Wow Cup Reviews

Wow Cup Reviews

Wow Cup is a new take on the sippy cup, allowing children to drink from anywhere around the rim without spills. Read our Wow Cup reviews from editors and readers.

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About Wow Cup

Wow Cup is a “spill-free drink system” which is a modern take on the sippy cup. It allows children to drink from anywhere around the rim – just like a regular cup – without spills. The cup is available in 4 colors: blue, pink, green, or purple.

The official website is, which was registered in December 2012. Another website,, has also been advertised. That domain was registered in March 2013. The product is offered by Telebrands, the popular As Seen on TV company with other products such as Ankle Genie and Stone Wave Microwave Cooker.

Below is a screen capture of, taken in March 2014:

Wow Cup Reviews

How much does Wow Cup cost?

When ordering from the official website, Wow Cup costs $10 plus $6.99 shipping. They also include another “free” cup for another $5.99 shipping – which you cannot opt out of – bringing your total to $22.98.

In stores, you can buy a single Wow Cup for about $10 to $13. The image below shows a display of Wow Cups at an As Seen on TV store at a cost of $12.99 each.

Wow Cups are now available in stores.

Wow Cups are now available in stores.

Please see our article entitled The “Get a Second One Free” Marketing Ploy regarding this common tactic used by As Seen on TV advertisers.

Wow Cup Commercial

This is a recent television commercial for Wow Cup. It has been seen advertising on children’s television channels such as Sprout.

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Oops! Oh no. When kids take a sip, their drink cups slips, flips, and drips. Well now parents can relax when they mess up. Introducing the spill-free Wow Cup, winner of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. It’s the amazing drink system where kids can roll, jump, and spin, and the drink always stays in. It’s easy. Just add a favorite beverage, attach the spill-free lid, and they’re off. Then you can drink anywhere along the rim, just like a regular cup. No more spouts, levers, or caps to worry about. Watch, using a clear bottom, look how this guy easily gulps down his drink. Then, after he’s had enough, it automatically seals itself. Amazing! The secret auto-sealing technology that allows liquid to flow only when you drink. Once you stop, it forms a water-tight seal guaranteed. Even over this expensive computer, not a single drop of grape juice. Amazing! Moms and dads will never clean up messy drink spills again, or change soaked outfits at the last minute. Wow Cup is BPA free, virtually indestructible, and blocks dirt and debris from ever getting in. Use it to quench thirst on long trips, or prevent embarrassing accidents in public places. And it’s especially useful in the middle of the night. Perfect for kids of all ages. Why hassle with straws, spouts, and small rubber pieces? With Wow Cup just fill, twist, and sip, and it won’t ever drip. Plus it’s dishwasher safe. Call now and we’ll send you the award-winning Wow Cup in your choice of pink or blue for only $10. But wait. Order right now and you can double the offer. That’s right, you can double the offer. The amazing Wow Cup just $10. This offer is not available in any store, and supplies for this promotion are limited, so go online now. Call 1-800-341-1787 to order, but hurry. You can get a second Wow Cup with your order. Call 1-800-341-1787 or visit us online at

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Our Wow Cup Review

We allowed several testers to try out Wow Cup, and below is a compilation of their observations.

  • Cleaning. Wow Cup cleans up well, assuming you wash it by hand or place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Be sure to take the lid apart in order to remove drink residue. The fact that the lid can be disassembled was not immediately apparent to all testers.
  • Cost. $10 for what is essentially a plastic sippy cup may seem high on the price range for many customers. Ordering online adds another $13 of non-refundable shipping.
  • Flow. The liquid doesn’t flow from the cup at a high volume. The amount of suction required to get any liquid may be frustrating for some children.
  • Learning curve. It does take some getting used to. Children have to tip the cup more than they might expect.
  • Spills. While the product generally lives up to its spill-proof claims, we did not find this to be an absolute truth. Dropping the Wow Cup can result in some liquid spilling, and in rare cases the cap may come off completely. Overall, it is probably more spill-proof than a standard sippy cup.

Other Wow Cup Reviews

Below are some other reviews, as of September 2014.

  • Toys R Us. Reviewers there gave it 4 out of 5 stars, before it was removed.
  • Amazon customers also give it 4 out of 5 stars.
  • WVEC in Virginia gave the product favorable reviews.

Bottom Line

Wow Cup seems best suited for small children, as its flow may not be enough for a big kid who is thirsty. The spill-proof claims are not absolute, but certainly acceptable and superior to most options. We suggest buying it locally to avoid exorbitant shipping costs and delays. This will also give you a chance to try just one to determine if it is right for your child.

Your Wow Cup Reviews

Have you used Wow Cup? Let us hear your Wow Cup review in the comments below.

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