Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

In October 2012, Dr. Oz gushed about some exciting research he found about a potentially new weight loss supplement, Garcinia Cambogia. Read our garcinia cambogia reviews from editors and readers.

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Some may say Dr. Oz has become the poster child for online supplement scammers, spammers, and affiliates. If you find yourself on a website selling a “miracle” supplement with Dr. Oz plastered all over it, you’re probably better off shopping elsewhere. That said, we wanted to take some time to actually review this product, because Dr. Oz showered it with such praise.

Note: Be sure to read our reviews of other Oz-touted products such as 7-KetoSaffron Extract, or Relora. And don’t miss the other two articles in this series: Comparing Garcinia Cambogia Vendors and Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

About Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia, or “Gambooge,” is a subtropical species of plant native to southeast Asia and Africa. Supplements are created from the fruit’s rind. As this scathing article points out, the supplement has been around for years, and there are studies which indicate that it doesn’t work at all.

This study further concluded: Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo.


Despite the “Holy Grail” status Dr. Oz implied for Garcinia Cambogia, we find other voices, such as WebMD, a little more cautious. Regarding this plant, WebMD writes: Developing research suggests that garcinia might prevent fat storage and control appetite; however, whether these effects occur in humans is unclear. It also lists the supplement as Possibly Ineffective for weight loss.

Taking garcinia fruit rind extract doesn’t seem to decrease weight, fat breakdown, or energy expenditure in overweight people. There is some mixed evidence that garcinia might help people feel full even when eating less, but it’s too early to recommend garcinia for this use.

Side Effects

Garcinia is generally considered safe, but some people have experienced nausea, digestive problems, stomach cramps, and headaches while taking it. There is also some evidence that it may cause liver toxicity. Please see our more extensive article on the possible side effects of garcinia cambogia.

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Other Reviews

There are many brands of Garcinia Cambogia available, and you can find many reviews online. If you factor in that almost every product on Amazon now has a certain percentage of fake positive reviews, the percentage of good to bad reviews on there isn’t impressive. Notice that there are as many 1 to 3 star ratings as there are 4 and 5 star ratings.

You may be interested in our article on how to select the right brand of garcinia cambogia extract.

Affiliate Marketers

Whenever Dr. Oz touts a new product, affiliate marketers are quick to advertise – often using his name without permission. Garcinia cambogia is no exception. We recently spotted an ad being advertised with a picture of Dr. Oz along with a before-and-after stock photo. This ad linked to an affiliate website, which had many of the same stock photos and verbiage we saw back in the acai craze of 2009. That affiliate site sent users to yet another garcinia vendor offering the typical “almost out of stock” warning, and pumped their “free bottle” – which was a minuscule free trial leading to an expensive subscription.

If you want to try Garcinia Cambogia, visit your local health or supplement store. You can compare different brands, and you won’t get stuck in a recurring subscription which may prove difficult to cancel. Also keep in mind that every “miracle pill” Dr. Oz has touted has ended up not being so miraculous.

Bottom Line

This supplement will likely prove to be another in a long line of unproven miracle pills, standing among acai berry, raspberry ketone, African mango, green coffee, and so many others. Each of these supplements have been highly advertised within days of being featured on the Dr. Oz show.

Your Turn

Have you tried Garcinia Cambogia? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

Updated November 4, 2014
Originally published January 2013

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  • Joan loewe

    I took 2 pills as soon as I received the product 2 days ago in evening. I slept so deep and the dreams were so real that I woke with my heart pounding. The next day I took 2 in the morning and was extremely tired even after coffee that I took two hour long naps. Then today I took 2 when I woke up at 5 a.m. and by 11 a.m. I was in a deep sleep for 4 hours and again had a coffee before I fell asleep. I do not take any meds only a vitamin. Am I the only person that is being knocked out by these pills?

