Wubble Bubble Ball Reviews: Does it Work? (Apr 2015 Update)

Wubble Bubble Ball Reviews: Does it Work? (Apr 2015 Update)

Wubble Bubble Ball is a toy which looks like a large bubble but plays like a ball. I’ve tested out several of these balls and present my observations here.

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About Wubble Bubble Ball

Wubble Bubble Ball is a large bubble-like ball which inflates to about three feet in size. As the advertising states, it looks like a bubble, but is played with like a ball. It can be purchased with or without an air pump. The air pump requires four D batteries, which are not included. I found that it takes 2 to 3 minutes to inflate using the included air pump.

There are several colors available, such as green, red, and pink. The product is marketed by NSI International.

In 2015, the brand expanded to include a glow-in-the-dark ball called GloWubble. That ball comes in blue or green and appears to be only available online as of April 2015.

A TinyWubble is also mentioned in the 2015 advertisement, but I saw no mention of it on the website.

How much does Wubble Bubble Ball cost?

When purchasing from the official website, the Wubble Bubble Ball Deluxe set costs $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping. This set includes a red Wubble, air pump, guide, deflation tool, and instructions. A second blue ball is offered for an additional $8.99, bringing your total to $28.98. When this review was first posted in June 2014, the second Wubble was an additional cost. This extra charge has since been removed. You can also find Wubble Bubble Ball in stores (see below).

The GloWubble costs $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping.

Note that as of April 2015, the order page on the official website only offers the GloWubble. 

The official website is, which was registered in January 2014. When I first evaluated the product in mid-2014, there was a notice on the website that “due to overwhelming demand, orders will not ship for 4-6 weeks.”

wubble ball website

This is the official Wubble Ball website as of April 2015.


The official Wubble Ball website from June 2014.


Initially, Wubble Bubble Ball was only available for direct, online purchases. It became widely available in stores such as Target in late 2014. The cost in stores is $19.99 for a ball with a pump, or $12.99 for a ball without a pump. Some stores have offered the Deluxe set for sale for about $15. It pays to shop around.

The GloWubble is only available online as of this writing.

Television Commercial

Here is an advertisement for Wubble Bubble Ball, which was posted in May 2014.

Wubble Bubble Ball Reviews

I had the opportunity to test out two Wubble Bubble Balls in August 2014. Below are my observations of each test, and of the ball in general.

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The primary concern about Wubble Bubble Ball is that of durability. Although the product has a lifetime replacement guarantee, it still costs $6.99 to get a replacement. If the product pops easily, this warranty will sit well with some consumers.

We’ve had readers tell us that their Wubble Balls popped minutes after they began playing with them. In my first test of the ball, I also found this to be the case. Despite being careful to avoid any potential hazards, such as branches or rocks, the ball popped when one of the young men helping me attempted to throw it. He had grabbed it with two hands, and raised it over his head. As he attempted to throw it, the ball popped. That ball lasted about 8 minutes.

For my second test, the ball was much more durable, even successfully traversing rocks, trees, and a busy street. After 15 minutes of use, including its treacherous trek across the street, the ball remained intact.

Inflation and Deflation

I found that the pump worked as advertised. As you can see in the video below, it took about 2 minutes to fully inflate the ball. There is a plastic strip included, which acts as a guide to let you know when the ball is fully inflated. I did notice that the ball slowly deflates over time. I left one ball fully inflated overnight, and by the next morning it was about 70% deflated. I don’t believe this is a flaw, but worth pointing out that you’ll likely need to re-inflate before each use.

I found that the most difficult part about inflating the ball was inserting the nozzle properly. It often took me more than two minutes to get it fully inserted.


Video Review

Below is a video of two tests of the Wubble Bubble Ball. I was not filming when the first ball popped, but the second test does clearly show the ball handling a rocky terrain without popping.

Reader Reviews

Since the original publication of this review, I have received dozens of comments here and on social media sites about Wubble Bubble Ball. The general consensus is that the ball provides a great deal of fun, but some people have not found it to be as durable as the commercials imply. Many have stated that the ball popped or deflated within minutes of its first use.

