Seeking Reviews for Power4Patriots

Seeking Reviews for Power4Patriots

Have you used any of the products? We’d like to hear from you! I noticed an ad from this company today. As much as I am absolutely in favor of off-grid alternative energy, some of the advertising techniques made me take pause. Let’s take a closer look.

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The website greets you with the following bold statement:

FREE Video Reveals “Weird” Trick
To Slash Your Power Bill & Beat
Obama’s Electricity Monopoly For Good

There are immediately two things I do not like about this website. First, the “weird trick” advertising angle has been used (certainly overused) over the past 3 years (see the list below). Whoever they have hired to do their advertising should probably try to avoid sounding like the scammers peddling acai berry and wrinkle creams.

The second thing I don’t like about this site is the video presentation. It’s extremely similar to those seen by Stansberry Research and Barton Publishing. I find these whiteboard videos quite annoying. They hide the rewind and fast-forward buttons so we are forced to watch all of it, we can’t see how long the video is or how much time is left once we start watching it, the whole thing smacks of an elementary school presentation, and they ramble on and on and on without ever really saying anything except, “Keep watching” and that they’ll explain more in the CD-ROMs they want you to purchase.

If we’re looking for red flags, another possible flag is that the website has only existed for less than a year as of this writing. That is, it was only created on November 12, 2011.

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Their refund policy listed on their Terms & Conditions is also rather underwhelming:

Your purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event may or may not provide for any refund. Each specific product, service, event or course will specify its own refund policy. 

A few other items in their FAQ are curious. It is implied that the solar panels created with this system won’t be directly accessed from your wall sockets:

Furthermore you cannot hook into your electric power box so the power you generated wouldn’t necessary come straight from your wall plugs.

Another answer in their FAQ refers to these “uncertified” panels which cannot be hooked up to the city grid.

That leads us to the product itself. After watching this video, we find that essentially we are asked to spend $27 to buy instructions on how to build our own solar power systems, turbines, and solar hot water heater. They also offer a deluxe $67 package that includes DVDs and online material.

The questions I have are whether or not these instructions live up to the hype of the video and if users who purchased them felt they were worth it.

From an advertising standpoint, I’m quite underwhelmed. As far as the product goes, I’d like to see if perhaps the $27 or $67 is worth it, despite the spammer feel of the website and presentation, and the fact that it was seen on an ad block on FoxNews – notorious for some of the worst spam advertisers.

So we are looking for input from our readers. If you have any experience with Power4Patriots instructional videos or other products, we’d like to hear from you. Let us know what you thought of them in the comments below.

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  • ME

    The Power4Patriots site reeks of scam. And it’s sad that so many people are dumb enough to fall for the whole “the government is ripping you off” angle. First of all, the power companies are just that, “companies”, eg not a government entity. Other than setting a price ceiling (which benefits consumers BTW) and regulating safety, government has little to do with how a power company operates. As for the power company being “Forced” to send you a check, that’s just hype. They gladly do so, because it’s power generated from infrastructure that YOU pay for. You are in essence giving your local power provider a loan and they are paying you back.

  • Gary

    It would be good if up front a total cost of material estimate was listed for each method, solar panel, wind turbine, and solar hot water. This will give the reader a good idea if the cost of material is worth the savings realized by the methods. It may or may not be for their particular situation.

    You can sell power back to the power company but most companies require a separate meter. They do not want to pay retail for the power you generate. The separate meter allows them to pay wholesale. You also need to have the equipment that converts DC to AC and regulates the cycles to what is on line and isolates your system from the grid if there is a power outage. Without isolation your system would send power out on the line and make it very unsafe for linemen trying to fix issues.

    All of this equipment is not cheap, but in some cases is the way to go. Depends on what you want to do.

  • rockhound 5150

    The bottom line is your purchasing a set of schematics. Political differences aside they should work. Can anybody build and understand them, probably not. There are allot of books that claim to teach you how to play a guitar too, but not many learn that way. These type of systems do work, although I will admit the video is a bit deceiving, it all depends on what system you are trying to achieve. Off the grid and reducing your consumption have a lot of the same components. one you store the energy from solar/wind then convert from Dc power to ac power, depending on the size of the bank and how much generation you have, you could be totally self sufficient. The later you have to have a electrician hook a piece of equipment to your meter/power box and the power generated simply make your meter run backwards, thus lowering your power bill. All of this information can be found on the Internet, but as a lineman that work on powerlines, not all components are compatible, having all the information in one place is invaluable. It does seem that they do try to push their components, but making them would be far cheaper.

  • JD

    I think you should question any advertisement that says “a fraction of the cost.” Can’t they be more specific? After all, 99/100ths is just as much “a fraction of the cost” as 1/100th.
    Lastly, wouldn’t a true “Patriot” sell their instructional videos at “a fraction of the cost” of what he is charging?

  • Janet Ackley

    Somehow I received a cd/dvd in my post office box, it was broken in half and I threw it away in the lobby of the Post Office. I did not order it, yet was billed on my credit card for $31.99. Have no clue as to how I can get my money back. Tried through my credit card company by challenging the charge only to get credited and charged again. This is making me crazy…seems like every month there is a unsolicited charge on one of my cards. Power4Patriots may be legit, but not someone I want to do business with. I’m a widow…what do I want with this?

