Wonder Wax Reviews and Product Info

Wonder Wax Reviews and Product Info

Have you seen advertisements for a product known as Wonder Wax, which is advertised as an alternative to shaving and laser hair removal? Read our Wonder Wax reviews from editors and readers.

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About Wonder Wax

The advertised website in 2013 was, which was registered on March 18, 2013. The “official” website for a brief time was, which was registered in November 2012. It appears that the original has returned to the status of “official” website.

A tagline for the product states, “Quick and painless hair removal that lasts up to 8 weeks.”

How much does Wonder Wax cost?

When ordering online, Wonder Wax costs $10 plus shipping & handling of $6.99 which totals $16.99. You can receive a second Wonder Wax by paying another fee of $6.99, bringing you to a grand total of $26.83. (This includes $1.00 “web service fee” and tax of $1.85.)  There is a 30-day money back guarantee but you won’t get your shipping refunded if you decide to send it back.

As of mid-2014 the product is available in many stores, often found in the As Seen on TV section, for about $9.99.

This is a screenshot of the official Wonder Wax website, captured in September 2013.

This is a screenshot of the official Wonder Wax website, captured in September 2013.

Wonder Wax Television Commercial

Below is a television for Wonder Wax which began airing in late 2013:

Transcript of the ad currently on the official website:

Wish there was a simple alternative to daily shaving? Laser treatments are expensive, and hurt and who wants to rip out hair with painful, messy strips? The hottest new trend in European hair removal is finally here. Introducing Wonder Wax, the quick and painless way to remove unwanted hair for up to eight weeks! The secrets are all natural beeswax formula that sticks to hair, but not to skin. Simply warm Wonder Wax in the microwave and apply, then gently remove for perfect painless results every time. Watch, we even remove this man’s thick chest hair without any irritation. Unlike traditional waxes that you strip to painfully tear your skin, Wonder Wax is stripless and only sticks to hair, not to skin. So get flawless results on even the shortest, coarse most stubborn hair. “It felt great. There was no pain, there was no mess. I love it!”  “I can do the most sensitive areas, the underarm, the bikini line, and it doesn’t hurt.”  “I can’t do laser with my pigmentation. Now that I found Wonder Wax, I do it one time, it’s quick, and it lasts.”  Perfect for sensitive areas like your upper lip and chin, bikini line, even Brazilian! Best of all, less hair grows back and you get silky smooth results that last up to eight weeks. Wonder Wax sells in salons for $40 a set, but order direct and you’ll get Wonder Wax, large and small applicators, and our easy waxing guide for just $10. But call right now and we’ll double the offer, just pay processing and handling. You’ll also get our rejuvenating cream, free. Use it to prevent in-growns and for soft, smooth glowing skin. You get it all, two sets of Wonder Wax, two waxing guides, and our rejuvenating cream for just $10. Order now!

Our Wonder Wax Review

In our tests of Wonder Wax, we tried it on two subjects: a woman’s legs & eyebrows and a man’s chest. Below are notes from these experiences.

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  • Pain. We wouldn’t describe it as completely pain-free as advertised. Everyone has their own pain threshold, however, so your experience may or may not include the sensation of pain.
  • Ease of use. There is a learning curve involved in order to make Wonder Wax work as expected. Professionals make waxing look easy because they are very experienced with the procedure. Such nuances as thickness, speed, and angle make a huge difference. You should not expect to use it flawlessly upon the first use.
  • Hair length. The effectiveness of Wonder Wax depends on hair type and length. We had better results on the woman’s eyebrows than the man’s chest. This could have been simply due to differences in length and coarseness of the two subjects’ hair.
  • Preparation. Wonder Wax is to be warmed up first, then applied in the direction of the hair growth with one of the applicators.
  • Skin conditions. If you have a skin condition or a sunburn, you should avoid using Wonder Wax.
  • “Back ordered.” We have heard from a few customers that their products were put on “back order” without being notified. The product is typically supposed to take 3 to 6 weeks to arrive, but being placed on “back order” status can greatly increase the wait.
  • Readily available. We have seen the product in numerous stores, and this would appear to be a more convenient way to obtain the product than online.

