Seeking Reviews for Natural Advantage Skin Care

Seeking Reviews for Natural Advantage Skin Care

Have you seen the late-night infomercial for Natural Advantage Skin Care, or have you used the product? Read our Natural Advantage reviews from editors and readers.

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As with most skin or beauty products, Natural Advantage is promoted via infomercial by a celebrity spokesperson, who in this case is 61-year old Jane Seymour.

Ingredients of Natural Advantage

According to the official website, Natural Advantage “is a cosmeceutical skincare line that combines natural fruit acids with dermatologist-recommended Retinol (pure vitamin A) and a patented time-release MICROSPONGE® technology that is designed to allow maximum absorption with minimal or no irritation.” Retinol is a weaker form of tretinoin, the prescription vitamin A derivative used to reverse sun damage signs of skin aging. Natural Advantage claims to be different than other Retinol products because of their Microsponge delivery system.


Clinical Studies

The website lists the following claims under a “Clinical Results” header:

  • 95% of women saw significant results in their skin in 14 days
  • 100% of women saw a reduction in the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 70% improvement in uneven skintone and blotchiness

Whenever you see a product citing clinical studies to promote their product, the first thing to do is investigate the ingredients and the studies themselves. In the case of Natural Advantage, we could find no citation of these studies whatsoever. We can only surmise that they are referring to Retinol studies in general, and not their specific product.

Side Effects

Retinol, the primary ingredient of Natural Advantage, does have some side effects worth mentioning. It can cause peeling to first-time users, but this usually subsides over time. Other side effects include dry skin (moisturizing is key here), sun sensitivity, and increased acne. Rare side effects include rashes and painful hyper-sensitivity. It should be noted that this WebMD article states that using Retinol in conjunction with sun exposure can actually have the opposite effect and actually increase the appearance aging – even if an SPF is included (as with Natural Advantage). Products with Retinol should not be used while pregnant or nursing.

Costs: Beware of Auto-Ship

30-Day “3-Piece System”
This will cost you about $30. Be careful, because after 30 days, you’ll automatically be sent a 4-month supply for a total of $169.79 which will “conveniently be charged” to your card.

120-Day “5-Piece Deluxe” System
This will cost you $159.80 (over 4 payments). After 4 months, you’ll automatically be sent another 120-Day supply for a total of $209.79 which will “conveniently be charged” to your card.

Other Natural Advantage Reviews

As of this writing, Natural Advantage has nine 5-star ratings on Amazon, one 4-star, one 3-star, and six 1-star. These reviews range from “Amazing” to “Terrible.” This only bolsters the argument that when Retinol works, it works well – but it isn’t for everyone, and their auto-ship program isn’t very popular. Those with sensitive skin may have to look for other anti-aging alternatives.

Our Natural Advantage Review

I was given an unused 5-piece kit from a relative who received the 2nd shipment and didn’t continue using it.   Rather than send it back, she gave it to me to try out. The kit included a Daily Cleaning Gel, Pore Refining Skin Toner, All-Day Moisture w/SPF15, Ultimate Hydration Eye Cream, and Nighttime Renewal Complex with Retinol. Aside from the night treatment, the rest of the products didn’t strike me as anything extraordinary. The day lotion had a smell which prevented me from using it more than once. The cleanser also didn’t seem to be anything special.

The night treatment with Retinol is definitely the main product, while the rest of the kit seemed more like “filler” items to bulk up the price. If I were to purchase Natural Advantage, I would only be interested in the night treatment.

That said, after using it for a month, I did feel as though I saw some improvement in my skin and perhaps the fine lines. It wasn’t pronounced, but it wasn’t the full 60 days they say it takes to see dramatic results.

I decided to purchase a name-brand Retinol product from a nearby Walgreens instead of continuing with Natural Advantage. Why? It was less expensive, there was no auto-ship, and I didn’t feel that the rest of the Natural Advantage “kit” added much value.


Although Natural Advantage offers a 60-Day money-back guarantee, their FAQ states that it takes about that long (8 weeks) to work.

Bottom Line

Retinol is a staple of the anti-aging industry, and does reduce fine lines for many people. Some, however, are sensitive to it. You may consider buying a Retinol-based product from a local store to try out first before ordering Natural Advantage. It will be less expensive, and there is no auto-ship program or cancellation process to go through, as will be required with Natural Advantage.

We also suggest that if you use Natural Advantage (or any Retinol product), to avoid sun exposure, as this may increase the effects of aging.

Your Opinion

Have you used or ordered Natural Advantage? We want to hear from you! Did you love it, hate it, or maybe you loved the product and hated the auto-ship? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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