    Garcinia Cambodia 60% HCA 100% natural

  • Stacey Dillards

    Hi I have been taking six of these everyday fit three days now and it is causing me to have to run to the bathroom. It also burns very bad after I finish. Please tell me what’s wrong 🙁

  • Jessica

    This is my 3rd day of taking Lipo G3 Garcinia Cambogia, and it will be my last! I chunk the whole bottle in the trash. It says to take two daily with a meal and 10 mins, only 10 mins, after I take them I feel extremely dizzy and naseous. I have seen no improvement in my weight at all! I cannot even function at work because of it.

  • Cheryl

    Day 2 was yesterday and last night I had extreme dizziness and can still feel it. Let me recount this, 6 pills of garcinia has caused this side affect. I’m scared to take any more because of all the controversy I’ve read in the last few hours and I thought my research was thorough. The real unfortunate part is the fact that I can already see an improvement in my weight and how my clothes are fitting in the last 48 hrs!!! Apparently,Denmark has completely pulled it from their store shelves and is banned from being sold there. If you try and google garcinia cambogia + Denmark it takes you right back to the main page of buying it. I had read this on a blog somewhere last night from a resident there, as I was completely freaking out about being so dizzy. Obviously there is some sort of block so that people can’t read the facts. Bottom line, I’m dumping my GC, it seems like too much of a health risk. Apple cider vinegar in the long run is better for you…Be careful..

  • kerrylindsey

    I took this garcinia product, the gummy and the pure form in a fizzy tablet. I have had cramps, upset stomach, and severe diarrhea. I am 34 years old go to the gym 5 days and week 2 to 2 1/2 hrs a day, no prior health issues, and it hurts. I can’t eat, my kids need me to be functional, so this is not convenient. I’ve tried many health supplements, and this one is excruciating. If I lose weight, it’ll be because I can’t eat, and can’t quit going #2. I quit taking it 2 days ago and I’m still hurting.

  • Crystal

    I’ve been taking garcinia with green coffee for 3 weeks from purely inspired. Found it at Walmart. It said to take 3 pills in 30 minutes to an hour before lunch and dinner. 1600mg per serving 3200mg a day. 200mg green coffee per serving. Haven’t been that hungry. I eat one big meal at lunch and small meal at dinner or just sometimes a snack. Been sleeping better. Have had some side effects. Have had problems with constipation the last several days. Was nausea last week but only lasted one night. Had tingly feeling in left arm for several days off and on that worried me. Last couple of days took only one serving per day and had been able to go to bathroom better. Was hoping to lose weight but just didn’t happen.

  • Francesca Piazza

    I started taking it (Garcinia Cambogia Pure Select) with 50% 1800 mg GC extract, 300 mg Green Tea Leaf, 200 mg of Caffeine about a week ago, and it does absolutely nothing. Luckily the only side effect I have is that it makes me feeling very sleepy (even if it contains caffeine, which is weird), and this is a problem because I need to study! I was on a diet before starting taking it, so I am loosing weight slowly but I do not believe that it is related to GC. It is because I eat healthy and I exercise.
    I actually asked for a refund when I realized that it was all a big lie, but they won’t give you any refund, they will offer you a discount.
    So, people, if you want to boost your metabolism and loose weight, my suggestion is to have a minimum of 30 minutes walk EVERYDAY, which at least 3 times a week should be of at least 45 minutes, and eat healthy (first of all cook instead of buying packed food, so that you know exactly what you are eating; eat pleanty of veggies, especially if raw; use whole grains instead of refined food like pasta or white bread, and anyway do not eat them not in big quantity; do not eat anything fried; use brown sugar instead of white, and, even bette, substitute sugar with honey, apple sauce or maple/agave syrup; limit dairy products, priviledge natural cottage cheese, fat free yogurt, quark, natural fromage frais, parmigiano in small quantities; eat poultry, fish, beans, nuts and seeds as proteins; eat fruits as snacks or at breakfast, but never at the end of meals; drink 2 litres of water/ herbal tea without any sugar every day).