Hard Wax vs Soft Wax

There are two types of waxing systems: hard and soft. Wonder Wax is a hard wax system. Soft wax systems use strips, are sticky, and can cause irritation – but this method can be more effective on certain hair types. Hard waxing attaches to hair as it dries, and lifts easily from the skin. It is not as messy, uses no strips, and is generally less painful. With this in mind, Wonder Wax is not particularly unique; you can find hard waxing kits at beauty shops such as Ulta, or even at drug stores such as Walgreens. Some waxing professionals examine a subject’s hair type to decide which type of wax is best suited for optimal removal. It is not uncommon for a single waxing session by a professional to include both types.

Bottom Line

Wonder Wax is a hard wax system, similar to those you will find in beauty stores. How effective it is may depend on your hair type and your skill in using the product. We found it to be more effective on some hair types than others. We expect satisfaction to vary greatly among those who try it. To avoid waiting weeks for delivery, you may want to purchase the product locally.

Your Wonder Wax Reviews

Have you tried Wonder Wax? Would you recommend it to other readers? Give us your Wonder Wax reviews in the comments below.

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  • bri

    I just bought it and tried it. It did take a bit longer to melt and it was somewhat painful but less painful than the strips. All of it came off easy for me and it removed most of the hair. Having thick roots I expected it to hurt some. I only used it on my upper lip which is the worst spot for me to wax and I was pleased with the result. I would tell people to text different waxes before buying a product.

  • Linda

    I never bother posting reviews for products BUT I had to with regards to Wonder Wax, It is an absolute waste of money! It was completely pain free because it didn’t remove any hair whatsoever! The only hair that was removed happened while picking pieces of the wax that remained off with my nails! I have been waxing for many years and know how to do so properly, I will be asking for my money back!

  • melanie

    Don’t waste you money. I bought it a Wal-Mart for 10 bucks. First off it really hurts. It does not come off in one piece it breaks when your pulling. There is pieces left stuck to your skin that is very hard to get off it is also hard to get off your fingers. I waxed my eyebrows and my lip. It did take off most of the hair, but definitely NOT worth it.

  • MsABQ323

    I bought this at Walgreens for $9.99. What a waste of money. It took forever to heat up, smelled bad and I tried it on my neck (woman) to get rid of a patch of weird hair that grows there. It stuck like glue, hard to get off, still can’t get it all off. AND it didn’t take the hair off. Left me with a red neck. Boy, am I an idiot for buying this stuff. 🙁

  • Bobby

    I’m very disheartened to hear these negative comments. I placed my order on April 17, 20l4, but have not received it yet. I have, however, received already two sales calls (second business day after I placed the order) from this company (both in the same day) trying to persuade me to buy more, before I’ve even had the chance to try my first order! This practice did not merit a positive response from me. I told each salesperson not to call me again. I wish had found this site before I spent $25 on something that “only costs $10.” 🙁

  • Janee

    This product is horrible. Not only is it very painful, it’s stuck alover the place. It still stuck on my skin and on my fingers. I used the finishing wipes to try and get it off, it didn’t work. I tried bleach, alcohol, peroxide, and windex to remove it, and nothing has worked. It’s says you just peel it off and it doesn’t stick to skin, but it does. That is poor advertising. Other waxing products I’ve gotten have never given me this much problem before. They always come of with a little bit of soap and water, but not this one. Do not buy this product.

  • Callie

    This is a HORRIBLE product. I used it the night before a performance, and spent hours trying to rub the excess off, and it was very painful. Even then, i couldn’t get some of it off, and it was very noticeable. Please do not waste your money on this.

  • Stephanie

    Very bad product. So messy, not efficient and not worth the trouble nor the money. The quantity is not enough. You can use the whole cup one time only. You cannot return it because it will cost you more than the product is worth.

  • Sammi L

    Disappointed in this product, the wax takes awhile to melt and the it’s too hot to use and it hardens very quickly. I might try it again to see if I can get it to work before I toss it. They can refund your money but it’s not worth how much you lose on shipping cost to you and shipping back to them, just to be refined $10.

  • rashid bangura

    i would like to try this product


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