is compression wear founded by Tom Kallish, who claims to have created it after finding traditional products to be uncomfortable. The official website,, was registered on January 20, 2010, while – which has been used in infomercials – was registered August 5, 2011.

Tommie Copper was originally marketed with Montel Williams as its spokesman, and focused on the pain relief properties of its products. By 2014, Tommie Copper infomercials highlighting its athletic line of products could also be seen.

Compression Wear

The rise in popularity of compression wear has been hastened by high-profile athletes who are often seen wearing them. While most compression wear is marketed for athletic use, Tommie Copper is presented as a product which bridges the gap between sportswear and pain relief.

Does Tommie Copper Contain Copper?

There was some question as to whether or not Tommie Copper actually contained copper in its fabric. The 2011 version of the website’s FAQ explained that copper is used in the product:

After many months of designing and testing various fabrics, Tom invented a proprietary fabric that met his comfort requirement. At the same time, Tom had been studying the healing effects of copper on the body. He felt that the combination of compression and copper would increase the effective results of the product he was designing. By combining the benefits of this revolutionary compression fabric with patented copper infused yarn, Tom created what is now Tommie Copper’s Cu29 Compression fabric which is used in all of Tommie Copper’s Compression wear.

There was also a discussion in the 2011 FAQ about the user of copper in medicine for thousands of years, and that “Copper is an entirely natural and essential nutrient to human health.”

In early 2013, the FAQ said nothing about copper being used in the fabric or about its medicinal purposes, simply stating:

Tommie Copper compression uses multi-directional support and proprietary fabric to provide supportive relief while being comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day.

It also explained that the name Cu29 is used to help remember the Tommie Copper name, which is certainly a big change from the explanation in the 2011 FAQ.

By 2014, the description had once again changed:

Activated copper is at the core of every TC garment. By a proprietary process, it is permanently and densely infused into all performance yarns, releasing ions that provide anti-microbial protection, skin benefits and help you feel better.

In early 2013, we called Tommie Copper to verify if copper is contained in their products. A representative by the name of Brandon answered our call:

TC: Thank you for calling Tommie Copper. This is Brandon, how may I help you?
Waffles: Can you confirm that your products actually contain copper in the fabric?
TC: Yes the copper-infused nylon is used. 
Waffles: OK I was just trying to find out if there was copper used before I ordered.
TC: There is copper in the fabric, yes.  It’s not like a solid sheet of metal but it’s small particles infused in the fabric. 

We also emailed Tommie Copper in February 2013 and received the following response, detailing the materials in their fabric:

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Thank you for your recent message & interest in our Tommie Copper Products! For your convenience we have provided a listing of the contents our product is composed of.

Tommie Copper Shirt contents:
56% Copper Nylon
28% Nylon
16% Lycra (Spandex)

Tommie Copper Sleeve, Shorts and Glove contents:
57% Copper Nylon
29% Nylon
14% Lycra (Spandex)

Tommie Copper Sock contents:
65% Nylon
27% Copper Nylon
5% Spandex
3% Olefin

The material used in the bands (found on ankle, calf, elbow and knee sleeves) contain: 54% polyester and 46% rubber.

tommie copper review

Tommie Copper’s website in 2014 adds active wear to its catalog.

Tommie Copper Products

In early 2013, the Tommie Copper line consisted of: Elbow sleeve, knee sleeve, ankle sleeve, calf sleeve, wrist sleeve, shirts, gloves,  socks, and tights.

By 2014, Tommie Copper had expanded its line to include a sportswear line of compression garments called “Active Fit” which is designed for exercise. The company also added the “Compression Fit” label to their original pain relief apparel.

Our Tommie Copper Review

This review is based on a purchase in early 2013. Our tester felt he was a good fit to try the product because of chronic knee problems. We ordered the knee sleeve directly from the website for a cost of $24.50 plus shipping, for a total of $32. The item arrived about 10 days after we placed the order. Having worn traditional compression wear and braces in the past, our tester had a good idea of how this product compared to the alternatives. He reported that those traditional compression garments and bracers were heavier and bulkier than Tommie Copper. He also noted that the Tommie Copper sleeve was lighter in weight and more comfortable, and did not feel as though his knee was being squeezed while wearing it. The amount of actual pain relief was comparable to a $15 knee braces found at any drug store. Considering the lighter, more comfortable fabric, you may find Tommie Copper to be a better solution than less expensive products.

Although our tester wouldn’t swear by the Tommie Copper brand alone, he did feel that compression wear in general helps alleviate pain, and that Tommie Copper offers a product of value in this category. Nearly a year after this article was first written, our tester still wears the Tommie Copper knee sleeve. (Read more here.)

Alternatives to Tommie Copper: Rise in Copper Products

Tommie Copper was an early entrant in what has become a growing industry of copper-infused garments. Miracle Copper Socks arrived on the market in the past year, claiming the “power of copper” helps with circulation, swelling, and pain relief. That product appears to be marketing itself in a manner similar to the original Tommie Copper advertising, that of a pain relief product.

A new competitor to Tommie Copper’s athletic wear is Copper Fit. That product has been seen in heavy rotation in television advertising, and its marketing looks remarkably similar to that of Tommie Copper.

Fake Tommie Copper Reviews

As with any product being advertised, there is always the possibility of fake affiliate reviews, especially when you see glowing endorsements which link directly to the Tommie Copper site. Fake product reviews are rampant, not just for this product, but for virtually all products.

Bottom Line

We feel that Tommie Copper offers a valid product in the compression wear category. Unlike many of glowing reviews online for this product, however, we believe compression products only offer moderate pain relief, and is not the magic cure that some claim. For some people, however, moderate relief is more than sufficient.

Those with realistic expectations will probably be pleased with the product, while those believing the hype of the infomercials may be disappointed.

There have been no studies to prove that wearing copper provides any therapeutic benefits.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Your Tommie Copper Reviews

Have you used Tommie Copper compression wear? Give us your reviews below.

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  • Glenn B

    I purchased a few of TC products in Jan & Feb 2014; I began using the compression shorts, fingerless gloves and wrist bands in March. April, I noticed the gloves began tearing at the seams around the thumb. I called TC and explained what was happening and was told that as the 60 day warranty had expired, a replacement could not be honored, however, I could re-order with a 10% discount…I declined. My suggestion to all would be to use the product as soon as you received them to avoid this situation.

    I have not had a problem with the shorts, wristbands or knee compression sleeves (other than the name coming off the sleeves), Other than the tear in the gloves, I find that the products I ordered truly work as designed; I’m recently retired military who has had a few surgeries on knees and wrist; TC definitely help with continuing to be able to workout.

  • Cody

    I have had elbow tendinitis (tennis elbow) for a couple years now and was wondering if anyone has tried the elbow recovery sleeve and what the results are. I have tried many things but nothing seems to work. Any input would be great, thanks.

  • dee

    I did not see any ads for Tommie Copper but heard about the products from a chiropractic physician whose knowledge I value highly. I ordered 2 knee sleeves (recovery version) for severely arthritic/inflamed knees and am very satisfied with the excellent support/relief I am receiving. What impresses me the most is that I can, for the first time after having to discontinue the use of other products that constricted circulation, get good support without any problem in that regard. As I have read in this website review, I also believe there is no “magic bullet” as I call it to make chronic pain vanish….the human body’s coping/healing ability needs to be respected. I feel that a product like this together with a sensible well-balanced lifestyle can bring a great amount of relief.

  • Gail Patterson

    I just bought the knee sleeve sunday I can already tell the differnce

  • Gregory771

    Compression bandages probably help in some cases. Saying “copper infused”, however, is witch doctor talk, a scam.