    The most important thing when you want to loose weight, is not rushing.
    Nobody will ever loose 5 kilograms in 2 weeks. It is simply not natural, and not healthy, You could make it by starving and exercising a lot, but what would be the point? In that way you will then re-gain weight as fast as you lost it.
    Secondly: enjoy your meals. Take your time to eat. Never watch television or using your laptop/tablet while you eat. Focus on your plate, and, really, enjoy.
    If your meals do not give you satisfaction, you will always see the diet as a sacrifice, and it will be much more difficult.

    And…try to smile 🙂

  • carin

    I have been on GC for 1 week now, I am in South Africa, and got GC from a well known company, my bottle says, Pure Garcinia Cambogia, 60% HCA, 90 capsules – 1000mg, I take 3 pills a day morning , lunch and supper, only eat 1 hour after pill. try eat healthy and do moderate exercises, I have lost 2 kgs in a week, only side effect I get is very thirsty, which I love because I drink a lot of water.

  • Alysia Henderson

    Everything I have read has said to only take 2 a day, and you took 4. You took double what you were suppose to…

  • Samantha

    After hearing about so many good reviews and very few bad reviews simply saying Garcinia Cambogia didnt work for some people I decided to try it. I got a brand called Phytogenix from Walmart and had no side affects. After hearing nothing but good reviews from another company called Lypo G3, though, I decided to try that brand. I got my bottle today and after only two doses, I felt absolutely horrible. I got shaky, nauseous, light headed, ended up throwing up for twenty minutes straight and couldnt even fall asleep to sleep it off. Please to anyone thinking about buying Garcinia Cambogia from Lypo G3, dont!

  • Sue

    I have been taking Garcinia for a little over a week now and after reading some of these comments, I don’t think I’ll be taking anymore. I have noticed only negative results – my weight has gone up, my stomach, legs & backside feel much larger. This is very disheartening given I was almost at my goal weight and now due to Garcinia I feel as though I have gone backwards considerably. I thought I researched Garcinia before buying, but clearly only read the ‘fake’ positives. Buyer beware and make sure you research both the positive & negative results of Garcinia. It appears this is yet another example of false marketing.

  • reviews for garcinia cambogia

    The results of the remaining studies are extracted, processed into a common format
    and then combined. De Novo Lipogenesis (DNL) is responsible for conversion of carbohydrate into fat.
    It is offered in extremely low quantities in animal and plant cells which is
    why it is called a trace metal.

  • Jay R

    After taking Garcinia Extract capsule I experienced a SEVERE ATTACK OF BLOATING,CRAMPS & VOMITING which lasted over 12 hours. I ceased taking them for a week then started again only to be crippled with the same reaction. I have never suffered from such pain. I have followed the instructions, drinking plenty of water. My GP has received many complaints about the product & warns of its severe side effects.

  • poul smith

    I took GC from Hampshire Labs for 3 weeks and gained 5 pounds, plus had horrible indigestion, diarrhea, and headaches.

  • poul smith

    I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia for over a week and a half now. It did start suppressing my appetite after about a week.

  • amanda

    I’m reading all these terrible comments, and though I haven’t gotten my bottle in the mail tweet, I’ve read a lot of stuff on it and you people need to take a cleansing pill with it also. You can’t just take the straight pill. It’ll mess you up pretty bad and it doesn’t help you lose weight. You have to combine it with a colon cleanser.

    • Mindy

      Don’t take it!!!! I’ve done 2 days and feel awful

  • Deena H

    I took GC from Hampshire Labs for 3 weeks and gained 5 pounds, plus had horrible indigestion, diarrhea, and headaches. Maybe this stuff works for some people but certainly not for me. Hampshire has offered to refund but we’ll see.

