GripGo Review and Product Information

GripGo Review and Product Information

GripGo is advertised as a hands-free car mount for cell phones and GPS devices. Here is our GripGo review along with additional product information.

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About GripGo

The GripGo packaging includes the GripGo car mount, an adhesive disk that attaches to a smooth surface, and an instruction sheet.

The official website is, which was registered on March 13, 2012. (Note, as of 2015, this website now forwards to an As Seen on TV product catalog.)


We found GripGo in a local As Seen on TV store for $14.99.

If you order online, it is $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping for a total of $22.90. You also must pay another $7.95 for a second “free” GripGo, making your total $30.85.

A screenshot of the official GripGo website, taken in September 2013.

A screenshot of the official GripGo website, taken in September 2013.

GripGo Television commercial

Below is a transcript of a recent GripGo television commercial:

When you’re driving along and your cell phone rings, do your eyes instantly go off the road? Does turning the wheel make it slip, slide, and even hide? Then you need a to get a grip. Hi David Jones here with GripGo, the most versatile hands-free mount that will instantly grip any phone for safe driving. Just attach the suction cup to your windshield or dash and GripGo grabs your phone ultra fast. And look, it peels right off. And don’t worry, there’s no sticky residue left behind. With GripGo, your phone stays securely in front of you, so you can talk and safely drive at the same time. “Hi this is David. Hi Dave it’s Jackie. Yeah be in there in five minutes.” And check this, the 360-degree pivoting mount allows you to always get the perfect viewing angle. It’s even strong enough to grab and hold this expensive smartphone out the window, yet it comes right off with ease. That’s the advantage of GripGo. The secret, our unique polymer surface that acts like millions of suction cups that instantly grip and  release over and over again. Watch, even this 20-pound bowling ball can’t shake the grip of GripGo, yet it comes right off fast and easy. And if the grip pad ever gets dirty, just a quick rinse and it performs like new. Stop dropping and diving for your phone. GripGo keeps it held tight and in plain sight, whether it’s your phone, protective case, GPS, even a tablet for the passenger. Other phone mounts are complicated and cost up to $80, but you can get the amazing GripGo with dashboard mount for only $10. It’s guaranteed to grip any phone for a lifetime or your money back, but to make this the best deal on TV, we’ll send you a second GripGo for another car, free. Just pay separate processing and handling. So keep your eyes on the road, and get two complete GripGo systems for just $10. Here’s how to order.

Our GripGo Review

The convincing television ad presented several claims regarding GripGo, which we put to the test.

  • Mounting: The disk that mounts in your car (in our case to the windshield) is highly adhesive and was quite difficult to remove.
  • Attaching to Phone: The green sticky adhesive does a rather good job of holding a phone in place. We even tested an older phone out by shaking back and forth as shown in the commercial, and it did not budge. Detaching is rather easy and no residue is left behind.
  • Bearing weight: Based on the first two observations above, it seemed that the GripGo was on its way to a successful test. After placing weight on GripGo (that is, attaching a phone), it fell off every time, often within about 10 seconds (see video below).

GripGo’s weak suction cup only held our phone in place for about 10 seconds at a time.

No matter what we tried (cleaning, wetting, drying, reattaching), the suction cup simply could not hold the weight of the cell phones we attached. After it initially fell off while holding a Lumia 920  – which could have easily been damaged upon falling – we continued our tests with a lighter phone (a broken Infuse 4G without the battery) – and it still fell off every time.

Despite early hopes that this might be a successful test, the suction cup’s inability to bear weight renders GripGo a failure in our opinion. The suction cup problem appears to be more of a concern for some users than others.

Our GripGo Video

Below you can see a condensed summary of our GripGo tests:

Bottom Line

If the makers of GripGo could fix the weak suction cup, the product would be beneficial. As it currently exists, however, GripGo is not worth the money and the frustration for those who cannot get the suction cup to stay in place.

Your Turn

Have you used GripGo? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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