  • Don Morrison

    Last year I jumped on the P4P scheme. I paid my $27.00 plus a few more dollars for the perks. I got the three videos and nothing more. I tried to cancel but got no replies. This spring I was billed $67.00 to continue my subscription. After many e-mails I finally contacted my attorney geneal to lodge a complaint. With their help I was able to get all of my money back. This is a scham, when I got the system he was in the north east, now he is in Tennessee, one way to cut your heating. Oh and the videos did not offer anything that isn’t already on the internet, for free.

  • Kevin Morrison

    I got mine in 4 days, I have purchased quite a few things from P4P and I can tell you they are on the up and up. I found it very funny that the person writing this article claimed that he was forced to watch the video because there was no controls. All I have to say to that is, if you don’t know where the back button or the big red X is on your browser you are probably to stupid to put anything in the video to good use anyway!!!

    • sam amy

      You don’t sound like a real customer and what he said about controls was spot on. Yes I did finally use the big X because I could not go back or know how long until video completed. This is what made me suspicious and search for complaints or legit endorsements which I don’t believe yours to be.

    • dsnerk

      Kevin how much do you make at P4P to go on sites and lie? This is a scam pure and simple.

  • Keith Singleton

    I am an electronic Tech. About six months ago I spent two weeks searching the net for all the info I could find on solar systems. The P4P systems has all the same information put in chronological order. For anyone to say this is a rip off has to not know what they are talking about. To pay 27 bucks for two weeks of info is a drop in the bucket. P4P is looking to make money by you buying from their vendors (in some cases, them). You don’t have to buy any products from them if you don’t want to. You get one massive amount of solar information for 27 bucks, I can’t imagine anyone wanting a refund for the data period. Installation, where the money comes in, by the common man may be where they feel they got ripped off. With no support from P4P, you will feel ripped off. However, I feel the 27 bucks is worth the info and expected nothing else from them.

    Also, per federal law there is an inter-connect from the solar panel to the power company. You need no batteries. The power company simply subtracts the power you generate from your bill. If you generate more power than you use [not likely] they have to pay you for it. The rate is less than what you pay them.


  • Bob Marley

    Man, you go to their web site and I’ve been listening to the video for 5 minutes and not one single word about what their “solution” is. It’s just rambling on with nationalistic crap.

  • patrick henry

    Well said my friend… Well said!

  • Chryss C

    There are lots of DIY how-to-build a solar power backup. Several guys (haven’t noticed any gals, but I’m sure they’re out there) walk you through the steps to build it yourself. And now that the solar panels have come down a bit in price (as “Steve” said on March 13, 2013), it will cost even less. Do a search on youtube for “solar power backup diy”.

  • rick

    Solar is fine, and will be one of the only ways to get electricity if the grid goes down. I may even get a smaller solar system, just in case.

    However, we found a much easier and far cheaper way to reduce our electricity bill. We are using the only electric (and gas) company I know of that gives folks free or very cheap electricity and/or gas. Nothing to spend on solar panels, huge batteries, etc. It is quite simple, and run by company a with an A+ BBB rating.

    Here’s how it works: Join Ambit Energy as a customer or a consultant. Get 15 friends or family to try them as well. Ambit averages those 15 bills of your friends/family, and deducts that amount from your electric/natural gas bill. Yes it is really that simple. To find out more go to 3w’s TXelectric.JoinAmbit . c om.

    If one of your 15 moves, just find another one.

    Regrettably Ambit Energy is only in some of the deregulated states. So, if you are in TX, NY, NJ, CT, IL, CA, MD, WA DC, etc, you can use Ambit for your gas and/or your electricity. Don’t expect to hear ads on TV or radio about Ambit, as they are word of mouth, referral based company (network marketing/Multi-level marketing). Yes, that means you can earn money by telling others about this company. check out TXElectric.Energy526 d o t c om.

    You don’t have to use them to be a consultant. As a matter of fact, some of their millionaire consultants live in an area not served by Ambit. Yes, this company has been in business just over 6 years and they have already created millionaires out of people who did two simple things: 1. Got a handful of loyal customers (20 max), and helped others do the same thing.

    I’m not saying don’t do solar, and I’ve not used this company for solar panels. The video is 90% fluff, and I couldn’t fast forward to key parts, or backup to aspects I wanted to review again. I had to listen to the whole thing all over again. Sorry, but that is lame.

    • joe thomas

      According to the mounting complains on the internet about Ambit Energy scam, over 95% of people who joined Ambit quit and lose their money. If you are the victim of this Ambit Pyramid game you should report to FTC and New York or Taxes attorney general office.

      you reply to one scam with another

  • John

    Good reviews are hard to get, I guess. From all the negative feedback about the shipping and actually just getting the product, I feel I will not even try to pay for this information. I wish there were some people who actually tried this stuff and then reviewed about it, but businesses should be able to at least ship their product in a timely manner without problems.

