Seeking Reviews for Power4Patriots

Seeking Reviews for Power4Patriots

Have you used any of the products? We’d like to hear from you! I noticed an ad from this company today. As much as I am absolutely in favor of off-grid alternative energy, some of the advertising techniques made me take pause. Let’s take a closer look.

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The website greets you with the following bold statement:

FREE Video Reveals “Weird” Trick
To Slash Your Power Bill & Beat
Obama’s Electricity Monopoly For Good

There are immediately two things I do not like about this website. First, the “weird trick” advertising angle has been used (certainly overused) over the past 3 years (see the list below). Whoever they have hired to do their advertising should probably try to avoid sounding like the scammers peddling acai berry and wrinkle creams.

The second thing I don’t like about this site is the video presentation. It’s extremely similar to those seen by Stansberry Research and Barton Publishing. I find these whiteboard videos quite annoying. They hide the rewind and fast-forward buttons so we are forced to watch all of it, we can’t see how long the video is or how much time is left once we start watching it, the whole thing smacks of an elementary school presentation, and they ramble on and on and on without ever really saying anything except, “Keep watching” and that they’ll explain more in the CD-ROMs they want you to purchase.

If we’re looking for red flags, another possible flag is that the website has only existed for less than a year as of this writing. That is, it was only created on November 12, 2011.

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Their refund policy listed on their Terms & Conditions is also rather underwhelming:

Your purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event may or may not provide for any refund. Each specific product, service, event or course will specify its own refund policy. 

A few other items in their FAQ are curious. It is implied that the solar panels created with this system won’t be directly accessed from your wall sockets:

Furthermore you cannot hook into your electric power box so the power you generated wouldn’t necessary come straight from your wall plugs.

Another answer in their FAQ refers to these “uncertified” panels which cannot be hooked up to the city grid.

That leads us to the product itself. After watching this video, we find that essentially we are asked to spend $27 to buy instructions on how to build our own solar power systems, turbines, and solar hot water heater. They also offer a deluxe $67 package that includes DVDs and online material.

The questions I have are whether or not these instructions live up to the hype of the video and if users who purchased them felt they were worth it.

From an advertising standpoint, I’m quite underwhelmed. As far as the product goes, I’d like to see if perhaps the $27 or $67 is worth it, despite the spammer feel of the website and presentation, and the fact that it was seen on an ad block on FoxNews – notorious for some of the worst spam advertisers.

So we are looking for input from our readers. If you have any experience with Power4Patriots instructional videos or other products, we’d like to hear from you. Let us know what you thought of them in the comments below.

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