  • Rich Clarke

    I bought this stuff after watching Dr. Oz. He never talked about side effects when talking about this product it was all positive so I bought a bottle and shared it with my wife. We both had severe stomach cramps, gas and bloating. And I paid for this to happen to us. The worst diet pill I ever ate. Pay good money to make yourself sick, this stuff really hurt us…

  • Barbara Ann Ramey

    I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia for over a week and a half now. It did start suppressing my appetite after about a week. And I started making sure to drink lots of water. I still am not seeing much weight loss. Only a pound or two at the most, but I plan to take it for at least a few more weeks. Even though my scale isn’t showing much weight loss, my body shape seems to be changing, and I look like I have lost. Maybe my scale is not weighing right. Anyway, I still have hope that it is working and I think probably, it will work better after you have been taking it for awhile.

    • Niamh

      Do you recommend it? And have you lost any more weight since?

  • Kay

    I’m shocked at all the negative comments!
    I’m on my 5th day of ‘Whole Body GC’, and I’m already down 3 pounds!
    I used to eat a lot whether I was hungry or not. Now, my appetite has been curbed in a way that my stomach don’t ‘want’ to eat as often or as much.
    I have zero negative side effects. I did however increase my water intake, not because it made me thirsty, but because I figure if there isn’t as much food in my belly as before, there should be water. It seems to help the GC along better too.
    My energy doubled, and I just plain feel better.
    Also, having to take a pill half hour before each of your 3 meals, makes you think about and control just when and what you will be eating, instead of just eating whatever.

    My advice…it’s not a ‘magic’ pill! There’s work on your part as well.

  • Barbara Ann Ramey

    I started taking Garcinia Cambogia one week ago. 1500 mg., 50.0% HCA. Have not lost any weight, it does not suppress my apetite, although I have been eating a lot less. I thought it made sense to diet along with taking it. I have not noticed any side effects, but it just doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s supposed to make you feel full after just a few bites, but it doesn’t do this for me. One week is not enough to give it a fair trial, so I will continue to take it for a few more weeks. I am always hungry.

  • karen

    Garnicia gave me the worst side effect; constant bloating, headache, and gas. I didn’t lose significant weight either. I got my Garnicia from Healthy Product and they refused to refund.

  • Kim B

    I finished the whole bottle of Garcinia Cambogia. I took the clean out as suggested before bed. During the first week I experienced a huge increased appetite. I could eat and never get full. I had constant gas and constant bloating and cramping. I didn’t know if this was just because of a shock to system or if this would continue. At the end of the bottle I noticed that I gained 5 pounds taking the pills. I took the 1,000 mg. tabs and 60 HCL and still did not work for me. Very disappointed, they cancelled order with no money back.

  • jiaullah123

    Its really fantastic to be a part of discussing about Garcinia Cambogia. I also found it useful and everybody should know about this.

  • Carmen

    I have been taking this Garcinia Cambogia product for 1 week now, and I have not lost any weight.

    This product has given me painful burning diarrhea and I have been very ill, that I have had to stay ib bed for 2 days. Do not use it, and yes I am very dissappointed in Dr. Oz recommending such a dangerous product.

  • Maria Henry

    Did anybody try doing the coffee program with the lipo garcinia? Thats what im doing. Its only been 3 days but ive definitely noticed nauseua if I dont drink enough water. Definitely curbs my appetite. So we will see!

  • maria

    I just finished a full bottle of Garcinia Cambosia and am disappointed. I have no weight loss. And in the last 2 weeks have suffered from severe cramping that kept me in bed. They wouldn’t last all day, maybe 2-3 hours but it felt like bad menstrual cramps. In my opinion, any kind of weight loss, if I had any, is not worth this kind of side effect. I’m done with Garcinia Cambosia.

  • Laura Stepp

    Tried product for 3 months. Did nothing except curb appetite slightly. No weight or fat lose. They did cancel on line script courtesly.

