Credit Collection Services – Generic and Ignored

Got a call today from 866-945-4973. As the phone rang and I saw the 866 prefix, I quickly Googled the number and saw it listed on some websites, so figured I should allow my voicemail to pick up. A few moments later, I received the following voicemail (X's represent personal information I've left off for obvious reasons):

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Please be advised this is a personal business message for XXX XXXX. If the intended party cannot be reached at this number call 866-945-4973 and we will cease further attempts to this number.

If you are not the intended party, please hang up at this time. This message contains private information and should not be played in a manner where it can be heard by others.

This call is from Credit Collection Services. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Visit to access your personal account information. Your file number is xxxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you

Could be a scam. Could be legit. How do I know? If they are legit, and leaving voice mail instructions on how to log into a website and retrieve personal information, it’s poor business. I have a call into a lawyer for the legality of such a message, and will post that here when he responds. Perusing some comments left about similar experiences shared by others they have called leads me to wonder – what if this information is legit but they called a wrong number? My personal information would be given out to whomever they call. So when we visit the site mentioned in the voice mail, we read:

CREDIT COLLECTION SERVICES and/or CCS COMMERCIAL, LLC has contacted you regarding a payment obligation being serviced on behalf of its client. Written correspondence was previously sent to you by first class mail.

Once you enter the site via secure log-in, you will be presented with complete information, a menu of self service options, hours of operation, and a direct toll free line for personal assistance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Says nothing really. Wants me to click if I got a notice or a message, but that’s it. No hit as to who they might represent.

I used to work in collections. I know the mentality. But if I do in fact owe someone something, this is not the way to handle it, because I will not log into some generic website and input a code just because some generic voice mail told me to do so. And since they leave me no way to know where this supposed debt originated, I will simply block their number and forget about it. Had they given me any indication where this supposed debt originated, I might have looked into it further. Until I hear otherwise, they can eat static.

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7 Comments on Credit Collection Services – Generic and Ignored

  1. I read your posting today when researching Credit Collection Services, alt. I called the number left on my answering machine (866) 945 4977, to find out where the alleged debt originated. The company identified me through my phone numbers and asked me to verify my name – NO NEED FOR FURTHER PRIVATE INFORMATION TO DO THIS!
    The debt in their system WAS INDEED LEGITIMATE – I even called the company to verify that my bill HAD been sent to collections, as well as the name of the collection agency. Everything lined up right when comparing the records and the companies involved. I recommend ANYONE getting calls from Credit Collection Services (CCS) or calls referring to to call the number above and settle any legitimate debt. If the company has the wrong name, then clear that up too. If you’re still uncertain, then call and find out who the money is owed to and contact that company to verify the information and the collection process as I did.
    Good luck everyone…

  2. The Old Wolf // April 30, 2009 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    Well, “Liz”, that was a wonderful shill for Credit Collection Services. It made me want to run out and incur a bad debt just so I could do business with such honest, noble people. *Eeurgh*

  3. repoman in fl // May 4, 2009 at 1:18 pm // Reply

    hi gerald h .ceo of ccs please stop calling or can i call you at home have a good day

  4. A little info for those of us without enough money to pay back our debts. Creditors bother you so much, because they are hoping that you WILL call them. Because… DRUM ROLL PLEASE… if you do not contact them within a certin ammount of time of their purchase of your debt, then it is illegal for them to contact you any more. BUT, if you DO call them back and inquire, then they can hastle you for up to a year or two more. If you ignore them, then they run out of time (I don’t remember if it is a year or two) then they can’t legally bother you anymore.

    Point Two… Credit companies generally charge you MORE than what you origionally owed for the debt. Because the BOUGHT your debt from the company. When you have the money to pay back your debt, go to your bank, and get a copy of your credit report. Call the number corresponding to your debt according to your credit report, and pay off what you owe.

    That folks, is the smart way to do it.

  5. The time for collection of open debts varies from state to state. In Alabama the statute runs in three years. After that, it is illegal to try and collect the debt. Look up the code in your state or go to You also have a right to write a cease and desist letter and take the matter up with the company to which the debt is owed. Also, they are not supposed to turn a debt over to a collection agency without notifying you by mail before doing so.

    The fact that CCS does in fact give out your file number on the phone represents privacy issues. People are naturally nosey, why wouldn’t they be curious enough to let the message finish. When they have the web site and the file number, all they have to do is look at your private information. If you think they can’t get your address or phone number to verify the account, think again. It goes back to NEVER put anything private on the internet. AND, these companies are not supposed to leave any private information on an answering machine for others to hear. And the “hang up if you are not so and so” is a weak defense at best.

    Sounds to me like they have opened themselves up to a class action lawsuit if they continue this practice and enough people get together to do something about it. GMAC was sued for the same thing several years ago. I know this because we handled the lawsuit for the state of Alabama. the Plaintiffs won.

    Also, with 576,000 out of work and many of those with no income, where do they think the money is going to come from.

  6. wow thanks this phone call freaked me out still not sure it is legit.

  7. I got a call just today from the same company. That is why I am here on this site today. I appreciate all of your information and I will not call them back, plus I have no idea what debt they think I owe.
    Thanks for your help.

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