I spoke with a representative of Wubble Bubble Ball in August 2014. He indicated that there were some problems with the first shipment of balls, but assured me that those concerns had been addressed. The balls used in this review were sent to me by this representative of Wubble Bubble Ball. Despite these assurances, complaints of popped balls persist.

Be sure to read dozens of additional comments by consumers on our Lockerdome social media profile.

Available at Target

As stated earlier, Wubble Bubble Ball is available at Target. A location here in Las Vegas had a display for the new product, found in the sporting goods section.


As you can see in the photo above, there are two types of balls for sale: one with a pump and one without. Those cost $19.99 and $12.99 respectively. A store employee told me that sales for the product were brisk, but he was not sure about how many had been returned due to popping or deflation concerns.

Google Trends

The chart below shows interest in Wubble Bubble Ball throughout 2014. There appears to have been an initial push in the summer of 2014, and a greater surge as the holidays approached in late 2014, which continues to increase in April 2015.

Bottom Line

Wubble Bubble Ball is a fun and unique toy. There have been some concerns by readers and from my own tests about the product’s durability. Disgruntled customers have complained that the toy popped easily or quickly. I suggest purchasing locally which can yield better sale prices and will eliminate shipping and return hassles.

The product has recently been expanded to include GloWubble and TinyWubble, although the latter could not be readily found on the official website.

Your Wubble Bubble Ball Reviews

Have you tried Wubble Bubble Ball? Let me hear from you in the comments below.

Updated April 2, 2015
Originally published June 2014

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  • Sherri

    I bought 2 of these for my twin grandsons, they are active boys and like to play. While we were blowing them up the commercial came on tv and it showed kids sitting on them. So the one twin it’s on it and POP it goes, not a small POP a large one. The kind that the little patch they give you will not cover, the hole was big enough for him to wear it on his head. So now on Christmas Eve I had to console one twin because his broke. Very disappointing product, and it doesn’t glow in the dark. The fact that you pay 20$ for it and it is guaranteed you have to pay 7$ to return it and get a replacement. Wouldn’t do it again,

  • Alicia Marie

    We purchased the GloWubble bubble ball from ToysRUs. Very Cool toy or so we thought. Followed all the Does and Don’ts on the instruction booklet. It lasted LESS than 24 hours. One 8 year old boy playing with it in his room. To get a replacement we have to paid $6.99 for shipping and handling. We already paid $19.99 why should we have to pay for a replacement when it lasted LESS than 24 Hours? Could get very expensive. Not ready a good Warranty. Would NOT purchase again!

  • Caroline Bly

    Ugh….we have gone through two of these. The first one lasted two days, the second one two hours. It is an awesome toy…but not durable at all. I just feel bad…because they are pretty cool.

  • Bill Bouchard

    I bought one that popped with 10 minutes of very gentle play, I brought it back to the store and the second one popped once again within 15 minutes, these are junk do not buy

  • Andrew Dickens

    My wubble is brand new, and deflates completely overnight

  • Rachel Kensinger

    Wish I had found the reviews before purchasing. Purchased 3 of them for several grand kids. One got a pin hole in the first day and went down. The pin hole did not come from use. The second lasted a day and popped while playing with it on carpet. The third one just popped while playing inside. That is $60.00 for a one day use.

  • Michelle Behun

    I bought 2 of these for my 2 boys thinking they’d be fun. Nope. One was broken in the box (that will be returned to the store), and the other doesn’t inflate evenly, therefore certainly cannot inflate to the 3 feet as advertised without popping. The box says to not return to store, but the company wants me to send them a check for $6.99 to replace a ball that was broken before I even got it? To replace a ball that they never made properly? That’s a scam and a ripoff.

  • Tammy Cannon

    I returned three with a check and still haven’t received the balls or my money back.

  • MOT

    Waste of money! My twins each got one for Christmas. I went out and bought the batteries for them the same day. The pumps did not inflate the “bubble”. The package was mailed to us, kids opened them while I was at work, they didn’t save the receipt. I took them back to Target and fortunately, they let me exchange them. Got home, same thing happened. Hopefully, this time Target will just give us a credit for the kids to use on something that works!

