Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review and Product Info

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review and Product Info

The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is advertised as a collectible reproduction of a timepiece involved in a robbery by the Jesse James gang in the 1870’s. Today we offer our review along with additional product information.

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The official website is which was created on June 19, 2012. We have also seen used in some advertising.


The Kansas City Pocket Watch costs $19.99 plus $7.99 of shipping & handling for a total of $27.98. You can upgrade to a”gold tone” watch for $29.99 plus $7.99 shipping & handling.

As of this writing, it is not available in stores.

Note that the cost of the watch has recently changed. The price until August 2013 was $29.99 for the silver tone and $39.99 for the gold tone. 

Television Commercial

Below is a transcript of the most recent television commercial, which is also shown on the official website:

On January 31st, 1874 the Gads Hill Missouri train robbery took place by the notorious Jesse James gang, robbing passengers clean of gold bars, jewelry and guns. Among the stolen treasures on that fateful day was the conductor Mr. C.A. Alfred’s own pocket watch made by elite master craftsmen of the day. Legend tells this beautifully handmade time piece was returned by Jesse James himself to record the event in history. We are proud to present the limited edition Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch. Certified by the American Historic Society, this beautifully intricate time piece commemorates the Old west in all its glory! Handsomely adorned with beautiful round silver tone bezel, the Kansas City Pocket Watch makes the perfect gift. Its skeleton movement of springs, sprockets, cogs, and gears is mesmerizing! Perfect for any occasion. The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is sure to make a statement wherever it’s worn. Featuring a sturdy butterfly hinge and brilliant silver tone stem wind and stem set for accurate battery-free performance day and night. Skilled artisans and master craftsmen have complimented this nostalgic pocket watch with perfectly paired pocket chain and fob, both in stunning silver tone. Now you can celebrate the beauty and intricacy of this astounding time piece for the low price of $19.99. A treasured gift for any age. Each Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity. We are proud to make this one in a lifetime opportunity, certified by the American Historic Society. Available only for a limited time, so call or click now and get yours today for the incredible TV price of $19.99. Also available in beautiful yellow gold tone.


This screen shot shows the old price of the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch, which was $29.99. It is now $19.99.


By September 2012, the price of the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch dropped to $19.99.

By September 2012, the price of the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch dropped to $19.99.

Our Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

  • Tone: “Silver tone” and “Gold tone” aren’t really explained. We purchased the “silver tone” model and found it to be cheap plating.
  • American Historic Society: The advertising mentions (several times) that the watch is “certified” by the American Historic Society, but it isn’t clear what this certification actually means. It should also be pointed out that the American Historic Society is known for colorized coins, and primarily deals in coins. You can also find complaints against this company at Ripoff Report.
  • Shipping: Our watch took much longer than expected to arrive, finally arriving nearly 12 weeks after placing our order.
  • Appearance: At first glance, the watch looks nice, but upon closer inspection, we found it to look cheaply made.
  • Timepiece: Strictly as a timepiece, after a week of use that the watch was off by over five minutes.
  • Limited Time: Though the product is stated to be a “limited time offer,” the watch has been available for over a year, and the quantity or time for which it is “limited” are not stated.
  • The watch is Made in China.

Note: For an in-depth look at advertising claims made regarding this product, AdFibs has an extensive evaluation here. 

Bottom Line

The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is cheaply made and advertised under the guise of being a collectible item, which we believe it is not.

Your Turn

Have you purchased the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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