    As for you all who are preparing for sensible things like power outages, recessions, and disasters; don’t despair, there is plenty of really good information in blogs out there and that information is free. There are ways to use passive solar for heating your house and water and also cooking, it hardly costs anything. My advise is to prepare and practice with low cost solutions you make yourself.

    My wife and I are helping people in our neighborhood get prepared for emergencies and most of the sensible things you can do don’t cost much, they take more time than money, you have YouTube don’t you? Don’t buy into Glen Beck’s Chicken-little-fear-mongering, do it the right way.

  • Coyle

    Personally, while I love alternative energy and off the grid things I never was able to get past their ad. I find the format annoying and the pitch just screams scam to me.

    Thank you for letting us know it’s just re-packaged ‘use alternative energy’ stuff.

  • James

    They probably got a couple of million $ federal green energy grant to get us wasting our money and then believing that all non-commercial systems are scams.

  • Bill

    I loved it when this guy went off on Living in the Northeast and how many times his electric Well wouldn’t work and all the food he had to throw out because of power shortages. I live on the ocean in the Northeast and I did not once lose power this winter not even a flicker of the lights. This kind sounds like a survivalist. I am running the other way.

  • Terri

    Thank you, Steve, for your information that contains both the positive and negative (actually not negative but informative downside)experience. You are savvy. The rest of you give me scam info in your own ways. I feel that I can make a decent decision as to what I will do with this product-at my own risk. If this is a scam, eventually things will catch up with it. I was very interested initially but wary because the price seemed too good to be true and feedback from everyone has me on the alert. I feel politicians have placed this country in a bad situation. I am attempting to prepare my family for the worst case scenario so I search for products to make me independent because all of us are so government dependent. Thank you all for your feedback.

    • Tammy

      Hello Terri.. I feel the same way as you. The way I see it.. the gov seems to like to keep people scared and reading things all over, this is the plan and it keeps people needy and easy to control. The only thing that worried me in the video was the price..with the to good to be true stuff. But, I have to go with my not everyone is out to rip everybody off. Ive been reading reviews and stuff…NOT 1 person has purchased and made and installed the system. You cant call it a scam if you havent done the steps.I have common sense, and paid attention watching the video, been looking all over at solar panels and wind.
      in the end, its 27 bucks.. a few fancy starbuck coffees.. not really loosing our life savings now are we hehe.

  • Margaret N

    Yes this is a rip off I also ordered the product and at the end of the order was told if I don’t get it to let them know. What? No phone number and no email. Well it never came. $7.00 shipping charge and also tax on “information” and a goofy receipt from a company you cannot contact with a download link that links to NOTHING I ordered off the video on the internet but why is Glenn Beck letting them advertise on his channel?

    So very wrong.

  • John Bradley Esq.,

    The Power4Patriots is a major scam. The photos of their various energy savong devices have nothing to do with energy, its just a gimmick for you to think there is some magic bullet you install. Be prepared to buy all the equipment, then try and install it, and you will probably need an electrician to complete it all. The slick scam artist that runs this should be in Jail, if he is not already there.
    John Bradley Esq.,

    • John Grasler

      I’m positively agree with you – life time jail for dose scams .

    • Cody

      Where in the video does it say he’s going to give you all the equipment? Common sense should dictate that your not going to get all the equipment that you need for such a small price. Also, if you put ANYTHING electrical in your house, it normally requires an electrician. Don’t hate on the guy for selling you EXACTLY what he said he would. Manuals and dvds. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE….. The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

  • Steve

    The only differnce I see in the product is that I bought my 4 panels premade from the hardware store. Doing it yourself drops the price for the solar panels in half but the panels are not the most money in the system. The panels have come down in price a lot. This is probably a good map for those that arn’t electrically inclined. Maps don’t tell you where you want to go but they can keep you off some nasty side roads.

    The rest is common wiring but you have to use dedicated circuits that are off grid. Three things need to be understood.

    1) The solar and wind charge batteries.
    2) The Batteries attach to an inverter for 120 volts output.
    3) The 120V 5000W Inverted power goes to the house.
    Simple enough.

    To have county power and battery sourced power needs a Special house wiring panel like you would use for a backup generator. Go to Home depo and check out the Enerac Power Panel. Asl questions. Not everything is on the backup power. Organge circuits are the off grid power ones. Fridge Freezer etc. Need an electrician for this.

    If your comfortable running two wiring systems then its a great solution. Consider running all your lights on Battery. But again you need an electrician to set it up or you run into code violations and problems with insurance.

    Other than that its great where electricity is expensive and where you can’t get power.

    Advertising for the P4P product is a Hook Technique. But what isn’t. Oh yeah, there is no cap and trade. So the Obama thing is a little far fetched.

    It takes a few years to pay for stuff like this and even doing it yourself is not free. Long term it is a great thing to do to keep polution out of the air that keeps giving everyone allergies. But the saving are immediate for part of your bill.

    Finally, My system is smaller, but does the same thing for my 1500 sq. ft cabin that is used 4 months of the year. And yes I have a backup generator for summer weeks with lots of kids, gaming, watching TV, and up all night.


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