  • Rebecca Bunch

    We got the Wubble Ball a week before Christmas this year right off the shelf at our department store (2 of them). We should have read the reviews before wasting our money. One of the balls was ripped before even inflating it was defective in the box and the other only lasted 15 minutes outside. We were in an open playground field no trees nothing but grass. TOTAL waste of money and two very disappointed children. We will be returning these to the store and getting our money back. DO NOT waste time or money on these they do not do what the commercial says.

  • Elaine

    Bought 2 for Christmas, one already had hole in it when we took it out of the box. The other popped within an hour. When it popped, no sharp objects were involved. My daughter was just bouncing it on carpet. We hadn’t even inflated it fully. Would be a great toy if it lasted longer.

  • Mario Baleywah

    Got this for my five year old daughter Christmas present this year and had some difficulty getting the nozzle in without damaging it. Took the advice I read in the instructions about a drop of oil in the opening and it worked. When inflated it seemed fine. My wife and daughter played with it for about ten minutes outside without issues. But upon returning to the house it popped while still outside. Temperature issues? Hmmm, may send this back and see how long the second one lasts. Although paying for a replacement seems a bad way to encourage more sales of their products.

  • Cathryn Stock

    I think the main problem people are facing is over inflation. I bought one for my son for Christmas, and made sure to follow the directions. We only inflated it to about 3/4 its maximum capacity, and it works great. My son loves it and has been rough with it all day outside. It is about 2 and a half ft.

  • We bought a Wubble for our severely Autistic son for Christmas. This is an awesome toy for someone with sensory challenges. It’s squishy and bouncy, plus it has held his attention for more than 20 mins. which is huge in the Autism world. I do not feel the price is high at all given the price of toys nowadays. Of course I know it will eventually pop but are you kidding me…..20 bucks for something that brought him so much joy is totally worth it! I’ve paid much more for much less.

  • Peggy Herring

    Just got it today. Popped on carpeted floors. Guess those that brought it outside got lucky. My daughter will want another, but I’m sure I will end up returning that. Hope target has a good return policy. Have a feeling this is just junk.

  • Cindy Chance

    Arrived 8 weeks after ordering online. Popped within the hour playing on carpeted floor. Waste of money.

  • Michelle Meyers

    We finally found one at Target! Blew it up and it popped in about 2 minutes. Went back and got 2 more thinking we just had a bad one. 2nd one ripped at the opening about 20 seconds into blowing it up. 3rd one broke on the hardwood floor after a successful 20 minutes of play!!! So after having 3 I certify it as 100% junk! All the were returned to Target (love Target) for a full refund!!

  • Blanket-Man

    My daughter got one for her birthday. Took us nearly an hour to fill. Was great fun for about 15 minutes, then it popped on a plastic garden post. Got another one the next day, and within 15 minutes of fill-up, it had two holes in it. Nice idea but obviously it has durability issues.

  • Wendy

    Good fun for three kids. entertaining.

  • Kim Eckert

    We received our wubble bubble ball 6 1/2 weeks after ordering. I too had trouble inflating but once I figured out the hole to insert the valve in, it was much easier. The ball does deflate often, but we just keep reinflating. My kids have had fun with it and I’m glad we tried it but the fact that it deflates so quickly and I’m the only one who can get it inflated makes it more of a pain than fun!

  • Vanessa Graham Leto

    I agree. We are on our second ball. Lasted no longer than 40 minutes In the backyard – just volley style fun. I will say it’s great family fun and lots of laughs – I just don’t think it’s claims on durability are accurate. If we abused the ball then I would not even be writing this. The second ball we did not even blow up as much. Still same result – popped! Bummer

  • Steve Mckenna

    That’s because so many people are returning the ones that popped. I bet this goes off the market within 6 months.

  • Bill Fowler

    I received an e-mail, yesterday that stated it will be another 3 weeks, before they will ‘ship’ my order; again, I am left to believe that they do not have their inventory, in their warehouse, yet.


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