  • Susan

    I started taking Garcinia Cambogia 2 weeks ago. Last week I was out and nearly fainted. I was dizzy, light headed and ready to go to the hospital thinking I was having a stroke. I took water and bought a cake to get some sugar into me which helped considerably. I have since been dizzy, nauseous, and slightly headachy so I have decided 3 days before Xmas to stop taking them to see if I return to normal. Weight reduction zero.
    I will try them again in a month and if the same happen I will throw them away. Shame Dr Oz I have been a fan of yours forever. I am now a huge skeptic.

  • Kathy

    I bought 3 bottles for $144 from Whole Body Research because they have a 90 day money back guarantee. Used it for one month and didn’t lose one pound. Had bloating and headaches constantly. I have been trying to get my refund for 3 weeks now and no one will even call me back. TOTAL SCAM!!! DO NOT BUY THIS

  • Jennifer

    Yes, because everyone in America is out to rip people off the good people of the world by selling bogus garcinia cambogia. We aren’t involved in some ridiculous conspiracy theory to rip off you “honest people” in order to make you feel like crap. How would it make you feel like liars? That part just doesn’t make any sense.

    How about this – whenever I see people who have lost weight in kilos I will think it’s that country trying to rip off the U.S.! Have you ever thought that perhaps Americans are also being lied to, ALL THE TIME? This country is not a team, Obama has been making sure of that. We’ve been taken hostage here, can people outside of the country NOT see that?

  • Mike

    What’s the bet that everyone complaining they don’t work is washing them down with a coke and a Big Mac? 🙂

  • Crystal

    Don’t waste your money. I got from health food place it was the recommended 60% hca I toolkit exactly as directed 30 min prior to meals & & I eat by the book & do cardio & toning weight exercises 3-4x wk & I actually gained 5lbs on it. Total BS!

  • Gran Jan

    I purchased and used NutriGold’s GC 1000mg 3x a day and I lost quite a bit in about 2 months; about 10-15 lbs. It does curb your appetite and I noticed it helped me be “regular” if you know what I mean. I think this stuff can work, but you really can’t eat crap and tons of calories and think you will have results. One bottle was like 26 bucks and lasts about a month. One day I received a Groupon for another brand – buy 2 get 1 free and figuring it’s pretty much the same thought i hit the jackpot! UGH NOT! This other stuff GAS GAS GAS GAS – and not the trapped kind!~ I cannot go to work and take this stuff! And it definitely did NOT make me regular – in the bathroom all the time eeeek!! I don’t know what the difference is other than it was a liquid gel type and had coconut oil in it which NutriGold did not. Just ordered fresh bottle of Nutrigolds GC 1000 mg – sold at Yes, it was more expensive… but in this case I think you get what you pay for – that other stuff was horrible!

  • rosalia

    Hi I purchased mine online form a company called clean health nutrition. Has anyone heard or used them before?

  • Daisymae

    I started taking GC in the summer with one from GNC.. I took the whole bottle as directed. I even took half of my co-worker’s since he gave up after about 2 weeks.. NO WEIGHT LOSS!!!
    Then I thought,, maybe it’s one of those ones with not the right amount of ingredients or something. So I went to the internet again to research. They said one from the Vitamin Shop ($20 a bottle) was the best, so I bought 2 more bottles. I decided to start on Oct. 1st and post my results on my facebook. I actually revealed my true start weight and posted it everyday… (i was brave). Well, It’s now Nov. 14th and I am 3lbs. HEAVIER then I was when I started.. so discouraging. I have no respect for Dr. Oz anymore. He’s full of crap!!!. I followed the directions to the letter, it claims you don’t have to exercise just follow instructions.. Well, NOv. 1st. I joined a gym.. let’s see if I get better results from just hard work!!!

