3 Way Poncho Reviews: Photos and Video

3 Way Poncho Reviews: Photos and Video

3 Way Poncho is a women’s clothing item advertised as a way to achieve a stylish or casual look. It is promoted by Suzanne Somers. Today I offer my 3 Way Poncho review.

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About 3 Way Poncho

3 Way Poncho is pitched by Suzanne Somers, who struck pay-dirt in the 1990’s as a spokeswoman for Thighmaster. She has appeared recently on the Today show (May 2014) to promote her new product, the 3 Way Poncho, in a segment on infomercials. Other products featured were Chop Magic and the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop. In October 2014, Somers has been making her rounds online and on talk shows, promoting her “hot new product” which is distributed by Hampton Direct.

3 Way Poncho appears to have begun its advertising campaign in mid-2014, although its official website,, was registered back in May 2011. The official Facebook page was only created in July 2014. The website is printed on the packaging. That website is slightly different and features blue and grey versions listed as “coming soon.” It was registered in May 2014.

3 way poncho box and contents

3 Way Poncho box and contents.

The product comes in two sizes: S to LG and XL to 3X, although marketing of the product appears to aim somewhat toward larger women, with such phrases as “every bump and bulge” or statements about being “bloated or carrying a little extra weight.”

How Much Does 3 Way Poncho Cost?

Online: If you purchase from the website, a black poncho costs $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total of $27.98. You can also receive a mocha poncho for $9.99, which would bring your total to $37.97 for two, or about $18.95 each. offers the product for $19.99 each, without the restriction of purchasing the black one first.

In stores. As of October 2014, 3 Way Poncho is rolling out in some stores. I spotted the product at a local Walmart for $19.88 in the As Seen on TV section, although when I called the store, I was told they didn’t have it.

As of this writing, you can’t purchase the mocha poncho online without first purchasing the black one first from the site, but you can at

Expected delivery time is 2 to 6 weeks, and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Additional 3 Way Poncho Information

In the absence of a FAQ on the 3 Way Poncho websites, I decided to answer some of the more common questions here:

  • What is the fabric content for 3 Way Poncho? It is listed as 95% viscose and 5% spandex.
  • Where is 3 Way Poncho made? China
  • Can I wash and dry the product? Machine wash cold, but do not tumble dry (only dry flat)
  • Can I iron 3 Way Poncho? “Low iron if needed”
  • What size do I need? S to L is listed as shirt sizes 6 to 14, while XL to 3X is listed as sizes 16 to 26.
  • What are the dimensions of the 3 Way Poncho? When flat on a table, the top of the hood to the bottom is about 36 inches. Without the hood, it’s about 24 inches. From sleeve-tip to sleeve-tip, it measures about 40 inches.

Television Commercial

Below is a commercial for 3 Way Poncho which has been running since mid-2014, and features Suzanne Somers.

3 Way Poncho Reviews

I picked up a black (S-Lg) 3 Way Poncho at a local Walmart for $19.88 and asked my wife and a few other female family members to try it out and give me their opinions. It seems as though the product is selling well, as the first Walmart I tried was sold out.

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The box contains a “Style Guide” which is a single sheet showing different ways in which the poncho can be worn. There are 11 photos, and Suzanne Somers is featured in five of those. There was also a coupon for Air Curler in the box, which was a heavily marketed product in 2013.

  • 3-Way. I first wondered what about this item constituted a “3 way” product. Apparently the “3 way” angle is how the product can be worn: Casual, dressy, or professional. The photos on the box show these three scenarios with the shoulder varied slightly: below both shoulders, below one shoulder, and above both shoulders. The use of the term “3 way” could be interpreted by some to mean that it may be a convertible item, which is isn’t (aside from how it’s worn over the shoulder). The back of the box also suggests three styles: Draped neckline, hoodie, and off the shoulder.
  • Fabric. The fabric has stretchy feel to it. I’m not very familiar with “viscose” but to me it just feels like a soft spandex. The material doesn’t feel to be made of the highest quality, yet it does not look cheaply made. The women who tested it for me stated that the fabric felt smooth and comfortable. It also does not bunch up, cling, or wrinkle, which is a plus.
  • Hoodie. When worn as a hoodie, the back of the poncho raised by several inches. On our models, this made wearing it as a hoodie without pants impossible.
  • Style. While some women prefer the hanging style of the poncho, smaller women with larger busts may experience a “pregnant” look as it falls straight down from the bust line. This can be eliminated by adding a belt.

One of my testers models the 3 Way Poncho.

I have read some complaints online that the sleeves were too tight. None of my testers expressed this to me. The only solution would be to purchase a larger size, although that may not be a suitable solution for smaller women.

Appealing to Some

Because the product is only available in two sizes, it is likely to fit some women better than others. This, along with individual stylistic tastes, will lead to satisfaction of varying levels among consumers.

Among the women who evaluated it for me, the consensus was generally positive. The overall opinion was that the product looked and performed as advertised and expected.

A note about the websites:

Although the television commercial provides basic information about the product, the websites are lacking in additional details. For example, rather than listing the fabric content, the website only states that it is an “ultra-soft and lightweight fabric.”

Other 3 Way Poncho Reviews

Reviews online tend to lean toward the negative, not because of the product itself, but because of slow shipping and unresponsive customer service. These variables can be eliminated by simply purchasing the product locally.

If you only read opinions of the product itsefl, not factoring in complaints regarding shipping, the consensus is more evenly divided – as may be expected with such a product. Just as there is no single style which will appeal to every woman, there are those who will fall in love with this product, while others may not be as impressed.

YouTube Video

Below is a YouTube video in which I discuss some of the points mentioned above, and demonstrate a few of the key attributes of the product.

Google Trends Report

The chart below shows interest in 3 Way Poncho began increasing in June 2014, and continues to have significant interest in October.


3 Way Poncho is likely to find a mix of fans and detractors. My testers reported the product to be comfortable and appeared generally as advertised. The women who evaluated the product for me gave the 3 Way Poncho favorable ratings, with only a few minor caveats, listed above.

Your 3 Way Poncho Reviews

Have you tried 3 Way Poncho? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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