  • Jennifer S

    The pills definately suppress appetite but I’ve noticed that I’m super tired all the time. I’m guessing my appetite is so “suppressed” that I’m not taking in enough calories to keep me going throughout the day. Before, I wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight, now I don’t want to eat anything. Its more like appetite deppression than suppression. The infomercials claim to increase metabolism but most people who familiar with metabolism, weight loss, weight training etc, also know that calorie consumption is absolutely necessary for increasing metabolism and losing weight. I’ve also noticed constipation but I’m not sure if that is from the pills or the lack of food consumption. I’ve only been taking the pills for a week, so I guess I will wait and see if they actually work. I did actually recieve my pills in the mail so I guess I’ve came out better than people :).

  • Tina M

    This stuff does not work! I have been taking the pills for over 2 weeks and nothing! I feel more bloated than before. I am so upset with Dr. Oz I am going to write a letter to him and his entire show. I feel violated. How can someone with such tenure endorse such a bull%$##@# of a product.

    I really thought he was everything he was said out to be but I now know that he can not be trusted!

    He will hear from me…

    Tina M, San Jose, CA

  • wanda

    Got mine a couple of weeks ago no change at all in weight,i cut alot of my eating habits out like at night an when i went to my doctor the other day i was disapointed to no i had gained weight,the first day i didn’t feel hungry at all but still eat now i am hungry almost all the time after taking this pill,well all i can say is good luck to those that it worked for,sure wish it had worked for me.

  • Courtney

    I took garcinia cambodigia for three days, two pills twice a day (bottle recommended two pills three times a day). During the night of the second day, I woke up in the middle of the night to urinate. I felt like I had a horrible UTI with extreme pain after the flow ended. I was able to fall asleep briefly awhile after, and woke with the need to urinate again (I am a 26F in good health, this never happens), and had the same pain. I was unable to fall asleep again, so I took a hot shower. It helped to relive some of the pain to be able to urinate briefly in hot water. During the next day I drank over 300oz of water and a jar of cranberry juice and was feeling better. The same thing happened during the third night. When I took a shower, I got a bloody nose. I haven’t had a bloody nose since grade school. At this point, I stopped taking the supplement. Since then I’ve had uncontrollable muscle twitches, although the UTI symptoms have gotten better. I did not lose any weight, but with the side effects losing all my extra lbs would never be worth it! DO NOT USE THIS.

  • Yvette

    I’ve been doing some research on this product and want to try it. I believe you MUST buy the one with 60% HCA, so it depends on the brand. The ones giving away free bottles are a scam. Either go to the healthfood store and compare or buy from Whole Body Research online. Expect to pay about $40+ for one bottle. Don’t get excited about cheaper prices or you will have a horror story to tell as well. I will let you know my results in 2 weeks. Currently I am 340lbs…I would like to use this as a kick off for a larger weight loss. I do go to the gym, but I have that bad habit of eating late at night…especially in bed watching TV. lol….that’s the first thing that’s got to go! Wish me luck!

  • Monty

    I checked out a source of mine who I believe is reputable, I’ve been getting good stuff for years from them. I ordered 3 bottles which met the recommendations of no fillers or additives and have been taking them 1/2 hour before meals. I’ve never had this happen before but half way through a typical meal I feel satisfied and no longer hungry. I haven’t a long duration result yet but I am impressed with the affects so far.

  • Samantha M

    Haven’t seen any results in a week. Though I haven’t been careful enough with my diet. Told my hubby no more biscuits, cakes or slices for me. Gonna be digent now. I still crave sweets. I take MIRACLE GARCINIA CAMBOGIA 2 caps 30 mins prior to meal. I am not big on breakfast as it makes me hungry for the rest of the day but have been including it & taking 1 cap before breakfast.

  • blanca

    I bought my bottle from the whole body research and I lost 2 pounds. I have only been taking the supplement for a week.

  • Frances

    I am wondering is most of you found it didn’t bought the one with60%HCA,I bought one bottle with colonclease, but only been taking garcinia tablets at this stage for a week, twice a day 2000mg in total, not yet seen any results. my stool is black since I started and have diarrhea once or twice a day. not sure anyone else is experiencing the same effect?


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